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How This Family Cell Plan Can Make Your Life Easier (And More Affordable)

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Your family may disagree on what to order at a restaurant, or which movie to watch, but you can all agree on one thing: your cell plan should be straightforward and easy to keep up with. From adding a separate line, to making a few changes and adjustments to your current plan, every task can be made simpler with the right cell service provider.

Due to the numerous perks of owning a family cell plan, everyone these days seems to be making the switch from their individual plans to a common family plan. You should always weigh up what's most important to you and your family when selecting your cell service provider, as every family's needs differ. What may seem like a priority to one family may not be as important to another.

Maybe you're tired of being nickel-and-dimed by your current cell phone provider. Or maybe you just want a better deal on a family cell phone plan. Whatever the case, Mint Mobile offers a range of prepaid plans for every family, and all its subscriptions are specifically designed for families who are taking the plunge from individual cell plans to a family cell plan. Mint Mobile’s Modern Family Plan can save you money and make your life easier, all while being flexible enough to accommodate any family, whatever form yours takes. 

What Is Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is a premium service provider of prepaid cellular plans. It started in 2016, with its recognition and popularity growing twofold once actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds took over. Now, it's one of the fastest-growing brands in the USA.

It is a D2C wireless company that runs on T-Mobile, America's largest 5G network. Offering carrier-grade services, Mint Mobile prides itself on providing hassle-free plans with unlimited text and talk time and nationwide coverage for as little as $15 per month. This company also boasts high-speed wireless connections with no contracts or overages. Simply put, an overage is an extra fee you're charged whenever you exceed your monthly data allowance. With Mint Mobile your data access is blocked once you reach your limit, so you won't ever be hit with an unexpected bill.

Ryan Reynolds buying a major stake at Mint Mobile and directing his marketing efforts towards this venture has already created a massive impact on the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The actor can be seen using his sense of humor in several ads for the company's marketing campaigns, and it really works! With the main focus being to create budget-friendly plans for everyday cell users, Mint Mobile is soaring towards greater growth and success rates in all its endeavors. This holds true for their latest venture of introducing a family-friendly wireless pricing model: the Modern Family Plan.

Get started with Mint Mobile.

Family Cell Phone Plan Vs. Individual Cell Phone Plan

There are many reasons to opt for a family cell phone plan over an individual one. For starters, family plans are generally much cheaper than buying separate plans for each member of the family. Additionally, family plans often come with added features and perks that are not available with individual plans.

Another big benefit of family cell phone plans is that they make it much easier to keep track of everyone's usage. With an individual plan, each person has their own data allowance and billing cycle. This can make it quite tricky to keep track of who is using how much data and when. With a family plan, however, all of the usage is lumped together under one bill. This makes it much simpler to monitor and manage.

Finally, family cell phone plans can offer a great way to stay connected with loved ones. If everyone in the family is on the same plan, it's easy to text or call each other without worrying about long-distance charges. This can be a lifesaving solution when trying to coordinate plans or just stay in touch.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to consider a family cell phone plan. So, if you are looking for a way to save money and stay connected with your loved ones, a family plan may be just what you need.

Modern Family Plan By Mint Mobile

With several major cell service providers raising their charges every year, Mint Mobile is welcoming customers with affordable premium cell service plans. If you are a family with two or more lines, you can now switch to the Modern Family Plan by Mint Mobile and start saving. 

The Modern Family Plan starts at the most feasible rate of $15 per line. You can add anywhere between two to five lines and even customize this plan as per the data needs of every member included in the plan. Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan customers can mix and match plans, which means that every family member has the perfect plan for them.

Mint Mobile offers the following plans under its Modern Family Plan venture:

  • 4GB per month - $15 per month or $45 for three months
  • 10GB per month - $20 per month or $60 for three months
  • 15GB per month - $25 per month or $75 for three months
  • Unlimited with 35GB of 5G LTE DATA - $30 per month or $90 for three months

If one family member does not use much data, they can be put on the cheapest plan available. Similarly, if somebody uses tons of data every month, they can be on the unlimited data plan, which offers 35 GB of data before it slows down. This is still a lot of data, as the average American does not exceed 4GB of data usage per month. This way, if one of you can get by the entire month with just the 4GB plan, you would end up saving a lot on your monthly cell service bill. 

The plan allows you to pay 12-month pricing in three-month increments, meaning you don’t have to spend time thinking about your bills as often. While you will need to pay for three months of cell service in advance to make use of the Modern Family Plan by Mint Mobile, this turns out to be much cheaper in the long run than what the other major carriers.

