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Top 5 Orlando Vacation Rentals With Themed Rooms For Extra Magic

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Visiting the theme parks at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort is nothing short of magical, so why not bring that magic back to your accommodation with a themed room?

Top Villas offers a huge range of vacation rentals for parties of all sizes, whether you're vacationing with extended family or friends, or taking your first trip with just your children. Stay immersed in the magic with a themed bedroom, games room or home theater and make your trip extra special.

Visit Hogwarts in Orlando.

Whether your family is a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter or Disney princesses, there's a Top Villas rental that'll be the cherry on top of your family vacation.

A Vacation Rental With A Secret Playroom

Reunion Resort 900

This luxury Orlando vacation rental comfortably

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This luxury Orlando vacation rental comfortably sleeps up to 24 guests in its nine bedrooms. Seven of its bedrooms are decorated in a neutral color palette, while two are themed bedrooms. The magic-themed room is designed to echo a cozy school common room, with three wooden bunk beds surrounded by draping red curtains, and walls that mimic the stone of an ancient castle. Nearby is a castle-inspired room, with two elegant bunk beds that are the perfect place for a prince or princess to lay their head, and a ceiling painted to look like the night sky. Connecting the two rooms is a playroom hidden by secret doors that you'll need a sprinkling of magic to open.

The rental has a spacious open-plan living area, along with a fully-equipped kitchen, plus a home theater and private gym. There are also two game rooms; containing a pool table, foosball table, air hockey, ping pong table, arcade games, driving simulators and even a row of games consoles for the ultimate gaming marathon.

Outside you'll find your own private pool complete with mini lazy river, a water cannon and spillover spa. For the ultimate relaxation, there's an island in the middle of the lagoon-style pool with sun loungers to lie on. Surrounding the pool are comfortable chairs and loungers, and on the covered terrace itself is dining furniture and an outdoor kitchen.

The Reunion Resort is only a short drive from the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and even closer to the Disney parks.

A Vacation Home With A Themed Room For Everyone

Reunion Resort 928

This Star Wars room is out of this world.

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Head to the popular Reunion Resort for a vacation rental with multiple themed rooms throughout. This nine-bedroom villa sleeps 20 guests in a range of stylishly decorated rooms for both adults and kids alike.

The space-themed room contains a futuristic pod-style bunk bed, and windows on all the walls showing scenes from outer space to make you feel as if you're aboard an epic spaceship with your favorite intergalactic characters.

Meanwhile, one entrance to the magic castle-themed room is hidden from non-wizards behind a secret bookcase, and leads you to a slide that drops you directly onto Platform 9 3/4. Sleep in one of two magical boarding school-style bunk beds, check your reflection in the enchanted mirror and keep an eye on the portraits adorning the walls to see if they really are charmed.

The remaining bedrooms are tastefully themed around different cities all over the world, including New York, Paris and Venice. The other themed rooms include a games room filled with all the arcade games you could dream of, and a room dedicated to the nostalgia of Americana, including a pool table set in the base of a vintage car, and posters of classic rockstars lining the walls.

In the rest of the house you'll find all the standard features, like a spacious living area, fully-equipped kitchen, movie theater, and large private pool area complete with alfresco dining furniture, where you can come together after a busy day and decompress.

An Orlando Vacation Home That'll Take You To Other Worlds

Reunion Resort 646

The games room is designed to look like a retro arcade

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This eight-bedroom rental in Reunion comfortably sleeps 20 guests in its eight bedrooms. Video game fans will be transported into the vibrant worlds they know through a screen with an incredible themed bedroom. Climb up the iconic blocks to reach the top of one of its two bunk beds and feel like you're living inside a game. There's also a campground-themed room filled with rustic wooden furniture that'll take you to the great outdoors.

The games room is designed to look like a retro arcade, with all the games and neon lights you could want. In the entertainment room you'll feel like you've been transported to a tropical island's tiki bar, with its island-themed décor, indoor bar covered with a grass thatched roof, ocean view windows, and tons of rattan and straw accents throughout.

In the rest of the house you'll find all the features you'd expect, like a spacious living area, fully-equipped kitchen, movie theater, and large private pool area complete with alfresco dining furniture.

A Vacation Home Where A Space Emperor Might Join You For A Movie

Reunion Resort 3500

Build an amazing vacation with this LEGO themed room.

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Close to Walt Disney World and its theme parks, this luxury Orlando vacation home has seven bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate up to 19 guests.

Inside you'll find a vibrant themed bedroom complete with brick steps up to the top of its two bunk beds, along with more décor in your favorite building bricks' signature bold primary colors. If your child would prefer a princess-themed bedroom, there's also a winter-themed room, with an icicle chandelier, white bunk beds surrounded by lilac gauze curtains to look like sheets of ice, and shades of icy blue throughout.

On a rainy day you might want to chill out in the intergalactic home theater — that is, if you're not distracted by a space emperor and his guards keeping watch while you're enjoying your movie.

In the rest of the house you'll find a game room, stocked kitchen and open-plan living and dining area. Outside you can enjoy a covered backyard with a private pool, BBQ, outdoor kitchen and lounge area.

X Marks The Spot! A Vacation Home For Pirates And Explorers

Reunion Resort 1100

Pretend to be a pirate in this Top Villas rental.

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The Reunion Resort is a prime location in the Orlando area, with easy access to Magic Kingdom and the other attractions and parks of Walt Disney World, which means you're just a short drive away from the magic of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella's Castle at all times.

Bring the magic home after a day at the parks with this luxury rental that sleeps 24 in its 10 bedrooms, of which two are incredible themed bedrooms. One of its themed bedrooms is based on the famous Splash Mountain ride at Disney World, with an epic treehouse-style bed for your mini adventurers, and a slide in the room for extra magic. The next themed bedroom is a pirate-inspired room complete with a pirate ship bed, lanterns, and detailed murals on the wall that'll transport you to the world of a pirate captain and his cronies.

The rental has all the amenities and features you'd expect, including free WiFi, a well equipped kitchen, and the Orlando vacation home staples of a fully-stocked game room and home theater, where you can watch all the Disney films your heart desires.

Outside you'll find a private swimming pool and hot tub, where you can make a splash after a day at Disney World or Universal. Surrounding the huge pool are comfortable sun loungers for you to soak up the Florida sunshine, and outdoor dining furniture to join together after a packed day at one of Orlando's many theme parks and reminisce on the vacation of a lifetime.

Book a luxury family stay with Top Villas

Book a luxury family stay with Top Villas

“Top Villas offers an incredible range of good-value luxury villas all over the world. My family was lucky enough to stay in a beautiful 5-bedroom villa in Orlando’s Reunion Resort and it checked off every requirement we had, and offered us so much more besides I was so impressed with how well equipped our villa was, how ideal its location was, and how seamless the entire stay was; from booking, to closing the villa front door and flying back home.”*

- Sophie Orman, co-founder of Kidadl

(*not paid/gifted stay)

Luxury trips made simple

You’ll receive the ultimate VIP treatment from the moment you book your luxury vacation rental with Top Villas. Your personal guest experience manager will take care of the small details, while a locally-based manager will support you during your stay. Expect contemporary amenities, stylish homes for any occasion, and unparalleled service from a team that aims to create unforgettable vacations perfectly tailored to every family.

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