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American Chess Day

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Where is American Chess Day celebrated?

American Chess Day is celebrated in the United States to honor the game of chess.

Who is American Chess Day celebrated by?

American Chess Day is celebrated by chess players and new players all over America who love to celebrate this day by playing chess sets and defeating their opponents.

When was American Chess Day first celebrated?

It is unclear when American Chess Day was first celebrated, however it is annually observed on September 1.

Who started American Chess Day?

It is unknown who started American Chess Day on September 1. Benjamin Franklin has been credited as the founder of American Chess Day.

Other than checkmate, the only result of a chess match is a draw.

History And Timeline

The game of chess can be traced back to seventh CE Asia, particularly in India, China and travelled to the rest of the world by traders. Over the centuries, game rules were changed and new sets of proper rules and regulations were formed to maintain universality.

600 AD

The Origin Of Chess

The game of chess was first founded in India and was brought to Europe by the Persians in 1000 AD.

15th CE

Change In Rules

The Queen and the bishop went through changes and became the strongest and long-range pieces, which intensified and increased the pace of the game.


The Morals Of Chess

Benjamin Franklin founded American chess and penned down 'The Morals of Chess', praising the intellectual stimulation that the game of chess creates.

July 20, 1924

Establishment Of FIDE

The International Chess Federation, commonly known by its French acronym FIDE was established in Paris, France, which is responsible for governing and organising World Chess Championships.



The National Chess Federation, USCF, was founded. USCF organized the first women chess championship in 1937.


American Chess Day

National American Chess Day was established and is celebrated on September 1 annually.

Traditions And Customs

The original game of chess was played on a checkered style board between the two opponents and to win the game, the opponent had to eliminate all the pieces. The queen was meant to move one step at a time diagonally. The new change in rules generates challenges for the players as they have to eliminate the opponent's king to win a game.

Ways To Celebrate American Chess Day

Teach a new player about tricks and secret moves to defeat an opponent.

Invite your friends and family and play a mini chess tournament together to celebrate this fun holiday.

Host a Chess tournament online and send gifts and vouchers to the participants.

Spread a word about American Chess Day and teach chess to the young people.

Facts And Stats

  • American Chess Day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm on September 1.
  • American Chess Day is an unofficial holiday to celebrate the game of strategy and enjoyment.
  • American Chess Day and National Chess Day are two separate events. The latter is observed on the second Saturday of October.

FAQs About American Chess Day

What is American Chess Day?

American Chess Day is celebrated to honor the game of strategy and skill that is chess.

Who started American Chess Day?

American Chess Day was started by chess lovers to celebrate the game of chess and to honor Benjamin Franklin.

When is American Chess Day?

American Chess Day is on September 1.

How do people celebrate American Chess Day?

People celebrate American Chess Day by playing this indoor sport with their friends and some players attend online chess tournaments to celebrate the occasion.

Why do people celebrate American Chess Day?

The game of chess increases our ability to think and strategize our next move while protecting pawns and characters simultaneously. Hence, people celebrate American Chess Day to show their respect to this game.

What is the significance of American Chess Day?

The game inspires people to develop foresight, and circumspection by comparing the game of chess to life. It implants positive moral values in the young generation.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 01, 2020 Tuesday
September 01, 2021 Wednesday
September 01, 2022 Thursday
September 01, 2023 Friday
September 01, 2024 Sunday

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