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The 11 Best Dolls Cots To Suit All Spaces

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The appeal of dolls for kids are ubiquitous.

Dolls have diversified over the years, too, coming in various styles, sizes, skin tone, and body types. As dolls have advanced, so too have their beds - you can get plastic dolls cots as well as wooden and travel sets. Yes, you read that correctly, travel cots for dolls are available.

Many of the most popular brands of doll (think Baby Annabell) have accompanying dolls accessories, including dolls toys, a dolls crib, dolls clothes, and more. If your kids are looking to jazz up their baby doll and are keen on dolls accessories - or have perhaps added them to their Christmas or birthday list - we've picked the best baby doll accessories. Or if you're in the market for more diverse baby dolls, we've also done our research for those too.

Our Top Choice

Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib - Amazon

If your kids are into dolls, it's highly likely that they'll have a Baby Annabell. This doll crib is specifically designed for the Baby Annabell dolls' measurements, and advertises itself as featuring both an automatic rocking function (just press the Baby Annabell logo at the base of the crib to start the motion) and a soothing lullaby that plays when the doll is in the cot and primed for sleep. Mattress and bedding are included so your little ones can tuck Baby Annabell in,   and there's a cute sheep to watch over her sleep. Just remember your batteries for the cot, as they aren't included.

  • Price: £39.99
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Doll Cot For Families On A Budget

Baby Doll Bed Reborn Cradle - Amazon

This cot is designed to fit most dolls measuring 9 - 11 inches, so American Girl, My Life, Journey Girls, Madame Alexander, Our Generation, Gotz dolls should all be okay. A cot, quilt, pillow, and mattress are all included, making sleep time for the dolls smoother, and allowing your kids' imagination to roam wild. Note that you will have to assemble this cot yourself, but hey, it's a great opportunity to teach young kids some good, old fashioned DIY, and help them kickstart their motor skills.

  • Price: £11.98
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Wooden Doll Crib

Emily Doll's Cot - Great Little Trading Company

This is corker of a doll's cradle. The delicate duck egg blue paint is really pretty, and gives the crib a vintage-feel that we love. The cradle rocks gently back and forth on its rockers, and it comes with a mattress, sheet, and pillow. Plus, because it's wood, it is built to last, so could be passed down generations. Great for encouraging role play and having your kids emulate your own caregiving practices. If they really love it, there's also a matching dolls pram and high chair, too.

  • Price: £38.40
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 18 months+

Best Travel Cot For Dolls

Joie Excursion Toy Travel Cot - Argos

This crib is made after the 'real life' Joie Excursion, so is equipped to handle whatever your kids dolls can throw at it - and it makes children feel more grown-up, as they can look and act just like mum and dad. There's a lullaby sound box to soothe any doll off to restful sleep, and the cot has translucent mesh sides so kids can keep an eye on sleeping toys. The crib is collapsible, so it's easy to store and has a matching travel bag, so it can come along on any family holiday. There's even a detachable changing unit included with the crib too, and a detachable bouncer, so this is a perfect three-in-one set for kids who really want to kit out their doll. We're also a fan of the colours.

  • Price: £30
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Dolls Bed

Designafriend Wooden Dolls Bed - Argos

Aren't all of these dolls beds and cots technically a bed? Well, yes, but most of them are more like cots, with bars up the sides or rockers. This baby doll bed is modelled after a single bed, so is great for when your kids want their dolls to sleep in a model that's similar to their own. We like it because it's wooden, so is built to last and more sustainable, and it comes with a mattress, pillow, and duvet with cute pom-pom details. Plus, the white paint is clean and sleek, and it's neutral, so should look good next to any child's bed if they want to line their sleeping doll up next to their own bed for a good night's rest.

  • Price: £25
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Personalised Wooden Doll Crib

Personalised Doll's Cradle Wooden Toy - My 1st Years

This dolls cot is pretty as a picture and super unique, thanks to the fact that it can be personalised. It's made from wood, so ticks the boxes for durability and eco-consciousness, and is designed to rock your child's doll gently back and forward in a soothing motion. The crib can be personalised with up to nine characters, and the grips at head and foot make it easy for transporting. Perfect for kids wanting to role play happy families.

  • Price: £36
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 18 months+

Best Rocking Toy Cot

Fleur Rocking Cradle - Jojo Maman Bebe

This white dolls cot is accented with lovely pink flashes and a pattern of the moon and stars - ideal for encouraging snores at night time. The crib comes with a floral pillow and blanket, and the soothing rocking motion made is enough to lull any person - or toy - into a dreamy sleep.

  • Price: £39
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 12 months+

Best Baby Doll Bunkbeds

Chad Valley Babies To Love Wooden Doll's Bunkbed - Argos

Perfect for when your kids are planning a sleepover of baby dolls and friends! This double bunkbed can be used as a single bed or bunkbed, and two pillows and quilts are included. The frame is made from wood, and we love the little heart motifs and accompanying patterns at the beds' feet.

  • Price: £20
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Doll Crib With Drawers

Olivia's Little World Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Crib With Cabinet And Cubby - Amazon

Dolls cots come with their own cabinets and drawers, haven't you heard? This is great if kids have loads of doll accessories, because the little cubby hole and drawers are great for storing extra bits and bobs - think baby dolls nappies, bottles, clothes - you name it. A pink blanket also comes with the set, the frame of which is made of sturdy wood for extra durability, and we think the polka dots make this cot extra adorable. Be aware that it will require self-assembly (by an adult).

  • Price: £69.29
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Carry Cot Bed

Baby Born 2in1 Sleeping Bag Or Carrier - Amazon

Ensure that your little one's doll is snug as a bug in a rug with this adorable carry cot. Great for transporting dolls and toys around, it's equally good at home, and will encourage imaginative play. Think how sophisticated your kids will feel carrying their own doll on a plane or train in this over-the-shoulder cot. It fits dolls up to 43cm, so should work for most standard doll toys. We're fans of the cartoon dog print, too.

  • Price: £22.47
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3+

Best Doll Crib With Mobile

Smoby Baby Nurse Crib - Amazon

This is a cute little cot. Pink and purple, with an added mobile that's built-in, ensuring your kids' dolls and toys will be soothed off to sleep no problem. The mobile manually rotates, too, and the crib rocks, so your child can sing their doll to sleep with the sweetest lullaby they know, watching over them to ensure their smooth transition to sleep.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best toy cots for dolls, why not also check out our list of the best moses baskets made specifically to be used from birth (for real babies, not dolls!). Or perhaps you're planning your next family adventure, in which case these family tents have to be on your list of must-haves.

  • Price: £30.49
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 24 months+
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