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20% Off The Family Operating System® That Manages Your Digital Life

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From the moment you hit adulthood, you're given an increasing number  of important documents to keep track of and no simple way to do it. Add kids into the mix and suddenly you're responsible for keeping entire lives on file. From passports and property papers to ID and insurance records, the list of information you need to keep at hand is never-ending. Get technology involved too and you've got a recipe for confusion, with user accounts sprawled all over the internet and no clear way to manage them.

How do you store your important documents? Every family has their own document management system. Maybe you write passwords and login information on post-its, or you have a binder stuffed with papers from years gone by, or you use a folder on your phone filled with photos of documents, in an attempt to digitize where you can.

What if we told you there was a convenient, innovative, user-friendly tool to help solve this problem? A way to not only safely store your important data, but keep it easily accessible? Available at 20% off with the code KIDADL20, Trustworthy is the answer.

Introducing Trustworthy

Meet Trustworthy, known as the Family Operating System®, which works like a digital filing cabinet. You can use it to securely store your family's important information, including all your IDs, financial documents, property records, medical insurance papers, tax forms, estate planning documents and more.

How quickly could you get hold of important login details or a specific piece of financial information in an emergency? Trustworthy keeps your documents perfectly organized, which means that if you ever need quick access to an important file, you can reach it at a moment's notice. It's the big brother of regular cloud storage, and the perfect organizational tool for the modern family.

The web and mobile apps are easy to set up and convenient to use, with automation options for minimal upkeep. It keeps your information secure, keeps you connected, and offers daily access to Trustworthy team members who can help with any questions or concerns.

If you want to clear out the clutter and have a little more organization in your life, there's a free 14-day trial for new customers, along with a 20% discount on the full plan for Kidadlers using the code KIDADL20.

Use Trustworthy to keep your sensitive information secure.

What Is A Family Operating System?

Trustworthy defines itself as a software service that securely stores, organizes and optimizes all your family's important information. It takes the clutter and confusion out of family information management and adapts to your family's needs. With more to juggle than ever, keeping track of vital digital files can feel overwhelming, but a document management system like Trustworthy makes your life easier by holding your hand through the process of organizing your family's files.

Trustworthy Is Stronger And Smarter Than Other Document Management Systems

If you've moved away from physical copies of paper documents, you might currently be using a cloud-based document management system like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your electronic documents. Similarly, you might use something like 1Password or a note on your mobile device to store passwords, or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your different accounts. Lots of families manage multiple systems, which makes information storage both confusing and cluttered, and more likely to result in human error. While these solutions all work on a basic level to store documents and manage important information, there's a lot that they don't do, which is where Trustworthy comes in.

Trustworthy takes the best qualities and key features of these many document management systems to form a data storage solution that ticks all the boxes. With Trustworthy, families conveniently have everything they need in one place.

Trustworthy Is Easy To Use

First and foremost, Trustworthy is a simple solution. It can be set up in minutes, so you can start organizing on day one.

It's also incredibly easy to use. The interface itself is super user-friendly and clear, with a simple, intuitive, uncluttered design on both the app and desktop. You can quickly set up using the desktop interface, and you're encouraged to use the iOS app for any future updating while you're out and about.

Trustworthy is more customizable and dynamic than other document management systems too. It's purpose-built for families, so your information is clearly organized into logical categories in line with your family's life stage, with guided workflows if you're not sure what steps to take. You can add and remove any categories at any point, depending on what information you need to display.

Customize your Trustworthy dashboard according to your needs.

Trustworthy Keeps Your Information Secure

When it comes to dealing with sensitive information, security is of the utmost importance. The worst-case scenario with poorly-kept data is identity theft or credit card fraud, so it's worth taking extra steps to protect yourself.

Trustworthy offers all standard security features you'd expect, like two-factor authentication, plus a range of extra security measures that'll give you even more peace of mind, including bank-level 256-bit data encryption to protect your information. It uses a redaction feature, which allows certain information to be shown as dots, and only display fully when a user clicks on it specifically. Due to the innovative security tech behind the scenes, in the unlikely event that a hacker breaches Trustworthy's servers, they wouldn't have direct access to any of your personal information.

Trustworthy never sells or gives your data away, and if you ever want to delete any or all of your data, you can request to permanently delete it from Trustworthy's servers at any time. You can share access to your documents with select family members and trusted professionals. Overall, you can feel confident that your sensitive information will be kept secure.

Trustworthy Is For Families Who Like To Travel

Time is precious in busy family life, and Trustworthy's automated features save you time in the long run. You can receive intelligent reminders and suggestions on your documents to keep your information up to date. 

If you're a family who likes to go on vacations abroad, it can be hard to keep track of everything you need; from passports and visa documents, to travel insurance and vaccination records. You can input your whole family's passport details and Trustworthy will send you a reminder in advance of expiration dates so that you won't be caught out just before your trip. Features like this can end up saving you money, helping you avoid late fees or penalties for expired documents, or having to send off for a new passport last-minute and paying a premium for a fast-track service.

Whether it's setting an annual reminder to review your insurance policies, tracking your utility bill due dates and inspections, or even just sending you an alert to change your smoke detector batteries, Trustworthy's reminders are customizable to your family's needs

Trustworthy keeps your information secure.

