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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Phone Plan For Your Family

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Whether your child spends hours practicing dances they've found on TikTok, they love watching famous gamers stream every week, or they mostly just use their phone to text you asking what's for dinner, it's no secret that kids nowadays are on their phones far more than we could have expected even just a decade or two ago.

Because of this, it can get pretty costly and confusing trying to navigate multiple cell phone plans in one family. This is where family plans come in, offering multiple lines on one singular plan and cutting out the noise to make paying for your phone simple and cost-effective.

The mobile giants want you to believe that having multiple lines on the same plan is worth hundreds of dollars a month, but at Mint Mobile you're offered the best cell phone plans for less money. The Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan is more affordable than other family plans, and allows you to mix and match data allowances so that every family member has access to the amount of data they need.

It's far easier to monitor everyone's phone usage on a family plan, with just one bill for the individual lines, and its three-monthly payment system is convenient and simple. Starting from only $15 a month, you might expect a cheap cell phone plan to offer limited services, but Mint Mobile has changed the game.

What Makes The Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan Convenient?

It's easy to set up your Mint Family. All you need to do is download the Mint Mobile app, log in, select 'My Mint Family' and then invite up to four additional people to your plan. They'll be sent a unique code and can be added there and then. Families come in different forms and combinations, so whether it's just you and your child in a duo, you and your partner have three children, or you want to add your own parent to a plan, you can mold your Mint Family into whatever shape you need.

Another great thing about Mint Mobile is that your plan price will not change, even if you drop multiple lines from your plan. As long as you have at least two active lines, you'll be paying the same price as before. Plus, once your initial three months are up, you can renew with a three, six or 12-month plan to continue making savings.

It's a pretty seamless process, but advisors and customer service representatives are always available to help you activate your plan and answer any other questions you might have.

What Does The Mint Mobile Family Plan Include?

Every Mint Mobile plan includes unlimited calling and text, high-speed data that switches between 5G and 4G LTE depending on which is strongest at the time, free calling to both Mexico and Canada, free mobile hotspot allowance, a free 3-in-1 SIM card and WiFi calling and text, all using the wide-reaching T-Mobile network.

A young girl talks on her Mint Mobile phone.

What To Think About When Choosing Your Data Allowance

Everyone uses their phone differently, and Mint Mobile is flexible enough to accommodate that. Instead of buying multiple individual phone plans for every member of your family and having to keep track of each one, the Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan allows you to choose different plans for each family member, but all conveniently linked in one place.

You can expect all of Mint Mobile's standard features like unlimited calls and texts, but Mint Mobile knows that the most stark difference between each person's phone usage is how much of their data allowance they use, and why. This is why on the Modern Family Plan, every family member can have a different data allowance, depending on what they use their cell phone for, ensuring you all have access to the best cell phone plans for you.

Knowing you all have access to these standard features every Mint Mobile plan offers under its T-Mobile coverage, means you can have the peace of mind that you're all contactable at any point to make plans or in case of an emergency.

Best For A Child's First Phone

4 GB data per month

You've just given your child their own phone, but you have no idea how much data they need. You're probably wary of giving younger kids too much freedom with their phone — a valid concern — and the idea of having unfettered, unlimited data is probably daunting. Because of this, it might be a good idea to limit their data usage as much as possible. This way, they'll have enough data to stay in contact with you when they need to, especially in an emergency, to play a few games and chat with friends, but not so much access that they'll constantly be glued to their phone. It also teaches them to be more intentional about how they use the internet, which can only be a good thing.

Best For Social Media Lovers

10 GB data per month

If your teen is constantly on social media, whether that's browsing TikToks, sharing funny tweets or posting their favorite photos on Instagram, the best cell phone plan with Mint Mobile should include around 10 GB of data per month. They'll have enough data to do what they love and stay connected with friends and trends online, while still learning which apps use up more data than others.

Video-heavy content consumes more data, but even so, 10 GB should be plenty. If you find they're hitting their limit, why not introduce some app controls on their phone? That way, they'll be reminded not to spend more time than they need to on specific data-hungry apps.

Best For Parents Working From Home

4 GB data per month

When you're at home you have full access to WiFi and likely won't need to use your data as much, so 4 GB a month should be the perfect amount. You'll probably find you hardly use your data allowance at all, so there's no point over-paying if you can help it.

Three teenagers look at something funny on one of their phones.

Best For The Gamer

Unlimited data plan

The right cell phone plan looks different for everyone, and if you've got a gamer in the family, you'll know that their internet usage can go through the roof. Online gaming, HD streaming and watching on sites like Twitch can eat up a lot of data, which is why an unlimited data plan would be the perfect fit. They won't have to fight against slower data speeds, and can make the most of the unlimited high-speed data they need to allow them to game efficiently.

Best For People Who Love To Watch Movies And TV

15 GB data per month

If you or your child watch TV shows and movies on your phone via streaming services as a way to pass time while you're out and about, 15 GB of data could be enough for you. This should be plenty of data to let your child watch an episode of your favorite show while on the school bus, or watch your favorite movie while you're waiting in the endless lines at the DMV. Of course, if you find you're hitting the data cap frequently, you can increase your allowance to one of the unlimited data plans and give yourself the wiggle room to stream in HD even more.

Best For A Long Trip

Buy an add-on

If you're going on a long road trip, it might be a good idea to buy an add-on for that month so that you can be sure you have enough data to stream podcasts and movies during the journey instead of having to rely on spotty WiFi you pick up here and there. As a major carrier, T-Mobile's network is pretty expansive across the US, so it also means you'll have more data available to check Google Maps, or to upload vacation snaps as you go.

If you find you're consistently using more data than initially expected, you can pay the difference to switch to a higher data plan on any line in your Mint Family and increase your data allowance at any time. Likewise, if you know you're going to need more data than normal one month, you can buy an add-on to increase your allowance. Similarly, if at the end of your contract you find you haven't been using as much data as expected, you can drop your data amount when you renew.

The Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan is the ideal way to keep your family connected, while keeping your bills as low as possible and allowing for flexibility within each plan.

Every family is different, so why shouldn't our phone plans be too?

Get a family cell plan from $15 a month

Get a family cell plan from $15 a month

Cell plans made simple

Make the most of Mint Mobile’s easy, affordable cell phone plans. You can start with two lines and add up to five in total to its Modern Family Plan, customizing each member’s access accordingly. With no long-term contracts, no credit checks and no extra fees when you hit your data limit, Mint Mobile is the hassle-free way to stay connected.

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