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Try This Kids' Music Player With An Innovative Twist

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You probably already use music as a parenting tool without even realizing it. Maybe you sing the ABCs, play counting games, use calming music to soothe a crying baby, or you sing together on long car rides to keep everyone entertained. As a whole, music is an incredible way to facilitate child development, particularly when it comes to picking up languages, learning to read, and enhancing memory.

Along with these educational benefits, music also helps in other areas, whether that's getting your child to be more active, building social skills by cultivating your kids’ abilities to understand emotions, and simply bringing joy to the whole family.

Meet Jooki, the portable audio player with a twist. It allows kids to stream music without a screen in sight, using innovative and child-friendly technology that gives kids control over playing music.

How Do You Use Jooki?

What makes Jooki different from other music players is that parents monitor Jooki through an app, while giving kids control to play the songs they desire using figurines or tokens. Firstly, parents connect the screen-free music player to their Spotify via the Jooki app. Then, with help from innovative technology, parents link each figurine to a playlist.

A benefit of using Spotify is the large range of songs available to choose from. The possibilities are almost endless, so you can curate playlists to fit any situation. 

Whether you're playing together at home looking for entertainment or on a long car ride, why not set up a Disney playlist or one packed with nursery rhymes? Setting up a playlist of tracks from your child's favorite movies and TV shows can help lead to hours of screen-free fun. Jooki will also save you tears at nap time if you create a playlist with bedtime stories, calming nature sounds or white noise.

After linking Jooki's figurines to your Spotify, your child can take the reins. When a figurine is placed onto the speaker, the play or pause action is activated, while your child can always skip forward or back using the knobs on the speaker. It's a great way to listen to music without being asked to set it up every time. Of course, if you and your child get bored of the playlists you've created, you can easily reprogram Jooki tokens to new ones.

A little girl enjoying listening to music on her Jooki speaker.

What Are Some Of Jooki's Features?

Created with durability in mind, Jooki's chunky buttons and design will have you assured that your kid's new favorite speaker can handle any child-induced wear and tear. Jooki is not only durable, but also functional. The interface is simple for kids to understand and use. In short, Jooki has a visible power button, volume switch and dial to skip songs. Plus, it’s available in a range of vibrant colorways for extra fun.

If you're going away for a few days and want to give your child some comfort while you're gone, Jooki also allows you to manually load audio content like voice recordings (in audio formats MP3 or OGG) to the player via the app. Whether music or voice recordings, everything can be easily connected to Jooki's tokens, offering high-quality sound to all audio content. This means your child can listen to loved ones' voices anytime while they're away, and with 5 GB of internal storage you’ll never have to worry about space. 

Another great feature is that parents can use the app to change the speaker's volume. If you're trying to get your young one to sleep you can lower the volume so they won't be disturbed. 

With a battery life of around 8 hours, it'll probably be a few days before you need to recharge. When you do, Jooki's USB charging jack can be inserted from multiple directions, making it easy for kids to plug it in, if they're old enough to.

Music For Babies

Babies recognize melody before they start to understand words. Get creative and use this to your advantage by singing songs to your baby that describe activities you're doing. Whether you're changing their diaper, dressing them or giving them food, singing descriptive songs will help with language acquisition, even if you feel like your baby doesn't understand words yet. 

While Jooki is aimed at slightly older kids, you can still use it as a speaker to help lull your infant to sleep and foster a calm environment. Of course, keep Jooki figurines out of arm's reach of your child.

The basic Jooki kit is more than enough for hours of screen-free fun.

Music For Toddlers

You might have noticed that your toddler gets excited when they hear certain songs you play often, so why not create a playlist of their favorite songs on Jooki? Repetition is key when it comes to encouraging memorization for toddlers, so choose songs that have lots of repetition and easy beats to replicate with claps and hitting objects.

Understanding cause and effect is an important stage in a child's development. Toddlers learn that an action they take can cause something else to happen, and Jooki is a great tool for teaching this. With supervision, you can show them how placing a Jooki figurine on the player both starts and stops the music. We often underestimate how quickly toddlers pick up skills, and they'll understand Jooki in no time.

Music For Preschoolers

Young children love singing and dancing, and just like toddlers enjoy songs with repetition and easy beats. You might've realized that your child loves nursery rhymes and songs about familiar things like animals and people. Preschoolers are at a great age to really appreciate Jooki. As they grow older, they'll be looking for ways to assert their independence and take control. Jooki is a safe way to let your child enjoy a sense of autonomy while picking their favorite songs. 

Jooki allows kids to make their own choices. Does your child want to listen to their nursery rhyme playlist, or would they prefer to play songs from their favorite movie? Giving children the choice within existing parameters allows them to feel in control and therefore enhances their sense of confidence.

Jooki is a fun way for kids to listen to music independently.

Music For Schoolchildren

When children start school, they begin to develop their music taste, figuring out which types they like and dislike. At this stage, they'll also be much more interested in making personal decisions. As they learn to read, you and your child can create playlists together. You can supervise while they take your mobile phone, type out the songs they want, and add them to a new playlist.

This added step is a good way to help them master their decision-making skills. Kids can feel assured knowing that when they play songs on their Jooki player, they were the ones to curate each playlist. It's vital to let kids feel in control of these kinds of processes in their lives, and Jooki is the best music player to do it.

Try the Jooki music player

Try the Jooki music player

The music player for kids

Connect your Spotify account to the innovative Jooki speaker and let your kids take control of the tunes. Whether you’re playing together at home or looking for entertainment on vacation, expect hours of fun with Jooki.

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