10 Best Remote Control Toys Everyone Will Love

Olivia Thristan
Mar 01, 2024 By Olivia Thristan
Originally Published on Jul 06, 2021
Best Remote Control Toys Everyone Will Love.
Age: 1-15
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We know that kids' remote control cars are a huge hit amongst youngsters and even older members of their family, but with a variety of different remote control toys on the market, how do you find the best one?

Here at Kidadl, we've rounded up the best remote controlled toys, including a remote control monster truck, a remote control airplane and even Sonic the Hedgehog! So if you are looking for a present for your kids that will be a great new toy for playtime, we have rounded up the best new toys for you to choose from.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst all the remote control toys on this list come highly recommended, this is our top pick. This is Sonic The Hedgehog Free Riders remote controlled toy is great for the whole family as he is such a well known character.

1. Smyths Remote Control Sonic The Hedgehog Free Riders Racer‍

Smyths Remote Control Sonic The Hedgehog Free Riders \u00a0Racer.

This kids' toy features a new and fresh design of Sonic The Hedgehog on a futuristic skateboard, he's posed as if he is riding the board. Kids will be big fans of this remote controlled toy as it features such a popular character in a cool pose. The toy is very easy to use and features a simplified control so kids aged six and above will be able to grasp the controls with no issue. The controls feature a simple forward and backward button and left and right control. This toy does not contain any loose parts, it only has the remote control base with a figure and a controller, making it a safe as possible for playtime. This toy is recommended for indoor use only and it can't be used outdoors. It works best on hard surfaces such as laminate, which the wheels of this toy run smoothly over. Your child will love taking Sonic on many adventurers and missions with this wonderful toy.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.99
  • Age: 6+

Best For Car Fans

2. Smyths Remote Control 1:14 LaFerrari With USB Charging Cable‍

Smyths Remote Control 1:14 LaFerrari With USB Charging Cable\u200d.

Has your child ever wanted to own a Ferrari? They can now be the proud owner of a 1:14 scale LaFerrari from Smyths! This kids' remote control car is perfect for kids who are huge car fans, it has all the details of a real Ferrari, only it's a remote controlled car. The remote control car is available in the classic Ferrari red colour, and it's easy for kids to operate as you simply need to charge it with a USB cable before playing. It has a run time of 20 minutes, it can reach speeds of nine km/h and has a reach of up to 30 meters. The remote control included even has a Ferrari insignia on it, making for a fun experience. The Laferrari is perfect for car fans and makes a great remote-controlled toy.

Main Features

  • Price £29
  • Age 6+

Best For Helicopter Lovers

3. Smyths Three Channel Helicopter - Smyths‍

Smyths Three Channel Helicopter - Smyths.

This toy is perfect for indoor use, it's very safe to use and it's super easy to learn how to fly it. This all makes it perfect for kids who might want to get more into RC cars but aren't sure what kind of toy they want. This RC helicopter is also small and incredibly lightweight, meaning less worries for parents about it causing breakages and damage around the home. This incredible RC helicopter has a run time of around six minutes. It only takes about 25 minutes to charge, so you don't need to wait long to have fun with this remote control helicopter.

Main Features

  • Price: £14
  • Age: 10+

Best For Older Kids

4. Top Race Remote Control Car Cyclone Twister‍

Top Race Remote Control Car Cyclone Twister.

This remote controlled toy is unique as the front wheels are on a 360 degree axis, allowing the toy car to tumble in many different directions but still move around with no problems. If the toy car hits an obstacle, it finds a cool alternative way to drive around it, providing hours of endless entertainment. And, if the front wheels being on a different axis wasn't enough, the car also has built in rainbow LED lights that shine brightly in the dark. This toy car can do various stunts, and if the toy car gets stuck it can easily flip back over to escape being trapped. Kids will love this toy, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Main Features

  • Price: £11
  • Age: 8+

Best For Families On A Budget

5. UTTORA Flying Ball‍

UTTORA Flying Ball.

This toy is great for all the family to play with and, as an added bonus, is very affordable. This toy can get the whole family involved with the different games that can be played whilst using it. It has built in infrared technology which means it can hover in the air and avoid nearby objects to keep flying smoothly. This makes it easy to play with for all ages and all members of the family. It's very reliable too, produced from sustainable materials, it's easy to charge and the item itself is very strong. The blades of the helicopter are strong, so if your child accidentally crashed the helicopter the blades are not likely to be easily damaged. Why not purchase this toy and create many happy memories  playing with it with your loved ones?

