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10 Best Premature Baby Clothes For Your Little One

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The arrival of early or premature babies is usually quite the shock to expectant parents, and you may suddenly be in a panic to find some clothes baby clothes for your newborn that aren't too large in size.

We know how important it can be to organise this quickly, so you may be pleased to know that there are plenty of online options out there with a range of different premature baby clothing available with fast delivery - from the basics all the way down to clothing that is well-suited for special care or treatment in the neonatal unit. The adorable and supportive ranges of clothes available from stores are typically measured in weight rather than age, as with full-term newborns.

These weights usually include up to 3lbs, up to 4lbs, tiny baby (up to 7.5 lbs), or early baby (up to 5lbs). With this in mind, we've rounded up a selection of our 11 top premature baby clothes options below to help make things easier for you.

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Our Top Choice

Little Elephants Baby Sleepsuit - Jojo Maman Bebe

Available in either blue, pink, or grey - this little elephants sleepsuit is great for all genders and for your colour preferences. Sure to make a gorgeous new addition to your premature baby clothes collection, the suit is a bestseller and is a great find for your little one. With poppers on the front and leg for easy access, long sleeves and closed feet - you can even personalise it with your baby's name to make it that extra bit special whilst he or she dreams away.

  • Price: £17
  • Sizes Available: premature, tiny, extra tiny
  • Made with cotton

Best For Girls

Pink Floral Premature Bodysuit 3 Pack - Argos

Decorated with a mixture of beautiful flowers, these three pink and white vest bodysuits are absolutely adorable and perfect for those looking for premature baby girl clothes. All babies need a good selection of vests, and these three are great to start the collection. With hook and loop fasteners to prevent irritation to the skin and to easily open and close - the bodysuits are great quality and will be super soft on the skin, just what a premature baby needs.

  • Price: £5
  • Sizes Available: 2lbs-4lbs
  • Made with pure cotton

Best For Boys

3 Pack Premature Bodysuits - M&S

If you're after baby clothes for your newborn boy, this gorgeous set of blue and white sleeveless bodysuits are a great place to start. With one in a lovely plain blue, one in white with ducks, boats, houses, and cars, and one in cream with a triangular spotted design - not only will your baby be looking stylish but he'll definitely be feeling comfortable with the soft material. The bodysuits are great for warmer weather or to wear underneath clothes, are sustainably sourced, and pop open at the side, top, and bottom - ideal for easy changing or (if needed) for wires in the neonatal unit.

  • Price: £8
  • Sizes Available: 3lbs-4lbs
  • Made with pure cotton

Best For A Cozy Rest

Adaptive 3 Pack Premature Pure Cotton Sleepsuits - M&S

These M&S premature baby clothes are great for both boys and girls - with each of the three grey and white sleepsuits varying in design, and the words 'little one' embroidered into one of them. Ideal for drifting off into dreamland, the suits have gentle hook and loop fastenings that open flat to allow for easy dressing, are long sleeved to keep babies warm, and are available for various different premature baby weight groups to suit your size needs.

  • Price: £14
  • Sizes Available: 3lbs-4lbs
  • Made with pure cotton

Best For A Cute Pattern

Early/Premature Baby Sleepsuits Pack Of 3

This gorgeous 3 pack of sleepsuits features a vibrant pink and white design and make for a great set of premature baby clothes. You'll receive a plain pink suit, a white suit with a butterfly, and a white and pink suit with a butterfly print all over - super stylish and super cute. Warm and gentle against the skin, the beautifully designed full-length sleepsuits open at the front with easy poppers for dressing, are great quality, and look fantastic. They also have a closed foot and a wide size range for even the tiniest of premature babies! Perfect clothing for your new arrival.

  • Price: £14.49
  • Sizes Available: 1.5lbs-7lbs
  • Made with pure cotton

Best For Dozing Off

Early/Premature Baby Sleepsuits Pack Of 3

This special set of premature baby clothes is absolutely perfect to doze off in. Decorated in pale blues and whites to suit your tiny new baby boys, these sleepsuits feature a plain blue design, and a mixture of blue and white bear and bottle designs among them - and easily pop open to make dressing more convenient, as well as being super comfy for premature babies to sleep in.

  • Price: £14.49
  • Sizes Available: 3lbs-4lbs
  • Made with pure cotton

Best Multipack For Boys And Girls

Unisex 3 Pack Bunny Sleepsuits - Matalan

A cosy long-sleeve babygrow with covered feet, this 3 pack of bunny sleepsuits from the Matalan range is the ultimate warm and stylish fit and an essential in your tiny baby clothes collection. With easy popper fastenings and adorable grey bunny prints, along with the words 'hello world' embroidered on - the suits are ideal for both boys and girls and look fantastic. Your newborn will love to fall asleep in this, and the size is great for slightly larger premature babies.

  • Price: £12
  • Sizes Available: tiny baby-12 months
  • Made with pure cotton

Best For Range Of Colours

Pack Of 3 Cotton Newborn Sleepsuits In Moon Print - La Redoute

Designed in gorgeous pink, navy blue, and white colours - these long sleeve bodysuits not only look great with their moon and star designs but also have closed feet and are made with a gentle material for ultimate comfort. With press-stud fastening at the front to get dressed easily, this set of premature baby clothes are an excellent find and are designed for a wide range of ages and size, from tiny baby all the way up until 2 years - so you can keep buying them as your baby grows!

  • Price: £24
  • Sizes Available: Tiny baby
  • Made with 100% cotton

Best Wardrobe Staple

White Bodysuits 5 Pack - Argos

A short sleeve bodysuit is a premature baby clothes essential that you really can't get enough of - so this set of 5 white suits are absolutely perfect for your early baby or tiny baby. Designed to prevent irritation of the skin, the bodysuits are made of very high quality and for ultimate comfort - with poppers are the crotch that can be easily opened or closed. They also come in any size up to even 3 years old - so you can keep rebuying the long-lasting set as your baby grows!

  • Price: £6.50
  • Sizes Available: early baby, tiny baby
  • Made with 100% pure cotton

Best Must-Have

Fixoni Organic Cotton Cream White Long Sleeve Vest - Little Mouse

This white long sleeve vest bodysuit is a staple that all babies need in their wardrobes - and it's great for a number of reasons. The wrap-over design and easy popper fasteners make dressing a breeze, and the slit in the side is designed for wires if needed in the neonatal unit. With a wide range of weights available for even the tiniest of premature babies - this is a fantastic basic, cosy, and soft bodysuit that will look great with a pair of trousers, or on its own. It's good value for money, and the website itself actually specialises in premature clothing if you want to broaden your collection.

  • Price: £11.95
  • Sizes Available: 1.5lbs-3.5lbs, 3lbs-5lbs, tiny baby
  • Made with 100% cotton

Best For Keeping Warm

2 Pack Premature Hats & Mittens Set - M&S

When creating a clothing collection for premature babies, you'll want a wide range of clothing options. This two-pack set of hats and mittens are great for both boys and girls and will keep both their heads and tiny hands warm and safe with the gentle cotton material. One pair is designed in white with a grey pattern, whilst the other is white with colourful designs of mice, cars, houses and more - and are both sure to look great on newborn babies, at a very decent price point.

Kidadl Best Buys selects a number of top-rated products available across the web for all kinds of families.  If you enjoyed our premature baby clothing suggestions, why not take a look at our best baby bath seats and supports or our top safest baby slings?

  • Price: £6
  • Sizes Available: 3lbs-4lbs
  • Made with 100% cotton
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