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Bibliomania Day

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Where is Bibliomania Day celebrated?

Bibliomania Day is mostly celebrated in North America, however, it can be celebrated around the world for the love of books and to raise awareness about the things associated with Bibliomania.

Who is Bibliomania Day celebrated by?

Bibliomaniacs celebrate Bibliomania Day, and book collectors who like to build their libraries. The day celebrates the iconic book thieves of American History and their nice answers after being caught.

When did Bibliomania Day first start?

Bibliomania Day first started in March 1990 when the book thief Stephen Blumberg was arrested for stealing from universities, museums, and rare books like the first edition of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’

Who started Bibliomania Day?

Book lovers started bibliomania Day to remember book bandit Blumberg and his famous collection called ‘Blumberg Collection.’

In some cultures, an obsessive book lover is also known as a 'Bookey Man.'

History And Timeline 

Bibliomaniacs have existed since the beginning of written literature.

685-631 BC

King Ashurbanipal

The Greek king of ancient civilization had a huge collection of tablets making him the earliest bibliomaniac. He created the first systematic library.


First Use Of Term Bibliomania

Thomas Hearne, a book collector, mentioned bibliomania in his diary.


Book Plague

After the French revolution, French Aristocrats sold their books while fleeing the country.


Dr. Alois Pichler

Dr. Alois Pichler, a Russian librarian of the Imperial Public Library of Russia, stole books of different genres as a response to trauma. Around 4500 books had gone missing in two years. His case is considered the first known Bibliomania case.


Richard Herber

Richard Herber had eight houses full of 146,000 rare books. John Ferrier, his friend in 1809, wrote a poem mentioning Bibliomania.

March 20, 1990

Bibliomania Day

The arrest of book bandit Blumberg was decided to be celebrated as Bibliomania Day.

Traditions And Customs

Throughout history, people have built book collections either out of love for books or simply because they like to own books for aesthetic purposes. This day is good to buy books or loan books to people fond of them. Celebrate this day positively by returning all the books borrowed and paying library fines if they are due.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Bibliomania Day

Celebrate Bibliomania Day by adding new books to your collection.

Bibliomania is a mental disorder that is classified under OCD. Raise awareness by sharing a word on social media and encourage someone whom you may know to sign up for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Facts And Stats

  • On March 20, 1990, book thief and collector Stephen Blumberg, who had a record of stealing from more than 268 libraries over the span of 20 years, was caught. It was his arrest that created Bibliomania Day.
  • This day is dedicated to all the book lovers whose obsession with books knows no limits.
  • Bibliomania Day is an annual celebration and falls on March 20.

FAQs About Bibliomania Day

How do you use Bibliomania in a sentence?

Here is an example to use ‘Bibliomania’ in a sentence:

‘Bibliomania could be a case of trauma response for some people.’

‘Stephen Blumberg has bibliomania.’

How to observe Bibliomania Day?

Read about the history of famous book thieves and read your favorite book.

When is Bibliomania Day?

Bibliomania Day is an annual event, it is on March 20, 2022 Sunday.

Who invented the concept of Bibliomania Day?

Book lovers invented the concept of Bibliomania Day.

What are some advantages of celebrating Bibliomania Day?

People get to know about this psychological disorder and can avail help from medical professionals. This day also gives a chance to put some limited edition rare books on auctions and make money.

Who inspired Bibliomania Day?

Stephen Blumberg inspired Bibliomania Day.

Who encouraged the celebration of Bibliomania Day?

The arrest of the book thief and collector Stephen Blumberg’s encouraged the celebration of Bibliomania Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 20, 2020 Friday
March 20, 2021 Saturday
March 20, 2022 Sunday
March 20, 2023 Monday
March 20, 2024 Wednesday

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