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April Shower Day

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Where is April Shower Day celebrated?

April Shower Day is celebrated in those parts of the Northern Hemisphere where the spring season brings strong winds and sweet April showers.

Who is April Shower Day celebrated by?

April Shower Day is celebrated by young children, adults, and even the aged, but especially by those who love rain and the gust of cold winds in the summer months.

When did April Shower Day first start?

The exact date of the start of April Shower Day is not known.

Who started April Shower Day?

There is no information available about the origins of April Shower Day or who started it, but it is known that this day exists and has been celebrated for centuries.

April Shower Day is the day for you to get your umbrella out while heading outdoors during the rain.

History And Timeline

The springtime sunshine and the downpours have been iconic phenomena for ages mentioned by numerous poets and writers in their writings. Some referred to it as a sweet April shower and some as a source of ultimate happiness.


Admiration Of The April Shower

In his frame story, The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer explained how the April showers penetrate and soothe the drought of the earth in March and hydrate the roots.


In Harmony

The harmonious work of sweet April rains and spring blooming flowers in May was exclaimed in a poem phrase.


Proverb For April Showers

A proverb, 'March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers,' describing March winds and April rain came into use.


A Song For The Showers

'April Showers', a very famous song, composed and written by Louis Silvers and B.G. De Sylva, became famous.



41 people were named April Showers and six people were named May Flowers in the United States.

Traditions And Customs

On April Shower Day, people observe the spectacular changes in the environment. One day, a shower, and the other day, sunlight. People often check outside to see if there is any possibility of rain and enjoy the beaming sunlight on a sunny day with blooming, lively flowers.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate April Shower Day

There is no point in wondering about the traditional ways to celebrate April Shower Day. The best way to celebrate it is as per your wish. Go and look out of the window, enjoy the sunny weather, feel the raindrops, or plant some flowers during this happy month of the year. Reading a novel, a story, or reciting a poem would be the best of all! Go out wearing raincoats or take your umbrellas and feel the rain up close. You can also find the origin of the line 'March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers'.

Facts And Stats

April Shower Day occurs because it is the transition month between the spring of March and the summer of May.

April Shower Day is observed across the northern hemisphere to welcome the rainy season.

April Shower Day is celebrated on April 22 every year with great enthusiasm.

FAQs About April Shower Day

Why do April showers happen?

April showers happen due to the position of the jet stream. The jet stream starts moving towards the north and forms big bouts of depression, bringing moisture and wind gusts from the vast Atlantic Ocean, causing heavy rain downpours in April.

Where did April showers bring May flowers?

In the northern hemisphere, April showers bring May flowers.

Who discovered April Shower Day?

The exact person who discovered April Shower Day is unknown, but this day has been on the calendar as a joyous celebration for ages.

How do families celebrate April Showers Day?

Families enjoy the heavy downpours while sipping on their favorite beverages, or they just sit back and relax while watching their favorite movies with snacks or admiring the May flowers.

Why are kids so excited about April Shower Day?

All the kids love rainfall and getting dirty while playing in the rain. They make paper boats and do sailing competitions. The little ones find pleasure in almost everything, especially looking at the dripping raindrops while sitting on their balcony or through the window.

How can college kids benefit from celebrating April Shower Day?

Several college kids study the April shower, its causes and features, and also write about it. So, college kids need to celebrate and know about this day. Additionally, celebrating such joyous moments can help them get rid of the usual tension of studies and assignments.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 22, 2019 Monday
April 22, 2020 Wednesday
April 22, 2021 Thursday
April 22, 2022 Friday
April 22, 2023 Saturday
April 22, 2024 Monday

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