11 Best Vegan Christmas Gifts For Eco-Conscious Teenagers

Cora Lydon
Feb 29, 2024 By Cora Lydon
Originally Published on Jul 06, 2021
Best Vegan Christmas Gifts For Eco-Conscious Teenagers.
Age: 13-18
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Buying for a vegan teen doesn't have to mean a headache.

There are plenty of gift ideas out there for a cruelty-free Christmas gift - from earrings to technology. But why not opt for a gift for a loved one that also celebrates their vegan status.

While following a vegan diet means cutting out dairy and animal-derived products this is also extended to ensure that items that they use or buy are equally as animal-friendly. So, not only do you need to avoid falling back on the trap of picking up that supermarket tray of chocolates or beeswax candle you'll also want to avoid anything that is made from leather or wool. Your best bet is to make sure you read the label of anything you buy very carefully. For example, while Oreos - that much-loved by teens biscuit - are made with soya and do not contain any animal products, milk is listed as a cross contact meaning it's made in a factory where milk is used and so there is a slim chance of cross contamination. Only you will know how acceptable this is to the teen in question.

We've rounded up the best vegan gifts out there to bring you the definitive guide to eco-friendly, cruelty-free presents for teens with principles. So whether you're buying for a chocoholic, an animal lover, a gadget fan or someone who just misses cheese we've got plenty of ideas to help you out.  All of these present ideas will work well for anyone who cares about the environment too – or for more ideas check out the best sustainable Christmas gifts for kids and teens.

If you want your ethics to extend to your dining table, then maybe it's time to ditch the turkey in favour of a vegan option and don't forget about hunting down the most eco-friendly Christmas crackers - we've already picked our favourites.

Kidadl's Top Pick

Our number one present idea just snuck into the top spot because it's rare to spot a teen without their trusty laptop by their side. This handy case is one of the best vegan presents thanks to how useful it is and its cruelty-free production.

1. Medium Recycled Inner Tube Tablet & Laptop Case - Cycle of Good‍

Medium Recycled Inner Tube Tablet & Laptop Case - Cycle of Good\u200d.

If you want to treat loved ones to a one-off vegan gift you don't need to spend the earth – or even harm it with your present buying. This medium-sized case is lovingly crafted from recycled inner tubes which means no two cases will ever be identical. You may get one that still has a puncture repair patch or manufacturer's writing on it – but be assured it just adds to its appeal. Each is crafted by tailors in Malawi who are paid a fair wage for what they do, and while the outer layer is showerproof in case you're caught in the rain, the inner features a cheery wax-printed 100% cotton lining. The zip fastening can be opened fully to ensure devices can be safely stowed away. This is a great Christmas gift choice if the teen in question also happens to be something of a cycling fanatic.

Main Features

  • Price: £17.50 (small)
  • Recycled product

Best For Boys Over 15

2. Personalised Monogram Vegan Cork Wallet‍

Personalised Monogram Vegan Cork Wallet\u200d.

This is a stylish, vegan-friendly alternative to the leather wallet and would make an excellent present for teenaged boys. Made from cork, it's naturally waterproof and durable enough to survive being thrown around a little bit. It's available in natural or dark coloured cork and you can personalise it with the recipient's initials to make it that little bit more special. It would make a great gift for vegan boys who are starting to gain more independence and take control of their own money. There's plenty of room here for them to stow any Christmas money too - with nine card slots, a notes compartment and a coin pouch sealed with a popper.

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • Can be personalised
  • Available in two colours

Best For Vegan Stocking Fillers

3. Orly Metropolis 2020 Winter Nail Polish Collection - Sparkle This Holiday Trio Set (3x18ml)‍

Orly Metropolis 2020 Winter Nail Polish Collection - Sparkle This Holiday Trio Set (3x18ml).

With three super sparkly shades, this set is just right for popping in a stocking for some festive fun. Orly are a reputable nail polish brand known for their great quality. The varnishes are never tested on animals and are made of a 12-free vegan formula. The colours are designed to last as well as prevent fading and yellowing, though you can also get top and bottom coats if you want to extend the life of the varnish. We think any young vegan will be delighted to find this on Christmas morning. Just don't blame us if you have to volunteer to have your nails painted.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.96
  • Set of three
  • 12-free vegan formula and cruelty-free

Best For Students

4. Recycled Notebook Coffee - FA VO‍

Recycled Notebook Coffee - FA VO.

Literary types and students alike will be delighted with this vegan gift, after all, what could be more welcome as we inch closer to a new year than a brand spanking new notebook with blank pages full of opportunity. It's as stylish as any leather-bound journal and is made from 100% recycled materials. There are 140 pages of high-quality 100gsm recycled paper - including fibres from the coffee plant which lend this notebook its colour. You can buy it with blank pages, ruled pages or with dotted pages so it can be used as a bullet journal. It's simple, hand made, free from plastic and more importantly a great vegan present at Christmas.

Main Features

  • Price: £10.99
  • Three styles of interior paper
  • Made from recycled paper

Best For Older Teens

5. Vegan Snack Delight Hamper Gift Box - The Goodness Project‍

Vegan Snack Delight Hamper Gift Box - The Goodness Project\u200d.