Plus, the plan pricing won’t change if anyone decides to switch plans or leave the main family plan — you’ll continue to pay the same great price as long as there are at least two active lines in your Mint Family.

The Modern Family Plan by Mint Mobile gives you access to premium cell services, including high-speed data, unlimited talk time, and so much more, for just a fraction of what the other cell carriers offer. You can get your hands on their great service and start a Mint Family today by checking out their plans here.

Buy the Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan from $15 a month.

Why Should You Choose A Family Cell Phone Plan By Mint Mobile?

It's clear that family cell plans are often a better option than individual cell plans. However, you may still be looking for concrete reasons to pick Mint Mobile’s Modern Family Plan.

  • It offers the cost-effective option of buying the family plan in bulk, three months to be precise, and saving big. You do not need a membership card for this. 
  • When it comes to value for money, Mint Mobile's plans are by far the best. They offer a lot of data for a much lower price than their competitors. And when you factor in high-speed 5G data and a mobile hotspot, you're actually getting a lot for what you are paying.
  • There are absolutely no data overages, which means that you can customize each line in the plan as per each user's data requirements. Mint Mobile also offers the service of notifying the primary account holder if each line is on the best plan as per the data they are using.
  • There are no hidden contracts to sign or complicated pricing structures with hidden fees. You basically get exactly what you see. 
  • Switching over to Mint Mobile services is a hassle-free and convenient experience as the entire set up is taken care of by Mint Mobile's Activation Support specialists. Whether you wish to get new numbers for your family or port your existing numbers to Mint, it is all taken care of by them. If required, they would even call your current carrier and help you through the process of transferring your numbers.
  • Mint Mobile's Modern Family Plan offers affordable plans for families of all sizes. If you are a small family, you can get started with this plan with just two lines, and can add new lines at any time, with up to five lines for a big family.
  • It offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

Getting Started With Mint Mobile's Modern Family Plan

Start your own Mint Family by following the instructions below.

If you are using a computer:

  • You can visit the Family Plans page on the website to initiate the process of starting your Mint Family.
  • Pick the number of lines you need.
  • Choose a plan for each line and confirm.
  • Add your customized plan to the cart and proceed to make the payment.

If you are using your mobile phone:

  • Download the Mint Mobile app and launch it on your phone.
  • From the 'Account' option, select 'My Mint Family'.
  • Tap on 'Create', and key in the Mint numbers of your family members to send them the invite by tapping on 'Send Invite'.
  • Share the 6-digit code required for verification with your family members.
  • Each family member just has to accept the invitation and enter the verification code.
  • You can add multiple lines this way.

Once you are done with the above steps, your Mint Family will have been set up.

The primary account holder for the Mint Family would be the person who initially created the account. They would be paying for the plans, changing the plans, monitoring data usage, and adding other members to the plan. Each line can be named after the member using it, to make it simpler. Any changes needed by the other members have to be taken care of by the primary account holder. The individual members can leave the Mint Family at their own free will, but they will have to resume their responsibility for paying their monthly bill in the future.

Which Cell Phone Model Can I Use With Mint Mobile Service?

Since Mint Mobile operates on the GSM-based network of T-Mobile, a GSM phone would be the most appropriate option. The unlocked phones would be well suited for GSM networks. Although there are a few phones that run on both GSM and CDMA, the ones that are geared up only for CDMA-based networks would not function effectively. Although the 5G and LTE connectivity may work just fine, you may not be able to access 3G data, send or receive texts, and make calls with a CDMA handset.

Are you planning on buying a new phone but are confused about whether it would run on Mint's network? Well, Mint Mobile now features a range of popular cell phone models for sale on their website, which are guaranteed to work the best with the Mint network. If you want to check if your current phone is compatible with the services offered by Mint Mobile, you can key in your phone's IMEI number on the Bring Your Own Phone page on the website

Mint Mobile has a way of making your life easier. With no long-term contracts, you can cancel anytime, and there's no credit check required. This means you can get started with Mint Mobile without having to jump through a lot of hoops. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with your family better by exploring Mint Mobile's Modern Family Plan now.

Get a family cell plan from $15 a month

Get a family cell plan from $15 a month

Cell plans made simple

Make the most of Mint Mobile’s easy, affordable cell phone plans. You can start with two lines and add up to five in total to its Modern Family Plan, customizing each member’s access accordingly. With no long-term contracts, no credit checks and no extra fees when you hit your data limit, Mint Mobile is the hassle-free way to stay connected.

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