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Tailored Dog Food Delivered To Your Door: From Dry Dog Food To Treats

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When you settle down for a delicious, healthy meal, are you confident that your loyal four-legged friend is enjoying an equally gourmet experience? Dogs are very much part of the family and their diets deserve the same amount of care and attention as ours, something that tails.com, the leading tailored dog food subscription service, knows all too well.

Developed alongside vets and animal nutritionists in order to provide healthy dog foods tailored to every dog, tails.com is on hand to help you sift through the information overload and ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients it needs depending on its age, breed and lifestyle.

Their high-quality food ticks all the boxes, with carefully customised, balanced nutrition that keeps pets healthy. Each dog's tails.com recipe is based on information only their owners could know - from individual food preferences to pesky itchy skin conditions and allergies.

All you need to do is go to tails.com and input details about your dog. From there, you can add extra food items, at which point tails.com will make any relevant adjustments, and you'll be provided with a personalised feeding plan including a vet-approved, nutritious kibble formula that'll keep your pup happy and healthy. With years of expertise behind the food, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your dog is getting all the nutrition it needs.

With monthly deliveries straight to your door, a tails.com subscription takes the stress out of figuring out the best food for your dog. The extra benefit of tailored food is that it is optimised to care for every life stage, so you can rest assured that you dog's food is balanced to support them as they grow.

The system is super flexible too, meaning that if something comes up, you can easily bring deliveries forward, pause or cancel your subscription. Plus, with tails.com's one-to-one customer support, there's always someone on hand to answer any questions or clear up concerns.

tails.com is offering Kidadlers a huge discount of 75% off their whole basket for new customers when you sign up through our link*. This offer means you can stock up on tailored kibble, treats, wet dog food and other add-ons, all perfectly adapted to your dog's needs, and pay only a fraction of the normal price.

Whether you've got a Spaniel or a Staffie, a Poodle or a Pinscher, your dog deserves the very best. So if you're looking to improve the health of your dog and give it the nutritious food it deserves, tails.com has tons of tasty dog food options that are guaranteed to get their tail wagging. And with 75% off for new customers, your tail might be wagging too.

A Kibble Recipe for Every Dog

Dry Dog Food Tailor-Made For Your Pet

Whether your dog prefers chicken or fish, grain or no grain, you'll be provided with a unique dry dog food formula. Carefully selected from over a million possible combinations to make sure it's the best match, tails.com's tasty and nutritious dry dog food is perfectly catered to your pet. It's also perfect for puppies - you can order a delicious, nutritious kibble formula that'll aid the growth of your puppy and will be packed with tons of good stuff, including protein for muscle and bone growth, salmon oil for brain development, helpful prebiotics for gut health, and more.

  • Contains all the vitamins your dog needs to thrive
  • Nutritionally balanced for a healthy lifestyle
  • No added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


Delicious Wet Food For Your Dog

Add tails.com's Wet Dog Food To Your Feeding Plan

Mixing wet and dry dog food is a good way to complement the tailor-made kibble that tails.com provides, either mixed with the dry food or as a treat. The wet food is filled with meat and vegetables and offers additional animal protein and vitamins.

  • 15 tasty dog food recipes packed with meat that your dog will love
  • Available in two sizes depending on the needs of your pet
  • Natural source of fatty acids for glossy coats and healthy skin


Dog Food For Senior Dogs

High-Quality Dry Dog Food To Keep Older Dogs' Tails Wagging

As your dog gets older its dietary needs change; it may a bit sleepier, have mobility issues or be less energetic than before. You may also see some breed-specific issues arise too. Tails.com's custom dog food provides all the nutrients your senior dog needs to stay healthy and energised.

  • Constantly adapted to suit your dog's changing needs as they get older
  • Reduced fat and calories to fit your older dog's slower pace
  • Packed with ingredients to help relieve stiff joints


Supporting Weight Management

Nutritious Dog Food To Keep Your Pup At A Healthy Weight

There are so many factors involved in maintaining your dog's ideal weight, including breed-specific digestive issues, metabolism problems from health conditions, age, size, to mention a few. Whether your dog is underweight, overweight or having a growth spurt, with a tails.com subscription you will receive a nutritious, personalised dry food formula and feeding plan that's guaranteed to keep your dog healthy.

  • Tailor-made dry food to help keep dogs at a healthy weight
  • Precise portions to make sure you're not underfeeding or overfeeding
  • Different food formulas for overweight and underweight dogs

Dental Chews

Dental Dailies

tails.com's Dental Dailies for dogs aim to reduce plaque and tartar build-up, which cause gum disease. Each pack contains seven chews and come in three sizes to best fit the size of your dog. They're made of chicken and are enriched with extra nutrients and are a simple addition to your dog's dental routine.

  • Made with pumice, which fights against gum disease
  • Three sizes to choose from depending on your dog's breed
  • Star-shaped to give your pup's teeth a better scrub


Best Luxury Dog Biscuits

Hand-Baked Dog Biscuits

The range of hand-baked treats from tails.com contains good protein, plus no added nasties like artificial colours or preservatives. Treats come in pup-friendly flavours with meat and fish bases, including lamb biscuits with pea and mint, duck with beetroot and cranberry and salmon with linseed and herbs.

  • Hand-baked with care
  • Natural ingredients you recognise
  • Easy-to-digest protein for sensitive stomachs
  • Grain-free for dogs with hypoallergenic diets

Get 75% off tails.com

Get 75% off tails.com

Find full T&Cs on the Tails website.


Bespoke dog food tailored to your dog and delivered to your door

Introducing Tails, the dog food subscription service that offers bespoke dry food, wet food and treats for every breed and age. Tails believes that our furry friends deserve the very best, which is why we take the time to create recipes that cater to each individual dog’s needs. With Tails, you can be sure your pooch is getting the most nutritious food possible – all without lifting a paw!


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