The Best Baby Record Book For Your Most Precious Memories

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If you're looking for a meaningful baby shower gift, or you're readying your home for a new arrival and you're inundated with nipple creams, you might find a baby record book could be the answer to your prayers.

Also known as baby keepsake books or baby memory books, baby record books are great for keeping track of your baby's changing habits and measurements. They're also a perfect way of jotting down memories you want to hold on to for the long term, as the early years are full of precious moments you'll want to revisit again and again.

Baby memory books come in all shapes and sizes, so consider how your memory book will best suit your family. If you think you'll be reading yours at every opportunity, choose one with a cover and illustrations that you love, and think about whether you'd prefer lots of prompts for what to write, or more blank pages for free journalling. Another question to ask yourself is how long you'll want to keep writing in your baby journal, as they can run from nine months, through the first year, to eighteen years!

Every baby's record book is unique, and can include a mixture of good times and bad. Times of laughter, good news days, and 'baby’s first' days (first night at home, first steps, first tooth); but also sad days, accidents, or frustration. Journalling will keep important details solid through tiring times, and writing out a hard day can be a great emotional release too. Many baby memory books have storage pockets for baby keepsakes and treasures, which can be a lovely pick-me-up if you're having a difficult week.

With baby record books being so popular, we put together a list of our 15 favourite baby books, to help you find yours.

Our Top Choice


Peter Rabbit Baby Record Book‍

Peter Rabbit Baby Record Book

This baby memory book is a beautifully traditional baby book, with sumptuous Beatrix Potter illustrations, lots of interaction, frequent space for photographs, and keepsake envelopes. There are even lovely extras like pages for footprints and your family tree, all for a very reasonable price. A loveable book that will be perfect for many parents.

  • Price: £14.15
  • Dates from pre-birth to first birthday
  • Padded cover with embroidered lettering

Best For Structure

Moleskine Passion Journal - Baby‍

Moleskine Passion Journal - Baby

As baby books go, this is the grown-up on the list, with a focus on organisation and baby and parent health. Specialist sections include a detailed medical history section and fitness and diet planners, with handy tabs and stickers to keep you organised. There's plenty of room for personality too, with an expandable keepsake pocket and lots of blank pages for you to journal in your own style. This multitasking memory book brings all the quality you'd expect from the Moleskine brand.

  • Price: £26.99
  • Dates from expecting to 2nd birthday

Best For Comprehensive Coverage

From Me To You Bump To Birthday Journal

From Me To You Bump To Birthday Journal

This compact baby memory book packs a punch, with fun garden illustrations and generous prompts from an award-winning British stationery brand. Included are 'Baby's First...' sections, lots of photo opportunities, and week-by-week pregnancy information with prompts for recording thoughts and feelings.

  • Price: £20
  • Dates from expecting to first birthday
  • Ethically produced from sustainable sources

Best For Families On A Budget

Igloo Books My Baby's 1st Year

Igloo Books My Baby's 1st Year

The cheapest baby record book we found, this book has beautiful presentation, detailed prompts. and space for baby photos galore.

  • Price: £7.98
  • Dates from just before birth to 1st birthday

Best For Expecting Parents

Meminio Bump Diary‍

Meminio Bump Diary

This pregnancy record book has got everything covered, with space for medical details, lists and recommendations. Weeks 6 and 7 have extra journalling space, and from week 8 more detailed prompts include cravings, weight measurement, questions for the medical team, and appointments. Technical detail in a beautiful cover; what more could you want?

  • Price: £36
  • Dates from discovery of pregnancy to birth
  • Linen cover with gold embossing

Best Baby Memory Book For Simplicity

Mum's Floral One Line A Day By Nathalie Lété

Mum's Floral One Line a Day by Nathalie Lété

This fabulous record book by international artist Nathalie Lété asks you to write a quick thought every day for five years. Each diary page is dated, but with spaces on each day for five different year slots. Comparing changes across time has never been so simple, and as you build up the months this book will boost your memory every single day.

  • Price: £11.99

Best For Child Involvement

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Record Book By Eric Carle‍

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Record Book by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a character we all know and love, and you'll have great fun looking back over this record book and envelope of keepsakes with your child once they begin to read.

  • Price: £19.99
  • Dates from expecting to early months of childhood
  • Padded cover with embroidered lettering

Best For Introverts

Letters To You By Miriam Hathaway‍

Letters to My Baby by Lea Redmond

A time-capsule variation on the traditional record book, 'Letters To You' asks the adult to write their child a letter every year until their 18th birthday. Each letter includes prompt ideas or questions, and this is a lovely long-form way of preserving precious memories until a later date. Perfect for a future 18th birthday, graduation or wedding present.

  • Price: £14.51
  • Dates from birth until 18th birthday
  • Clothbound keepsake book for storing the letters

Best For Animal Accompaniment

Guess How Much I Love You: My Baby Book By Sam McBratney And Anita Jeram‍

Guess How Much I Love You: My Baby Book by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

A beautiful setting for a baby record book, the 'Guess How Much I Love You' hares walk you through pregnancy all the way to your child's second birthday, with plenty of room for photos and discerning questions and prompts.

  • Price: £12.98
  • Dates from expecting to age 2
  • Cloth bound

Best Baby Memory Book For Creativity

Baby’s First Year By Annabel Karmel‍

Baby’s First Year by Annabel Karmel

As a children's cookery author and mum of three, Annabel Karmel delivers a baby record book that plays to her strengths with included recipes and insightful prompts. This book includes lots of fun extras like family tree pages, a 'first birthday cake' recipe, a teeth chart, and 'On This Date' features.

  • Price: £9.99
  • Dates from birth to 1st birthday
  • Padded cover with soft corners

Best For Old Friends

Winnie-The-Pooh’s Baby Book‍

Winnie-the-Pooh’s Baby Book

This classic baby book takes the child's point of view, with creative questions and plenty of photo space surrounded by classic E. H. Shepard illustrations and quotes from A. A. Milne.

  • Price: £9.89
  • Dates from birth to first birthday
  • Heavy paper stock

Best For Your Peers

How To Grow A Baby Journal By Clemmie Hooper

How to Grow a Baby Journal by Clemmie Hooper

The follow up book to 'How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out', this baby book takes a more grown-up approach, with prompts and advice that will gently ease you into confiding your deeper experiences and feelings.

  • Price: £16.99
  • Dates from discovery of pregnancy to first few months of childhood

Best For A Fun Present

Letters To My Baby By Lea Redmond

Letters to My Baby by Lea Redmond

Another time-capsule style record book, these twelve vintage-style 'Letters To My Baby' can be written at any time, and each has a unique starter sentence to help give structure and inspiration.

  • Price: £12.99
  • Flexible dates

Best Baby Memory Book For Value

Our New Baby Memory Book By Sophie Piper And Antonia Woodward

Our New Baby Memory Book by Sophie Piper and Antonia Woodward

A classic baby record book at the lower end of the price scale, with adorable illustrations and plenty of space for your own pictures.

  • Price: £12.99
  • Dates from birth
  • Cloth binding

Best Baby Memory Book For Storage

The Wonderful Baby You Are: A Record Of Baby’s First Year By Emily Winfield Martin

The Wonderful Baby You Are: A Record of Baby’s First Year by Emily Winfield Martin‍

This is a sturdy baby book that should stand the test of time, with loads of storage space, family tree pages and helpful writing hints that give this book a really personal feel. Also included are milestone stickers and monthly progress pages, making this memory book a lovely combination of touching and technical memories.

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