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Black Friday Gift Guide: 20% Off Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

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Nowadays, most people are taking steps to minimize their environmental impact wherever possible. Whether it’s recycling, saving water or trying to waste less food, there are tons of small ways you can start living in a more eco-conscious way. But when it comes to making purchases, with our busy lives juggling work, school and hobbies, there’s often just no time to spend hours scouring the internet for eco-friendly options - what we need most is convenience and accessibility. This is where EarthHero comes in. It’s a Colorado-based online store filled with thousands of carefully curated products from more than 200 brands across every category you could think of; from zero-waste homeware and beauty, to sustainable clothing, tech, toys and everything in between. And this Black Friday, why not try it out for yourself? EarthHero is offering 20% off sitewide using the coupon code BF2021, so you can shop sustainably for less.

Shop all the essentials at EarthHero.

With the holiday season fast approaching, now’s the time to start looking for children’s gifts, and EarthHero is the place to do it. From its selection of sustainable, responsibly sourced and ethically made toys, you’re bound to find a present your child will love. Every product page contains an explanation of its sustainability features, so you can be sure that the toys you’re buying are keeping excitement high, and environmental impact low. If that wasn’t enough, EarthHero is also planting five trees with every order placed using the code BF2021.

Whether the kids in your life are dino-mad or green-fingered, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for eco-friendly gifts that they will love. There’s a range of items across all price points, so you can grab a few stocking stuffers or make an investment that’ll last for years. Buy responsibly and help make the planet a healthier place — our kids deserve it.

EarthHero currently ships to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Select brands and products can be shipped to Canada.

Best Classic Toy

Eco-Bricks Color Wooden Toy Blocks

Eco-Bricks are a great eco-friendly alternative to popular building bricks.

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These brightly-colored building blocks are the perfect gift for any child who loves letting their imagination run wild, and are great for developing creativity and fine motor skills. The sets contain a variety of shapes, and are compatible with most other mainstream building blocks, which means you have even more opportunities to build. They’re a great alternative to plastic blocks, as they’re made of wood, and they come with a set of colored pencils, so you can be extra-creative and customize them.

  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • Sets come with 54, 109 or 206 pieces
  • A percentage of total sales goes directly to the Trash Free Seas Alliance®
  • Biodegradable if no longer useable
  • Made from FSC-certified wood


Best For Dino-Mad Kids

Dinosaur Egg Beeswax Crayons

Dino-mad kids will love these colorful egg-shaped beeswax crayons.

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These totally roar-some dinosaur egg crayons are the ideal stocking stuffer for any dino-mad child. Vibrantly colored with mineral pigments and made with natural beeswax, they’re the perfect non-toxic crayon for creative kids. They even come in a recycled egg carton!

  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • 6 egg-shaped colored crayons
  • Packed in a recycled egg carton for easy storage
  • Made from 100% natural materials


Best For Outdoor Play

2-In-1 Toddler Bike

Children can practise their balance skills on this wooden bike.

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This lightweight balance bike is great for younger kids who aren’t quite ready for a pedal bike just yet. It has air-filled tires like a regular bike, but with limited steering and a lower frame, so toddlers can get to grips with balance and mobility with ease. Your child can start using it as soon as they know how to walk, and you can adjust the seat to grow alongside them.

  • Age recommendation: 18 months - 5 years
  • Adjustable seat, air-filled tires and a steering limiter
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight frame
  • Made from sustainably harvested birch wood


Best For Getting Messy

Eco-Kids Finger Paint

Get messy with this non-toxic eco-friendly finger paint.

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Let’s get messy! These non-toxic finger paints come in the form of four colorful powders that create vibrant paints when mixed with water. The powders are made of food-safe ingredients, with pigments from organic fruit and vegetable extracts. All you need to do is make up enough paint for a single use and your mini Monets can get stuck in, either using them as finger paints or with brushes. 

  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • 4 containers of powdered pigment
  • Biodegradable formula with recyclable packaging
  • Made from non-toxic, natural ingredients


Best For Car Lovers

Dump Truck Toy

Kids will love this vibrant dump truck with working dumper.

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No toy has stood the test of time quite like toy dump trucks, so this is sure to be a hit. Made entirely from recycled plastic milk jugs, this durable truck with a working dumper is great for scooping sand, moving rocks, or just zooming around the living room.

  • Age recommendation: 1+
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free
  • No metal axles or screws
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Made from 100% recycled materials


Best Soft Toy

Unicorn Plush Toy

A unicorn soft toy is the perfect gift for any magic-loving child.

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Bring some magic to your home with Apple Park’s unicorn plush toy. Made of organic fabric and recycled materials, this toy has lots of adorable details, with an embroidered nose, mouth and eyelashes and a stylish lilac tutu. It’s the perfect addition to any stuffed animal collection.

  • Age recommendation: 1+
  • 15.75 inches tall
  • Embroidered features
  • Colored with eco-friendly dyes
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, natural silk and 100% recycled non-toxic plastic pellets for shape and stability


Best For Rainy Days

Wild Life Kids Floor Puzzle

Doing a puzzle together is the perfect activity for a cosy, rainy day at home.

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Have a wild time with an animal-themed puzzle by Wee Gallery. Perfect for a rainy day, this enchanting puzzle encourages the development of fine motor skills and is helpful for teaching younger kids about animals, including camels, flamingos and everything in between.

  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • 24-piece puzzle
  • Measures 24 x 24 inches when complete
  • Does not contain lead, toxins, or phthalates
  • Printed on FSC-certified paper board and colored with soy-based inks


Best For Making Learning Fun

Bunny’s Garden Kids Book

Learn about the environment and community with your littlest children.

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Join Bunny and the Picnic Pals on their adventure planting a beautiful garden and learn how seeds grow into plants that can eventually be made into yummy meals. Not only is Apple Park’s story a delightful way to teach children about the environment, community, and friendship, but the book itself is sustainably made. It’s perfect as a bedtime story for your littlest kids.

  • Age recommendation: 6 months - 4 years
  • Printed using non-toxic soy ink
  • Made from FSC-certified Paper

Find sustainable gifts at EarthHero

Find sustainable gifts at EarthHero

Making sustainability accessible to all

EarthHero is the easiest and most convenient way to shop for sustainable items, making it simple to find sustainable items that are good for you and the planet. This one-stop shop offers essentials like toiletries and homeware, along with other items like toys, crafts and tech. EarthHero believes that small changes can add up to a big impact, so its mission is to help make sustainability accessible for everyone.

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