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Anosmia Awareness Day

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Where is Anosmia Awareness Day observed?

This event is observed worldwide to educate and make people aware of the disease that can cause several problems in the affected individual.

Who is Anosmia Awareness Day observed by?

This event is observed by people around the world for the recognition of this fatal disease through an organization called Anosmia Awareness.

When did Anosmia Awareness Day first start?

This day first started in the year 2012 to spread awareness about the loss of smell and in what ways it can be fatal to people. This disease affects about 200,000 people in the U.S. alone.

Who started Anosmia Awareness Day?

in the year 2012, Daniel Shein started Anosmia Awareness Day. He was diagnosed with the condition when he was in the fifth grade. He started his research on anosmia in the year 2011, after which he started an organization called Anosmia Awareness, where he did his research. The organization also helped create awareness amongst people.

Traditionally, it is a meaningful day, giving the condition some importance could help save a life and create awareness.

History And Timeline

Anosmia is said to affect over 200,000 people in the US. There is no cure or treatment for this disease. Many people have started living with it and accepting that they have it and there is no cure for it. With the help of the organization set up by Daniel Shein, research for anosmia has started. They are also helping other countries and hospitals to help find a solution to this problem.



Daniel Shein was diagnosed with anosmia, and olfactory dysfunction, in school when he was in the fifth grade.


Research Starts

Daniel Shein begins his quest on researching about the disease that has no cure or course of treatment.


Foundation Of The Day

In the year 2012, Daniel Shein started Anosmia Awareness Day which helps create awareness and support those living with the condition.


COVID-19  symptoms

One of the most prominent symptoms of COVID-19 was anosmia in many people. It had people concerned as to whether it would affect them temporarily or permanently.


Searching Sense of Smell

The Monell Smell for Life Project started investigating what affects the sense of smell and also looked for plausible treatments.

Traditions And Customs

Creating awareness is the most important way of sharing knowledge that can be upheld as a tradition on this day. If we do some research and educate people in our communities and on social media, it has the potential to reach a lot of people all around the world. It is the most important step to make people believe that one day a cure may be found and that they may be able to conquer their loss of sense of smell.

Ways To Observe Anosmia Awareness Day

The first thing that we can do is research what anosmia is, what symptoms are related to this olfactory dysfunction, and what actions should be taken if someone recognizes a problem with their sense of smell or is experiencing different aromas than usual. When we have this knowledge, we can create awareness amongst our family and friends or even local communities. Not only that, we can use the means of podcasts and social media, to get the knowledge spread to people worldwide. Getting a doctor to discuss anosmia through podcats is also a great way to reach out to people. Another way to observe this day could be to support the organizations that are working towards understanding anosmia better.

Facts And Stats

  • Anosmia Awareness Day is observed on February 27 and was introduced in the year 2012.
  • On this day, we can learn about the lived experience of people who have lost their sense of smell by reading 'World Without Smells' by Lars Lundqvist.
  • Different awareness organizations, such as Fifth Sense and Flavor Activ, organize campaigns in their countries on this important day.

FAQs About Anosmia Awareness Day

Can you recover from anosmia?

Anosmia can be temporary and permanent also. Temporary anosmia can be recovered from. Like the symptoms diagnosed during Covid-19, patients usually recover within a year of initial symptoms.

Why do people suffer from anosmia?

It can be caused by infection and age is also a big factor in anosmia. Factors such as ethnicity also play an important role.

Why is anosmia bad?

Anosmia doesn’t have a cure or a course of treatment, which means it cannot be cured. Losing a sense has a big impact on the lives of those diagnosed.

Who started Anosmia Awareness Day?

 Daniel Shien started Anosmia Awareness day.

When is Anosmia Awareness Day?

It is observed annually on February 27.

What is the significance of Anosmia Awareness Day?

It is significant in providing support to people with anosmia and educating those who have no knowledge about the condition.

How do people follow Anosmia Awareness Day?

People follow this day by researching about it and letting people know more about this disease through different means of communication.

Why do people follow Anosmia Awareness Day?

People follow this day so that they can be helpful in not only creating awareness but also saving a life by helping the person in need get the right support.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 27, 2020 Thursday
February 27, 2021 Saturday
February 27, 2022 Sunday
February 27, 2023 Monday
February 27, 2024 Tuesday

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