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Be A Kid Again Day

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Where is Be A Kid Again Day celebrated?

Every year on July 8, Be A Kid Again Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is Be A Kid Again Day celebrated by?

Be A Kid Again Day is celebrated by all those who wish to rewind their childhood memories and turn on the joyous and innocent kid in them.

When did Be A Kid Again Day first start?

There are no sources stating when the day began to be observed.

Who started Be A Kid Again Day?

There are no sources to know who introduced the idea of celebrating Be A Kid Again Day.

Be A Kid Again Day is the day to have fun, break the routine, eat your favorite foods, and watch popular movies.

History And Timeline

Everyone demands adults be serious and leave behind their child-like attitude. Anyone who acts kiddish is made fun of and taunted not to behave so. Society has already laid down rules on how adults are to behave once they enter their 20s, and that determines how the rest of their lives should be. Psychology has brought to light how being cheerful and youthful can help build happiness and vitality.

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2014 asserted that keeping a positive attitude in life helps silence anxiety and depression. Much more recently, in 2016, a study conducted by North Carolina State University concluded that people who carry a positive impact can easily abate stress and negative emotions.


Impact Of Divorce

Robert S. Weiss, in 1970, claimed that divorce causes children to grow up quickly.


Psychologically Young Day

A study was conducted in 2009 to study how being psychologically young can impact one’s life. The paper, published after analyzing 100,000 women, shed light on the fact that the probability of death from heart diseases is 30% less likely for optimistic women than pessimists.


Stephen On Strength

Yannick Stephen came up with the fact that when people are told that they are stronger than others of their age, it increases their grip strength.


Way Of Thinking

The JAMA Internal Medicine stated that those who feel younger have a lower death rate in comparison with others of their age.


Feel Younger

A German study in 2018 concluded that those who feel younger than others of their age tend to walk faster.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, people spend time with kids and revisit their childhood memories. This is the day where the tradition is to break all the traditions and customes without being worried, as kids are free to set their own rules.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Be A Kid Again Day

On this day, get in touch with your old pals, whom you lost touch with after school, or those friends from your neighborhood, who accompanied you for skating and games. Play games like Truth or Dare to take a break and laugh off your worries with your loved ones!

When we repaint our childhood memories, a wave of nostalgia hits us. Among them is our favorite candy, which we loved to devour as a child. To brighten the day, grab your favorite candy picks and ice cream flavors.

As kids, we all loved cartoons, but we were taught to act ‘mature’ and give up watching them. This day, download your favorite cartoon and binge-watch for the rest of the day if you have no other plans!

The best way to be a kid again would be to play with a kid. Spend a day with kids, talk and play with them, and you will see yourself playing with the kid in you.

Facts And Stats

  • Be A Kid Again Day comes with a reminder to let go of the seriousness and embrace youthfulness.
  • Be A Kid Again Day is a day to celebrate childhood and embrace the dormant kid in everyone once again.
  • This is the day to start enjoying life by adopting a youthful attitude and letting your inner child be free.

FAQs About Be A Kid Again Day

How can I be happy like my child again?

You can regain your childlike happiness by spending time with your child, watching cartoons and playing games with them, and reminiscing about your childhood.This will make your day better.

What is the importance of celebrating Be A Kid Again Day?

 The importance of celebrating Be A Kid Again Day is that one learns to become confident, joyous, and carefree like a child. It’s a day to bring back that innocence we lost on our way to adulthood, to vent out like a kid, and to push our imaginations further.

Why are families so excited about Be A Kid Again Day?

Families are enthusiastic about Be a Kid Again Day because it allows them to relive their childhood, spend time with children, and cheer on the child within them.

How do families celebrate Be A Kid Again Day?

Families celebrate Be A Kid Again Day by watching animated movies or cartoons together, spending time with the kids, and calling their old pals over.

What are some assumptions we need to make while celebrating Be A Kid Again Day?

Assumptions for celebrating Be A Kid Again Day are focused on ensuring that you do not hurt anyone's feelings in the name of having fun like kids. Otherwise, no particular precautions are to be followed.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 07, 2020 Tuesday
July 07, 2021 Wednesday
July 07, 2022 Thursday
July 07, 2023 Friday
July 07, 2024 Sunday

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