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Assistance Dog Day

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Where is Assistance Dog Day celebrated?

As per the love and support from all of humanity, this day is celebrated across the globe.

Who is Assistance Dog Day celebrated by?

Dog owners celebrate this day with dog trainers and large organizations and institutions to showcase support These may hold ceremonies and dog shows to present and honor their annual works and achievements. Some organizations are funded to help them with their healthcare and grooming facilities, as well as sponsored dog walks.

When did Assistance Dog Day first start?

The first-ever news about the celebration of this day was published in 2010 when Assistance Dog Week was celebrated from August 8-14. Assistance Dog Day is, in fact, a part of the International Assistance Dog Week which begins from the first Sunday of August every year.

Who started Assistance Dog Day?

International Assistance Dog Day and International Assistance Dog Week were established by a paraplegic and the CEO of Davis Innovations (a consulting firm in Santa Fe), Marcie Davis. She is also an author of a resource book 'Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook' and the host of an internet radio program, 'Working Like Dogs,' at

Assistance dogs are trained to recognize symptoms of heart attacks.

History And Timeline

In 2010, it was first celebrated, and the honor still continues. Everyone observes this day and its corresponding week in August.


War Dogs

Dogs were used to help wounded soldiers during wars.


Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind, a guide dog school located in the United States, started its operations.


Act Recognized Service Dogs

The Americans with Disabilities Act recognized service dogs; they could be guide dogs, signal dogs, or dogs in any other capacity trained to help people with disabilities.

August 2010

International Assistance Dog week

The event was first celebrated and a website for officially updating and recognizing this event was also created.


Kira To The Rescue

A golden retriever named Kira saved two dogs trapped in a frozen lake in New York with its owner and made international news.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition and customs which are followed during this day are to hold events like dog shows, open tours, sponsored walks, graduation ceremonies, and games to honor the works of the dogs and the trainers too.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Assistance Dog Day

You can hold or attend dog shows, build a community and award the trainers and the dogs for their work, and offer donations towards funding the organizations who work to train and adopt such dogs. These assistance dogs include the service dogs which help the disabled. They require specific training to recognize when their owner needs special assistance and could even save their life.

Facts And Stats

Countless people honor seizure alert dogs, hearing loss dogs, guide dogs, and hearing alert dogs on this day.

Sponsored dog walks are organized on Assistance Dog Day, which is a part of International Assistance Dogs Week, which is packed with such events taking place around the world.

The rationale of this day is to make people aware of the impact assistance dogs make on the lives of their owners; research has found that being around animals can be good for the mind and body.

These events recognizing assistance dogs are relatively new, but therapy dogs were helping people with disorders like PTSD ever since World War II.

FAQs About Assistance Dog Day

What is Work Like A Dog Day?

This national day celebrates professionals who put extra effort into work.

Can my dog become an assistance dog?

Yes, only if they are declared healthy, physically fit, and not dangerous or violent. The dog then must be specially trained for the specific disability to aid with.

What are some assumptions we need to make while celebrating Assistance Dog Day?

If you encounter somebody with an assistance dog, avoid approaching it or asking to pet it. Disruptions are perilous, whether it safely directs its owner or offers other services. Never presume that a resting service assistance dog is off-duty.

Who inspired Assistance Dog Day?

Marcie Davis is credited with inspiring this incredible national day.

Why is there a lot of buzz for Assistance Dog Day?

People love dogs, and this is just another way to give back to those four-legged friends. These specially trained dogs are different from non-trained dogs because they serve different and specific purposes.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 04, 2020 Tuesday
August 04, 2021 Wednesday
August 04, 2022 Thursday
August 04, 2023 Friday
August 04, 2024 Sunday

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