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Alvin C York Day

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Where is Alvin C. York Day celebrated?

Alvin C. York Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is Alvin C. York Day celebrated by?

The people who want to remember and honor the contributions of Alvin C. York in the First World War celebrate this day annually on October 8.

When did Alvin C. York Day first start?

There is no record anywhere mentioned about the year from when Alvin C. York Day first started.

Who started Alvin C. York Day?

The person who started celebrating Alvin C. York Day is not known.

In his registration card, Alvin wrote the phrase Don’t Want to Fight.

History And Timeline

The great war hero was born in rural Tennessee. York grew up with the skills of hunting and often needed to arrange food for his huge family. But after York grew up, he became devoted to God and turned into a churchgoer. Things took a new turn after the involvement of the USA in the First World War in 1917. Although York was strictly against killing, he had to join the war after the draft board denied his petition as a conscientious objector and assigned him to 82nd Division at Camp Gordon.

During his service in the First World War, York, with 17 other soldiers, led by Sgt. Bernard Early was ordered to workaround into the German rear in order to eliminate German machine guns. Their troops succeeded in slipping behind the German lines and captured a large number of prisoners. Later, York arrived at another nest of German machine guns with just seven men, collected 35 guns, killed at least 25 German soldiers, and captured 132 prisoners. After this, he and his men rejoined their unit and fought through to the Decauville Railroad.


Birth Of Alvin C. York

Alvin C. York was born this year to a blacksmith.

April 1919

Medal Of Honor

York received the highest American military decoration, Medal of Honor, for the attack he led to capture German machine guns.


Alvin York’s Wedding

Alvin C. York got married to Gracie Loretta Williams.



The Nashville Rotary Club raised funds and bought the Pall Mall Farm for Alvin C. York.


Movie On York's Life

The film 'Sergeant York' based on the life of Alvin C. York, starring Gary Cooper playing York and directed by Howard Hawk, was released.

September 1964

Death Of Alvin C. York

Alvin York died this year at the age of 76 years.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition and customs that are followed during this day are to research the life and career of Alvin C. York and all his contributions during the First World War. In addition, people can spread awareness about Alvin C. York Day on October 8 and post on their social media account with the hashtag #AlvinCYorkDay.

Ways To Celebrate Alvin C. York Day

Alvin C. York Day can be celebrated by visiting the First World War museums with family, friends, or children. You can also watch movies or books based on the life of Alvin C. York to commemorate the historical personality of York and what made him stand out from the rest. Other sites where one can stop are the Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park, the Alvin C. York Institute, and the Tennessee State Capitol to see the statue of York.

Facts And Stats

  • The history, origin, and the person who has come up with the idea of celebrating Alvin C. York Day is not known. There is not anywhere mentioned about the year from which this day has been celebrated.
  • This day celebrates the heroism of Alvin C. York as well as his contributions to the First World War.
  • The date October 8 is selected in honor of York and his heroic feats in the First World War.

FAQs About Alvin C York Day

Is 'Sergeant York' a real story?

Yes, Sergeant York is a real story of Alvin C. York, who was a hero of the First World War.


How old was Sergeant Alvin York when he died?

Sergeant York was 76 years old when he died.

Where is Sgt. York buried?

Sgt. York was buried at Wolf River Cemetery in Pall Mall, Tennessee.

Who invented the concept of Alvin C. York Day?

The inventor of the concept of Alvin C. York Day is not known.

What are some events similar to Alvin C. York Day?

Alvin C. York Day is celebrated by the United States of America. A similar event is Veterans Day. This day is celebrated each year on November 11, for honoring military veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 08, 2020 Thursday
October 08, 2021 Friday
October 08, 2022 Saturday
October 08, 2023 Sunday
October 08, 2024 Tuesday

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