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10 Best Toddler Beds For Sweet Dreams

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Your child moving from a cot to a toddler bed is a big deal and one you want to make sure takes safety, practicality and comfort into consideration.

There are no clear cut, must follow rules when it comes to what age you should move your child into a toddler bed and the transition very much depends on the child themselves and your family situation. Generally speaking any point from around 18 months right up to three and a half years is considered the average but there are some signs that can give you an indication that it is a good time for this milestone to take place.

If your child can climb out of their cot bed or no longer fits in it, then moving them to a toddler bed is the next logical, comfortable and safe step. If they are potty training, then a toddler bed also gives them easier access to use the bathroom at night time. Finally, if you are expecting another baby and will need to use the current crib once they arrive, it can be the perfect opportunity to get your toddler used to a new sleeping situation.

Ultimately, you'll get a gut feeling that the time is right. If that time is now and you are looking for beds for toddlers that will be suitable for your child and fit in their room with other furniture, then our pick of the best toddlers beds makes a great starting point.

For more products for toddlers, take a look at our lists of the best toddler bed guards and the best kids' bookshelves for any space.

Our Top Choice

Convertible Toddler Bed by Mikado Living

This modern, scandi-inspired toddler bed features stylish pine legs and shaped head and footboard which give it an understated yet sophisticated look. As the bed frame is white in colour, it will fit nicely as a child's bed in any room, no matter the décor. It is low to the floor so that kids can climb into their own bed by themselves but still has wooden guard rails on each side to keep your little one safe whilst they sleep. There is space underneath the bed which can help create an uncluttered, clean feel to the room but of course, this space can also be utilised to store toys or other items.

  • Price: £130
  • Scandi inspired
  • Made from solid wood and MDF
  • Self-assembly required

Best For Families On A Budget

Argos Home Ellis Toddler Bed

If you are looking for beds for kids on a budget then this toddler bed from Argos offers great value for money. It is made from solid wood so the frame is sturdy but simple and it is perfect for any two or three-year-old as their first toddler bed. Each side has extra-long protective guards to help little ones sleep safely without risk of falling off the bed and it is low enough to the floor that kids can get in and out easily themselves. The bed is easy to assembly and one person will be able to do this unassisted. You will need to purchase a mattress for the bed but this should be relatively straightforward to do as it requires the standard mattress size for kid beds of 140x70cms.

  • Price: £45
  • Maximum user weight 40kg
  • Complies with British and European safety standards
  • Fits a standard toddler mattress

Best For Girls

Disney Princess Carriage Kids Toddler Bed By HelloHome‍

There are plenty of toddler beds for girls available online, with a broad range of colourful and exciting choices and this toddler bed certainly gives them a run for their money. Perfect for any little princess this pink Disney carriage bed is sure to leave them feeling like sleeping beauty as they drift off every night. The frame is designed like an ornate carriage complete with wheels and doors that look like they sparkle and a canopy with twinkling lights attached. Although it may look completely magical, it has been designed with safety in mind as well and has protective side panels to prevent tumbles whilst asleep. It is easy to put together and comes with the instructions and parts you need to assemble it at home.

  • Price: £168.99
  • Low to the ground
  • Features sturdy side guards
  • Has Disney characters on the headboard and footboard

Best For Disney Lovers

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed With Drawers‍

Another option if you are looking for toddler girl beds is this adorable Minnie Mouse bed. It has the popular Disney character featured on both the headboard and footboard along with colourful spots and bunting. Just as others on the list, this is one of the beds with sides to increase safety for little ones whilst they sleep and it even comes with two large storage drawers that fit discreetly under the frame which is ideal if it is going to be in a room where space is at a premium. You will need to rope in a friend or family member to help you assemble this toddler bed but it does come with instructions and all fittings supplied.

  • Price: £100
  • Simple assembly with all fixing supplied
  • Comes with 2 under bed fabric storage drawers
  • MDF frame

Best For Boys

Marvel Avengers Toddler Bed With Drawers And Mattress‍

If you are looking for the best toddler bed for boys this one is definitely a contender. Bright and colourful, the headboard and footboard feature some of Marvel's most iconic Avengers including Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk meaning that your little one can feel like part of the gang every single night. It is suitable for kids aged 18 months and older and is low to the ground to help them get in and out of bed independently. Even with the reduced frame height, there is still enough room for storage underneath and the bed comes with two fabric storage boxes included. What's great about this bed is that it comes with a firm feel, fibre core Silentnight mattress so you can set it up straight away meaning your little one won't have to wait long before they can enjoy superhero dreams.

