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Big Whopper Liar Day

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Where is Big Whopper Liar Day celebrated?

Big Whopper Liar Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is Big Whopper Liar Day celebrated by?

Big Whopper Liar Day is specifically celebrated by Americans but it is a day of celebration for everyone in the world who has the ability of lying, story-telling, and exaggeration.

When did Big Whopper Liar Day first start?

Big Whopper Liar Day first started in the year 1988.

Who started Big Whopper Liar Day?

A local prankster, Aubry Robison, Jr. is credited with establishing this fun event of Big Whopper Liar Day.

Salesman taking a fake oath with crossed fingers

History And Timeline

Aubry Robison, Jr. established the event, but following his demise several few years later, Fleming ended up taking the responsibility for it. Crowds stood in New Harmony, Indiana on the third Saturday of September in 1988 to celebrate tall tales of deception and lies! They were rated for exaggeration, stage presence, comedy, wit, humor, and storytelling ability for which judges award points.

12th Century

Falsifier and Deceiver

According to John, the time was the worst for humans with virtue and honesty.

16th Century

Deceit and Falsehood

According to Pierre Charron, mankind was all made up of lies and deceit, falsehood and tricks, and hypocrisy.


The Greatest Liar!

Pinocchio was a story of a mischievous wooden puppet whose nose grew longer whenever he lied.


Enjoy Lying!

Aubry Robinson is credited with establishing a fun event of lying and humor where people are awarded points for lying by judges in front of a live audience.


Lies of a Lawyer

Liar Liar is a comedy fantasy movie in which the life of a lawyer is entirely based on a bunch of lies.

Traditions And Customs

In front of a mob of 400 people, about 15 contestants take the stage. Each entrant has four minutes to create the most incredible yarn possible. Exaggeration, wit, comedy, storytelling ability, attitude, and stage presence are altogether evaluated and they are all given points by a panel of judges.

Ways To Celebrate Big Whopper Liar Day

The best way to observe Liar Day is none but telling a plausible story of lies that everybody falls for! It is the day for everybody to laugh, share some lies as jokes and have fun together. Say whatever you want, walk on the river, breathe in the sun or even be the best friend of Iron Man, just enjoy!

Facts And Stats

The event of Big Whopper Liar Day costs $5 to enter for both contenders and viewers.

This day is currently a part of Kunstfest, a German cultural festival that occurs for as long as a weekend.

Big Whopper Liar Day is observed across the USA.

FAQs About Big Whopper Liar Day

Why is there a lot of buzz for Big Whopper Liar Day?

Big Whopper Liar Day brings the license to lie wholeheartedly during the entire day and nobody stops you! Nothing is more exciting than being able to say everything without restrictions which explains the Buzz for Big Whopper Liar Day.

What are some assumptions we need to take while celebrating Big Whopper Liar Day?

Some of the assumptions to be taken under consideration while celebrating Big Whopper Liar Day would be that nothing that comes out of the liar’s mouth is true and even if it feels evil, it shouldn’t be taken to heart.

What do people say about Big Whopper Liar Day?

People enjoy Big Whopper Liar Day and the events that take place to commemorate this day but most of all the inborn liars enjoy this day as their own!

What are the limitations in celebrating Big Whopper Liar Day?

Certain limitations should be kept in check while going all out for the Big Whopper Liar Day. Firstly, not to say anything that might hurt others’ feelings even if it is a lie and not to go overboard with the lies. Also, not to lie on such topics that might be hurtful to others.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 18, 2020 Friday
September 17, 2021 Friday
September 16, 2022 Friday
September 15, 2023 Friday
September 20, 2024 Friday

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