This makes such a great universal idea for gifts for vegans – teens of all ages and gender will never turn down a tasty snack. Plus this one is choc-full of goodies. This vegan snack delight hamper is truly a delight: inside there are 12 vegan snacks ranging from a rice choc wafer crunch to vegan hazelnut chocolate, as well as jelly sweets, nuts and biscuits. Although the contents may occasionally change you're guaranteed to get a box full of delicious and cruelty-free treats. Christmas is a time for great food and by stocking teens up with their own treats you get to munch your Quality Street in peace too, so it's a win-win.

Main Features

  • Price: £37.90
  • 12 varied snacks
  • Presented in a recyclable handcrafted box
  • Personalise with a note

Best For Girls

6. Pamper Me Aromatherapy Bath Gift Set - Lovely Soap Company‍

Pamper Me Aromatherapy Bath Gift Set - Lovely Soap Company.

Prettily packaged in a simple white box, this cruelty-free vegan gift contains plenty of goodies for a full on pampering session. There's a natural wax candle with a burn time of 15 hours to help set the mood, a handmade natural soap bar and two handrolled cocoa butter bath truffles. All of the items are infused with essential oils for a full-on aromatherapy experience. Pick from five scents: Relax, with soothing lavender oil, Balance, with restorative sweet orange and geranium, Refresh with revitalising grapefruit and lemongrass, Rejuvenate, with aromatic frankincense and orange oil, or Sleep Well, with relaxing ylang ylang. The boxes make excellent Christmas presents for vegans as the items are free from any animal products, not tested on animals, are chemical free and ethically produced.

Main Features

  • Price: £23
  • Add personalised message for no extra cost
  • Five blends to choose from

Best For Cheese Lovers

7. The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit - The Big Cheese Making Kit‍

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit - The Big Cheese Making Kit\u200d.

Vegan Christmas ideas don't come much cheesier than this one but it's perfect for vegan teens who also happen to love cheese. You get to make your own cheese. Yes, you heard that right! This kit contains all the ingredients needed to create your own vegan cheese including various herbs for flavours, guided instructions and yummy recipes. There are enough ingredients for 20 batches of 6 different varieties of plant-based cheese, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Halloumi, Feta and Parmesan, so you can cater to their tastes and fill that cheddar-sized hole that may be missing in their life since embracing veganism. The cheese is simple to make and can last for 12 months at least, so this is a gift of cheesy goodness that keeps on giving!

Main Features

  • Price: £27.50
  • Makes 6 different types of plant-based cheese

Best For Sweet-Toothed Teens

8. All-Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper Collection - Hotel Chocolat‍

All-Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper Collection - Hotel Chocolat.

We all know too well that Christmas is a time for chocolate, so why should vegan teens miss out? As vegan hampers go this one from Hotel Chocolat is pretty impressive and has already garnered lots of fans. Inside you'll ginger puddles, three tasty chocolate slabs, a hazelnut log and a selection of Hotel Chocolat's finest individual vegan chocolate offerings. Dairy is switched out for plant based ingredients like tree nuts and soya for this box of dark chocolate goodies. Just don't expect them to share.

Main Features

  • Price: £27.50
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Minimum 70% cocoa

Best For Older Girls

9. Vegan Leather Crossbody Handbag - Lisa Angel‍

Vegan Leather Crossbody Handbag - Lisa Angel.

A new handbag will always go down well with girls but vegan principles may prevent you from purchasing a new leather bag. This personalised one though has the high quality you'd expect from a leather bag but with a vegan leather alternative. The faux leather and faux suede are actually made from polyester and polyurethane to keep it cruelty free. It's a great size with enough room for girls to carry around their essentials and comes with an adjustable strap, zip fastening and magnetic flap. But best of all you can have initials embossed on the bag in gold detail to make it extra special. It's available in sleek black as well as mustard yellow and green.

Main Features

  • Price: £32
  • Personalise with initials
  • Compact shape and size

Best For Fashion Fans

10. Vegan Unisex Christmas Jumper - Vegan Outfitters‍

Vegan Unisex Christmas Jumper - Vegan Outfitters.

If you're looking for a slightly tongue in cheek gift for a vegan loved one you can't go wrong with a vegan Christmas jumper. We love this one emblazoned with the motto 'soy to the world' which seems just about right as funny vegan gifts go. It's made from airlume combed and ringspun cotton which means its soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, and it's WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified so you know it's an eco-friendly buy. It comes in white, black or festive shades of green or red and in sizes from extra small up to 2X large. Now's the time for them to wear their principles on their sleeve (or across their chest, in this case).

Main Features

  • Price: £35
  • Printed in the UK
  • Unisex shape

Best For All Ages

11. Adopt A Rescued Animal - Viva‍

Adopt A Rescued Animal - Viva.

Our final gift idea is one that embraces the spirit of veganism. Why not adopt an animal for that hard-to-buy-for teen. We think vegan Christmas presents don't come much more appropriate than this. Half of the cost of the adoption will go towards feeding and caring for the animal, while the other half goes direct to Viva who campaigns against factory farming. In return the adopter will get a letter, personalised A5 certificate, a colour photo in a magnetic frame and one update about their animal. We think it's a great gift for animal lovers with vegan principles. Select your animal from: dog, fox, pony, horse, goose, pig, bull, goat or sheep.

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • 9 animals to pick from
  • Gift lasts a year

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top products for families of all ages. If you enjoyed our suggestions for vegan-friendly Christmas gifts then take a look at our ideas for the best presents for kids and teens that come in under £10 or find something different with presents for Star Wars fans from kids to teens.

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