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10 Best Santa Letters That Come From Father Christmas Himself

Best Santa Letters That Come From Father Christmas Himself.

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Is there a better time of year than Christmas?

Christmas Eve, in particular, is one of the most magical moments of the year for children: full of promise, sprinkled with sparkle and humming with good tidings. Plus, let's not forget the most important event of the evening: the visit from Father Christmas himself.

We've searched far and wide, with a little help from Santa's elf friends and maybe a reindeer or two, to find the best letters from Santa that we could, and we are confident these will deliver festive joy and Christmas feeling in abundance.

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Our Top Choice


Personalised Letter From Santa Claus - Love Paper Wishes‍

Personalised Letter From Santa Claus - Love Paper Wishes.

This gorgeous Santa letter comes direct from the man himself, all the way from his workshop. It even comes resplendent with an official gold sticker, so you know Father Christmas has sealed it with approval. Simply add personal details about your child (name, age, gender, and the town they will be in on Christmas Eve) alongside three achievements from their past year and Santa gets to work personalising his letter, after all, these are details that only Santa could know. Choose from two letter templates, either Santa Claus' Workshop or Father Christmas' Desk depending on what your child calls the big man, and watch your children squeal with delight when Santa's letter  appears through the letter box. The envelope is even sent directly to them, complete with a North Pole postage mark and Elf Express ink stamp.

  • Price: £7

Best Personalised Santa Letter & Decoration

Personalised Letter And Star Decoration From Santa - Jonny's Sister‍

Personalised Letter And Star Decoration From Santa - Jonny's Sister‍.

More than an official letter from Santa, this message comes complete with a special star decoration direct from the North Pole. The clay star is personalised with the name of your child, bringing the magic of Christmas to life. It comes attached to Santa's letter, which is covered in illustrations (hand painted by his elves). Both letter and decoration come in an envelope with a North Pole air mail sticker in its top corner, ready for you to write your address on. This is one of the more magical Santa letters that your child will love, and if you want to encourage gratitude, you could even help your child write a thank you letter to Santa in response to this kind gift. Simply pop your letter in an envelope addressed to the North Pole, post it into a letterbox and watch your child's face light up as they send their very own reply to the big man himself!

  • Price: £19

Best Letter From Santa For Newborns

Baby's First Christmas: Letter From Santa Claus - Love Paper Wishes‍

Baby's First Christmas: Letter From Santa Claus - Love Paper Wishes.

The first Christmas of any child is always particularly special, so why not mark it with a personalised letter from Santa himself? This is absolutely one of the most gorgeous, sent all the way from the North Pole, complete with both a personalised envelope and official gold sticker. Include personalised details that only Santa could know, such as your baby's time and date of birth, where they live, and several personality traits, and let the magic of Father Christmas unfold. A perfect keepsake, the letter arrives in a personalised envelope complete with North Pole postage mark and Elf Express ink stamp.

  • Price: £7

Best Personalised Santa Telegram

Message From Santa - Imperial Telegrams‍

Message From Santa - Imperial Telegrams‍.

Instil a bit of vintage magic to your Santa letter with this telegram which features vintage postage stamps from the '60s. Choose from two festive messages sent from Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Edgar Elf, either of which are carefully printed onto the telegram. Don't forget to add the recipient's name and age, all of which are used to personalise the telegram, which also comes with a personalised luggage label. Santa might even leave an accidental fingerprint on the telegram's back.

  • Price: £13

Best Verse Letter From Father Christmas

Personalised Letter From Santa Poem - Bespoke Verse‍

Personalised Letter From Santa Poem - Bespoke Verse.

Keen to steer away from Father Christmas letters for something more individual? This Santa message comes not as a letter, but as a rhyming poem about how magic is real. The personalised letter from Santa explains all about his magic and the work of his elves, and can come either framed or mounted to make a truly unique Christmas decoration (for the house, not the tree). Best of all, it can be personalised with more than one child's name, ideal if you have a larger family.

  • Price: £14

Best Treasure Hunt & Personalised Letter From Santa

Christmas Scratch Treasure Hunt With Letter From Santa - Rodo Creative‍

Christmas Scratch Treasure Hunt With Letter From Santa - Rodo Creative‍.

Use this letter from Santa to inspire a festive family treasure hunt on Christmas Eve. Santa's message comes complete with a scratch card treasure hunt which includes five cards featuring scratch off stickers, all ensconced in a keepsake box. Your kids will know this is from real Santa, and not an imposter, thanks to the 'Official Lapland Postal Service' sticker that adorns his letter, which can be personalised alongside the presentation box for an extra special touch.  You fill in the four 'clue' cards and hand write your own clue in the provided box, before covering it with a sticker. Leave the cards around the house as your kids find each clue, which leads them to presents from Santa (perhaps a chocolate or some reindeer food for Rudolph). This is a unique way of getting the family working together for some festive fun.

  • Price: £15.99

Best Chocolate Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa Stocking Filler - Quirky Chocolate‍

Letter From Santa Stocking Filler - Quirky Chocolate.

Personalised Santa letters wrapped around Christmas chocolate? We're sold. A cute stocking filler for a Christmas Eve treat, this letter from Santa comes personalised, and gives your children the gift of chocolate alongside a magical message. The chocolate is handmade, and you can choose from four delicious options, we're partial to milk chocolate, ourselves.

  • Price: £9.50

Best Unique Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa Personalised Book - Letterfest‍

Letter From Santa Personalised Book - Letterfest.

If you feel letters from Santa feel a tad ephemeral, and want a more permanent piece of magic for your child, this is the Santa letter for you. Personalised with your child's details, including their name and other bits and bobs, this is a book that tells the story of Santa at Christmas. Santa takes you through his house and introduces you to his reindeer and elves. You'll see him checking his list for the name of your child, as well as watch him prepare to deliver his Christmas Eve presents. On the book's inside front cover, a personalised message is also printed specifically for your child, making this book a treasured keepsake for years to come.

  • Price: £23

Best Multiple Letters From Santa

Children's 12 Mini Letters From Santa - Hendog Designs‍

Children's 12 Mini Letters From Santa - Hendog Designs.

This gorgeous box of mini letters from Santa is a super cute Christmas treat for your child. There are 12 mini letters, all in their own little envelope, which give you space to personalise details of your child's past year, or to share a happy memory you treasure. They're personal messages from you, but all delivered by the real Santa himself, directly from the North Pole.

  • Price: £15.25

Best Charity Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa - NSPCC‍

Letter From Santa - NSPCC.

NSPCC Santa letters are something of a festive tradition for the charity, helping you keep the magic alive for your kids whilst also raising funds for their vital work. Order one of their personalised letters from Santa in one of the eight templates they provide (there's even one for pets), and personalise the letter with your child's name and details like their age and interests. Letters are also available in Welsh, they come directly from the North Pole, and you can donate what you choose to the NSPCC (£5 is suggested).

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  • Price: £5 suggested donation

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