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The Graphic Design Tool For Beginners That Brings Your Art To Life

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What if there were a tool that allowed you to design anything from party invitations and meal plans, to photo books and personalized T-shirts without the need for expensive, professional graphic design software?

Enter Canva, the beginner-friendly graphic design software taking the world by storm. Available on the web, and as a desktop or mobile app, it's an accessible, fun way to create your own high-quality designs.

The free version is already jam-packed with a huge library of incredible content and design tools, such as thousands of templates and assets, but with Canva Pro, you can easily take your project to the next level. The good news? You can try it out for free on a 30-day trial.

Use Canva for presentations.

With Canva Pro, you'll have unlimited access to all the features included in the free version, along with 100 GB of cloud storage, extra content like premium stock photo and video assets, thousands more customizable templates, free fonts and icons, and Pro version-only editing tools such as Magic Resize, Background Remover, and Canva Animator.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of this graphic design software is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to flex their creative muscles. With hundreds of thousands of fully customizable templates,the possibilities are endless. Whatever you need, you can design it with Canva.

What Can I Use Canva For?

There are no steep learning curves with Canva; its user-friendly interface is simple and intuitive enough for even the most amateur designer who may not have access to professional graphic design software. However, there are also enough advanced features that professional graphic designers and digital artists will enjoy using it too.

Make the most of your Canva Pro free trial and access powerful tools at your fingertips, whatever you need them for.

Customized Party Invitations

If you've got a birthday, bar mitzvah, or baby shower coming up, you'll probably want to send out invitations. With Canva's extensive library of pre-made templates, you can flex your design skills with creative tools that’ll allow you to customize colors, edit text, and insert your own photos. And that’s just the basics.

Export your designs in industry-standard formats like PNG, JPEG, and PDF, or if you want to use Canva the whole way, use the built-in print service to order your invitations and have them delivered straight to your door. Canva’s print service is offered in select countries, so you can create your design and then send it off to be professionally printed, all from the same place. You'll be able to print invitations, posters, canvases, and even wall flags — all it takes is a few clicks.

Create photo books on Canva.


Photo Books

Create a keepsake to treasure forever with Canva's photo book templates. Whether you want to commemorate a trip, make a book to celebrate your child's birthday, or just create a beautiful family photo album, you can use Canva's graphic design tools to edit your favorite photos together in a way that fits you. Plus, with Canva Pro you can use Background Remover to get rid of pesky backgrounds.

With a big project like this, you don't have to worry about losing all your hard work the second your internet drops; Canva's auto-save feature means that's a thing of the past, and you can easily undo any mistakes you make. Plus, your designs are accessible from anywhere, as long as you have your login info, so you can drop in and edit your photo book whenever you get a spare moment. You'll be holding a physical manifestation of all the memories you've made in no time.

Make homework fun with Canva.


Making Homework Fun

There's nothing worse than sitting through a dull presentation with a boring white background and plain black text. Whether your child is preparing a project for school or you're building a work presentation, Canva has tons of tools at your disposal that'll give your presentation a tasteful twist, including stock photos and videos, Talking Presentations, and thousands of templates that you can either take as they are, or customize as you please.

If you want to make a group video, Canva Video Editor has all the standard editing features you’d expect, such as splitting, trimming, cutting and cropping, along with voiceover and screen recording available through the in-app recorder.

And if you're working on a group presentation, Canva's collaborative features are a great way to keep your ideas connected. You can invite members of the group to design in real time, and you'll all be able to add comments and replies so you can build something the whole team is happy with.

See notifications and comments in real time with Canva.


Virtual Greeting Cards

If you have an address list longer than your arm, sending a greeting card virtually is a great way to show someone you care, without the hassle of heading to the post office.

Choose from one of Canva's many templates or make your own and add photos, a funny quote, and a heartfelt message to your design, moving your items around with the easy drag-and-drop editor.

After you've finalized your design masterpiece, make your virtual card extraspecial with fun animation styles. We all know that video is everywhere at the moment, but unfortunately most of us don’t have Oscar-worthy editing skills. Luckily, with Canva Animator, you can bring your designs to life in the form of a GIF or video. You might not win an Academy Award for it, but you'll probably get a "This is so cool!" in response, which is close enough.

Use Canva Animator to bring your designs to life.


Meal Plans & Itineraries

Planning your weekly meals? Going on a trip? Planning a party? With the helpful tools and templates available through Canva, you can create an easy-to-read plan that'll display all the info you need, all fully editable to personalize to your tastes.

It's not just graphic designers and professional digital artists who build these templates — if you're feeling particularly inspired, Canva grants you the creative freedom to create templates of your own.

Use Canva for meal plans and itineraries.


Social Media Content Creation

Whether you have your own business or are just a fan of social media, Canva is the perfect tool for creating eye-catching social media posts. You can create vibrant infographics, edit templates for your Instagram story, or simply use it as an image editing program by adding doodles and fun personal touches to your photos.

Make the most of the content creation tools on Canva.


Personalized Home Decor

Art can be expensive, so creating your own is a great alternative that can save you a few bucks. Add a personal touch to your home with some personalized home decor, whether it's a poster, abstract print or custom digital art.

Each Canva template falls under a specific style, from minimalist, to bold, to vintage, and everything in between. When you find a design you like, you're never stuck with it as it is; you can move elements around and adjust the colors to match your chosen theme and color scheme. Find fun abstract designs that'd look great in your child's bedroom, edit one of the quote templates with your favorite mantra, or choose a selection of cohesive designs to build into a gallery wall for your living room.

Design custom homeware and gifts with Canva.


Custom Homeware And Gifts

What better way to show someone you care than with a one-of-a-kind present? Spoon some personality into your daily coffee with a custom mug, or embrace your inner fashion designer with a personalized T-shirt. Whatever you need, Canva's there with you throughout the design process and beyond.

The mug you use every day doesn’t have to be boring. Design one with a motivational quote, a family photo, or your own graphic creation. If you're more in the mood for custom clothing, Canva has plenty of templates to get you started. Design matching T-shirts for a family trip, a 'big brother' T-shirt for your child to tell them you're expecting, or simply let your kids run free with their own design.

After you've let your imagination run wild and your design is ready, it couldn't be easier to turn your idea into reality. Use Canva's print service to order your one-of-a-kind keepsakes straight to your door, in the highest possible quality. Mugs are FDA-certified and have a high-quality coating for bright colors, while T-shirts are sustainably and locally produced, so you can do good while you look good.

Canva's free graphic design software means professional designers aren't the only ones with the editing tools to create compelling visual content. With Canva Pro, it's even better.

Get a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro

Get a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro

Graphic design made easy 

Canva makes graphic design easy for everyone. On both its free and paid app you’ll find millions of templates to help you create beautiful, professional graphics no matter your experience level. From invitations to social media posts, documents to presentations, Canva has the right template for you. Whatever you need visualized, Canva is the perfect place to make it happen.

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