  • Price: £180
  • Mattress included
  • Protective side guards
  • Simple assembly guided by step by step instructions

Best For Wannabe Race Car Drivers

Nobiko Toddler Car Junior Bed With Mattress‍

This is another one of the toddler beds in this list that any two or three-year-old will love. As boys' beds go, it is super cool and we are sure that even parents will feel like a big kid once this bed has been put together and will have to resist the urge to sit and pretend to drive it. It is constructed from sturdy MDF and each side is decorated to look like a speedy race car complete with wheels, decals, racing number and spoiler. The footboard also helps bring this toddler bed to life and features a grill and headlights. Each side is designed in such a way to keep kids safe while they sleep and they can get in and out of the bed themselves by the footboard end. The toddler bed comes with a mattress and everything that is needed for a quick and straightforward assembly.  

  • Price: £174
  • Seven colours to choose from
  • Quick and easy to put together
  • Comes with 6cm deep synthetic foam mattress

Best For Storage

Junior Vida Libra Wooden Bed Frame 3ft Single & Under bed Drawer Storage Children Kids

Children's beds with storage can be incredibly handy as they provide another place for toys, books and other bits and bobs to be tidied away to. This toddler bed is made from a simple but robust white wooden frame and has an under bed storage drawer on castors that is as wide and as deep as the frame. It is easy to pull in and out as it has two round drawer knobs attached but offers discreet storage when pushed under the bed. Just as is the case with other toddler beds, this one is low to the floor and has inbuilt rails that help keep kids safe of a night time.

  • Price: £134
  • Solid wood frame
  • Only 1 person needed to assemble
  • Tested to latest safety regulations

Best For Ease Of Use

Meblex Children Toddler Bed With Drawers & Safety Foam Mattress‍

Another option that comes under our category of beds with storage for kids is this sleek and stylish toddler bed from Meblex. It has a low frame design, rounded headboard and footboard and integrated side rails to make it as safe as possible for children. It also has a triple layer of eco-friendly paint that prevents fading and scratching of the frame.  As with some of the other beds for kids included in this article, it comes with a mattress supplied so that you don't need to worry about having to find and purchase it separately. The mattress is made from seven centimetre thick foam and has a cover that can be unzipped for easy washing. It is worth noting that if you do order this bed, it will be delivered in two separate packages but that everything you need, including instructions, will be provided.

  • Price: £149.99
  • Low frame design
  • Rounded edges
  • 2 side guard rails

Best For Space Saving

IKEA Busunge Extendable Bed‍

If your child's room doesn't have a lot of space but you are looking for kids beds that will still be suitable to transition a toddler to from a cot, then this kids' bed option from Ikea could be worth checking out. At its smallest, it can fit in a space just 139 cm in length but has the capability to be extended to over two metres as your child grows. It has a high headboard, rounded corners and is low to the ground for the safety of children that use it, but does still have space underneath that can be used for storage. The frame is made from durable fibreboard and particleboard and the base slats are constructed from solid pine. It is easy to put together and there is even matching bedroom furniture that can be purchased to compliment it.

  • Price: £129
  • Extendable frame
  • Mattress sold separately
  • Solid wooden slats at base

Best For Siblings That Share A Room

Happy Beds Domino Sleep Station Bunk Beds‍

If you need a bed for children that share a bedroom, this bunk bed from Happy Beds could be just what you are looking for as it is perfect for a big kid to sleep on the top bunk while your toddler takes the bottom bunk bed. A bunk bed is a great option for children who share a room as it uses available height and also gives each child a little more privacy than they would get if there were two separate beds at ground level.  The bed has steps to the top bunk that glow in the dark complete with handrails for safety and there is a metal guard along the top bunk to prevent falls. Each bunk also has integrated shelves which means that your toddler and your older child can both keep some of their possessions to hand such as a well loved book or one of their favourite soft toys.

We hope our pick of the best toddler beds has been useful. If you have older children and are looking for kids beds that will suit them too, then check out our list of the best kids' single beds, bunk beds and themed beds as well. Our list of the best double buggies for babies and toddlers is also worth reading if you are looking for ways to make getting out and about with your children as simple and hassle-free as possible.

  • Price: £349.99
  • Glow in the dark ladder
  • Built-in shelving areas
  • Metal safety rail on the top bunk
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