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Age: 6+

Best For Toddlers

6. Tippi My First Remote Control Car Formula 1‍

Tippi My First Remote Control Car Formula 1.

This remote controlled Formula 1 car is great for toddlers. It's safe and super durable, meaning that it can withstand all kinds of play. The simplified controls make it easy for any toddler to control and play with. It can only go forwards and reverse left, these minimal controls make it easy for toddlers to play and minimise the risk of crashes with surrounding furniture. The remote control car itself is a chunky build, it's strong and durable. There are no sharp edges, and everything is nicely rounded to protect kids from hurting themselves on this toy. This is a great remote control car for kids and a particularly safe model for younger kids and toddlers to have. On top of all the safety features, it is a super entertaining toy for kids to play with. It has lights and many different sound effects to add another dimension to your child's play. Luckily for parents, these noises can also be turned off by a switch on the bottom of the car if you are in need of some peace and quiet whilst the kids play!

Main Features

  • Price: £17.50
  • Age: 18 months+

Best Remote Controlled Boat

7. SZJJX Remote Control Racing Boat‍

SZJJX Remote Control Racing Boat.

Remote controlled boats are very different from radio controlled cars. Instead of going onto land, obviously, this remote control boat can be used on water such as ponds, lakes and pools. This uniquely shaped radio controlled boat is designed to withstand damage to last for a long time, no matter what your child puts it through. It's carefully designed to stay clean and glide smoothly across the water. This is one of the best radio controlled boats for kids, it's easy to control and its strong signal transmitter means you can take this boat for a good distance and still keep in control. The battery inside is also fully rechargeable so the toy can be used again and again.

Main Features

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: 8+

Best For Younger Kids

8. DisneyStore Jackson Storm Remote Control Car‍

DisneyStore Jackson Storm Remote Control Car.

This Jackson Storm toy remote control car is great for kids who are fans of Disney and the 'Cars' movie franchise which has been incredibly successful with younger kids. The toy car is true to the film and looks almost exactly like the character. It has the same colours and cleverly produced decals to make it look just like the real character which we are sure little fans will appreciate! The control of the car even looks like the steering wheel that the real Storm Jackson has inside his car, this will make children feel as if they are in another world when playing with their toy. The toy has a black and blue colour scheme just like Storm Jackson in the 'Cars' movies.

Main Features

  • Price: £18
  • Age: 3+

Best For The Whole Family

9. Joylink RC Stunt Car‍

Joylink RC Stunt Car.

This new toy remote control car is great for the whole family as it can do many tricks and stunts, and even go on water too. The car is durable and built to survive many accidental tumbles. This toy car can even still move after it's been tumbled upside down! Since the car can't actually be flipped upside down, it has many different functions as a stunt car. It can be used on land, water, rough surfaces, and even rocks for example. The body of the car is shockproof and strong, and the wheels are also made of a super strong rubber. The powerful car can drive up to 25 meters away before it will lose signal, making it great for mini racers.

Main Features

  • Price: £26.28
  • Age: 5+

Best For High Speed Fans

10. Goolsky WLtoys Upgraded A959 1/18 Scale RC Car ‍

Goolsky WLtoys Upgraded A959 1/18 Scale RC Car.

This toy car by Goolsky WLtoys is a serious contender for speed. If your child is looking for RC cars that will deliver top speed, then look no further. This toy car is super fast, agile, and strong. It has a breath-taking speed of up to 50km/h which is absolutely amazing for a car of its size. The tires are also weatherproof, meaning that it will still operate through uneven ground, fields, shallow water, and even mud. This RC car even has great suspension, allowing for even smoother rides. The signal on the transmitter in this remote control car is also very strong, it can reach up to 100 metres away in distance, this is a great distance compared to most toy cars on the market which struggle to keep a 25 metre distance. This car is recommended for all fans of high speed cars, but, due to its high speed nature, parents should always supervise kids when playing with it.

Main Features

  • Price: £61.95
  • Age: 13+

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