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11 Best Toy Boxes And Storage You'll Wish You Had Bought Earlier

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There are many joys and privileges that come with raising a child, but space is not one of them.

It's a valuable commodity, particularly if you don't have much of it to begin with. Although your little one may be just that - little - their clothes, books and, most noticeably, toys seem to take up an indecent amount of room.

That's where good storage comes in. Stuffed animals, picture books, building blocks, toy figures and all manner of other things have a tendency to find their way into even the most far-flung corners of a family home. A good storage bin or toy box is therefore an invaluable tool when it comes to reclaiming your space and making it a tranquil, toy-free zone. It gives everything a place, and, chosen well, can even prove an attractive addition to your child's bedroom or playroom.

Whether you're looking for traditional wooden toy chests, toy storage with baskets or something a little more innovative, we've got options to suit every taste, space and budget. Peruse our list to find the perfect toy storage for you, and take that first step towards de-cluttering your child's bedroom (and your life!).

Our Top Choice

SONGMICS Toy and Book Storage Organiser Shelf Unit with Fabric Containers 3-Tier Book Rack

This 6-drawer storage unit with 3 book shelving units is a great all-round storage solution. It's big enough to hold most (if not all) of a child's playthings, and the different coloured baskets make sorting and organising a breeze. The soft canvas material makes them safe for younger kids, too. The colour scheme looks great, the boxes can be removed to carry toys around the house or make tidying up easier and the whole thing for just £34.76. Winner.

  • Price: £34.76
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: H74 x W63 x D26.5 cm

Best For Design

3 Sprouts Llama Wall Hanging Organiser‍

This hanging storage caddy would make such a cute addition to any child's bedroom. It's beautifully designed and easy to use, just pop it over the door and sort your child's toys and stationary into any of four roomy pockets. We love the adorable llama, but there are giraffe and bear designs, too!

  • Price: £18.99
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: 93.98 x 90.32 x 11.43 cm

Best Toy Chest

Toy Chest Toy Storage Box

Our list wouldn't be complete without a toy chest. This Scandinavian-style chest is sleek, spacious and sturdy; the perfect storage for children's toys. Big enough to accommodate tons of stuff, the neutral design means it will fit in in any space.

  • Price: £49.49
  • Age: (we recommend) 3+

Best Collapsible Box

Djeco Collapsible Toy Box‍

This funky collapsible storage box for toys will brighten up any playroom. It's nice and lightweight, easy to collapse and put away when it's not being used but surprisingly sturdy when up, doubling as a little seat for children to sit on when playing. It's not massive, though - perhaps most useful for small toys.

  • Price: £12.50
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: D29 x W25 x H25cm

Best For Transporting Toys

Play & Go Mini 2in1 Storage And Play Mat

This little mat provides an ingenious means of quickly and easily scooping your child's toys into a drawstring sack that can then be effortlessly tidied away or transported. When stretched out it can be used as a play mat, too! We love the sweet little cherries, but there are plenty of other chic designs to choose from.

  • Price: £16
  • Age: (we recommend) 3+
  • Diameter: 40cm

Best For Stuffed Toys

Creative QT Soft Toy Storage Bean Bag Chair, Daisy Grey

If your child's bedroom is overrun with soft toys this is a great option - fill it with stuffed animals and you have an easy storage fix and a comfortable place for them to sit! Ingenious. There are two different sizes to choose from; the 27" holds an impressive 50 stuffed animals and makes for a cosy seat as comfy as any beanbag. Made from 100% cotton upholstery-grade fabric it's super durable, but it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Price: £22.99
  • Age: (we recommend) 2+
  • Size: 30 x 25.4 x 4.19 cm; 27" diameter

Best For Clothes

Troy Triceratops Laundry Storage Basket‍

Okay, so it's technically a laundry basket, but it's so cute we couldn't resist putting it on here, and we don't see why it couldn't be used as a more generic storage space, if you prefer. This fuzzy triceratops is made up of a high-quality, durable fabric, boasts tons of room, and features a handy hook for hanging it up or carrying it round the house. Equally adorable T-Rex, cat, bear and unicorn designs are also available.

  • Price: £25
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: 69 x 50 x 25.5cm

Best For Kids On The Move

Argos Home Zebra Toy Storage Buggy‍

This wheeled buggy is a great transportable storage box, ideal for carrying toys from room to room or for allowing kids to bring the box to them when it's time to tidy up. The fun zebra design makes it a great option for playtime, too: if your little one has just begun to toddle, we guarantee they'll have fun dragging their little pet along with them.

  • Price: £20
  • Age: 1+
  • Size: H25 x W28 x D40 cm

Best Hanging Storage

IKEA PS FÅNGST Hanging Storage Baskets‍

Who says storage for toys has to be in boxes? This nifty hanging unit has six small net compartments so children can organise their favourite toys. The mesh material means it's easy to see what's in them - an advantage over kids' toy chests, which often leave children with no option but to empty its contents all over the floor when they're searching for something specific.

  • Price: £4.50
  • Age: (we recommend) 2+
  • Size: 168cm (length), 29cm (diameter)

Best Toy Storage For Living Room

Argos Home Essel 5 Shelf Leaning Bookcase‍

This slick unit is neutral enough that it will look good in any common area, but provides the perfect storage space for any children's toys that have become scattered across the house. With five shelves perfect for holding books, ornaments and any other adult-friendly objects and three drawers ideal for packing away the evidence of playtime, it's the perfect addition to any family living space.

  • Price: £160
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: H180 x W80 x D41 cm

Best Box Set

Argos Home Jungle Safari Canvas Boxes, Set Of 4‍

If you're looking for a cohesive set of storage bins, these cute safari toy boxes for kids would make a welcome addition to any child's room. They're lightweight, easy to fold away when they're not being used, and slot conveniently onto shelves or into existing storage units. And at £18 for four, getting your child's bedroom in order needn't break the bank.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families and children of all ages. If you liked our guide to the best toy box, why not take a look at our pick of the best kids' STEM toys to put inside? Or for more storage,  check out our guide to the best kids' bookcases for any space.

  • Price: £18
  • Age: 0+
  • Size: (each box) H25 x W28 x D28 cm

Originally from Manchester, Olivia has spent the last couple of years living between Toronto and Vancouver. She now works as a freelance writer in London and loves literature, travel and eating anything sweet. Her love of spending time with children began when she worked as an au pair in Paris.

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