Trustworthy Is For Families With Hectic Lives

Maybe you've just moved house and are finally settled enough to start thinking about doing the daunting life admin you've been putting off. You're about to leave the house to go and register with a new doctor but of course, it's not until you're about to leave that you realize you don't have the health insurance documents you need. The last thing you want to do is dig around the mess for that one piece of paper that you know you put in that one box, somewhere, at some point,  so say hello to the convenience of Trustworthy's cloud-based filing system. You can access, amend and maintain your family's documents from anywhere, including old medical files you've uploaded.

When you're with the doctor, you probably want to store the new information too. You can use the Trustworthy mobile app to add new information by securely scanning and uploading your documents, which means if you're on a time crunch you aren't limited by having to wait until you get home to update your information.

Most people nowadays have a smartphone, and the Trustworthy mobile app is a great way to guarantee access whenever you need it. Having electronic documents that are permanently and conveniently available means you don't have to worry about losing paper documents or damaging physical copies over time, too. The convenience of a family operating system like Trustworthy helps make day-to-day admin tasks easier and less stressful.

Trustworthy Keeps Everyone In The Loop, Even In Emergencies

In lots of families, partners share household admin, but it's rare for two partners to have equal access and control over all responsibilities. Often, each partner has an in-depth knowledge of their responsibilities, but no understanding of the other areas, and needs the other partner to help.

Trustworthy allows collaborators to contribute information to the same central hub, so you'll all have access to the same information. You and your partner can continue to split household responsibilities in whichever way works best for you, but you now both know what you need to do to keep your lives running without a hitch. Likewise, you can invite other family members as collaborators to your account too, and set whatever accessibility permissions you need.

In the case of an emergency, a lot of families would struggle to find all the information they need on your behalf, whether that's life insurance or bank account logins, and it would add stress to an already difficult situation. After the loss of a loved one, you may have to work through piles of documents to find any information you need, and having this information easily accessible to all relevant parties can minimize both the pain and the time it would take to sort through this. 

To ease this further, you can set up emergency contacts, who are people in your inner circle who you trust to have access to all your information. If something happens to you, your emergency contact will be asked for help verifying the situation and to gain access to your account. Emergency contacts will receive an email once a year to confirm their contact information is still correct.

Trustworthy's dynamic controls mean that you can adapt features according to what you need. Unlike other document management systems, there are more than just blanket sharing permissions. Maybe you want your accountant or attorney to have access to your financial or legal documents, but you don't want them to be able to see your medical history and identity information. With Trustworthy you can customize permissions and invite them to only view certain areas of your account.

Similarly, if you'd like to share a specific document with an extended family member, you can grant them access for a specific period of time. When you grant access to your documents to others, you can fully control their access and set time limits on how long their access lasts.

When it comes to your sensitive information, the power is in your hands to control who has access to what.

Share access with trusted family members, friends and professionals.

Everyone's A VIP At Trustworthy

Maybe you have a financial advisor in the family, or a property specialist, but none of us are experts in every single field. This means that it's often overwhelming trying to organize certain areas, and confusing to know where to begin. While Trustworthy is an app and desktop-based service at heart, it also offers a concierge service provided by real humans, on every plan.

Do you need help drafting a will? Getting hold of your birth certificate? Finding a lawyer? No matter how big or small the task, a member of the concierge team can help you get started and guide you through the process. Trustworthy works with you to help answer your questions and provides expert, real-human service in the areas where technology doesn't quite hit the mark.

Trustworthy Is A Hit With Its Users

Unsurprisingly, Trustworthy has accumulated lots of fans over time. It currently has an average 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, with tons of positive reviews detailing how easy it is to use, complimenting the elegant design and praising what a genius, helpful tool it is.

You can try it out for yourself for free for 14 days, and then use the code KIDADL20 for 20% off your annual plan once those two weeks are up.

How Do I Start Using Trustworthy?

All you need to do is download the app or create a profile on the website directly. You'll be asked a few questions and then Trustworthy will create a secure and personalized account for you.

You can try it free for 14 days, no credit card required. If you upgrade after the trial, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you later decide to cancel. If you decide not to subscribe, your information will be completely removed from the service.

Trustworthy Has A Plan For You

There are two main plans to choose from; Platinum and Gold, along with a special discount for First Responders. All plans offer bank-level security with encryption, daily phone and email support and a free 30-minute personalized onboarding with a member of the concierge team.

The First Responders plan offers the same features as the Gold plan , but the latter plan is reduced to $120 annually to give thanks to the people who serve our communities every day; from paramedics and police to healthcare providers, veterans and firefighters.

Platinum plans include extended customer support hours, additional vault space storage, extra personalization features and more concierge time to help and coach you to success. They can even do the work for you. 

All plans include a 14-day free trial and a 30-day full refund policy.

Get 20% off at Trustworthy

Get 20% off at Trustworthy

The system that keeps your important information in one place

Trustworthy is the family operating system that manages and organizes your important information, from insurance and legal documents, to passwords and doctor's notes. It makes it easy for you to keep track of your family's information and feel secure knowing that it's all in one place. With Trustworthy, you can easily access what you need when you need it - without ever having to worry about losing track of anything again.


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