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Bison Ten Yell Day

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Where is Bison Ten Yell Day celebrated?  

 Bison Ten Yell Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated in the US. It celebrates the 200th birth anniversary of any fictional character or the man that invented war signals for soldiers.

Who is Bison Ten Yell Day celebrated by?

Bison Ten Yell Day is celebrated by people all over the nation to honor the man that invented signals for the soldiers to use during the war or their favorite classic fictional character.

When did Bison Ten Yell Day first start?

Bison Ten Yell Day has been celebrated for many years now, but the year of origin of this whacky holiday is unknown.

Who started Bison Ten Yell Day?

 The person who invented this holiday is still not known.

You can celebrate the 200th anniversary of any fictional character on Bison Ten Yell Day.

History And Timeline

The origin of this seemingly goofy holiday can't really be tracked down to a particular person or time. Every year, this holiday is celebrated by many, by some on the occasion of their imaginary character's birth anniversary, and by others in honor of the man who invented the verbal signaling system for wars, which helped many soldiers during times of crisis.

Signaling has always been of great importance when it came to wars and communication amongst soldiers. Here's a brief account of the history of signaling.


Carrier Pigeons As Signals

During the Siege of Paris, carrier pigeons were widely used as signals to facilitate communication.


Wireless Communication

By the end of the 19th century, with advancements in technology, radios were being used as a means of signaling and communication.

20th Century

The Bison Ten Yell signals

Verbal signals were invented that could be yelled during wars to make communication among soldiers possible. Soldiers had to memorize these, and the signals had to be coded in a way that only the soldiers on one's side would understand and would in no way be understood by the enemy.

Traditions And Customs

Bison Ten Yell Day traditions include hosting parties in honor of your favorite character turning 200 years old. Also, since the day also honors verbal signals, and the guy who gave soldiers 10 signals to yell, a fun way to spend the day with your family and friends could be by playing games like making up your own signals and coding-decoding them.

Ways To Celebrate Bison Ten Yell Day

Since the day is dedicated to celebrating the 200th anniversary of an imaginary character, a really good way to spend the day is by hosting a not-so-imaginary birthday party for your imaginary friend.

It can be a great excuse to spend some quality time with your friends, get together, and have fun. It is also a great day to learn and explore more about verbal signals used during wars or even about the bison (they're somewhat interesting animals, after all).

Facts And Stats

  • Bison Ten Yell is a pun that, when pronounced fast, sounds like 'bicentennial,' making Bison Ten Yell Day quite literally the 200th anniversary, with the fun part being that you celebrate a different person's anniversary each year on the same day!
  • The National Football League (NFL) uses the Bison Ten Yell signaling technique to communicate among players on the ground; some people use this day to make up their own signals and use them in the same way.
  • Bison Ten Yell Day might not be about a bison, but September 2 is also International Vulture Day, so at least one animal gets some attention on the day.

FAQs About Bison Ten Yell Day

What is the significance of the Bison Ten Yell Day?

The day celebrates the 200th anniversary of an imaginary character. It is also celebrated to honor the efforts of the person who invented verbal signals for soldiers to use during a war.

What is the story behind Bison Ten Yell Day?

The story behind the Bison Ten Yell Day is that of a person who invented verbal signals for soldiers to use in case there's a war, and this really helped out a lot in communication. These 10 verbal signals were such that fellow soldiers could yell the signals during wartime to communicate with their own side. These were coded in such a way that only the soldiers on one side could understand, and it would be totally alien to the enemies.

Is Bison Ten Yell Day a public holiday?

No, Bison Ten Yell Day is not really a public holiday. It is an unofficial holiday to be celebrated as you wish.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 01, 2020 Tuesday
September 01, 2021 Wednesday
September 01, 2022 Thursday
September 01, 2023 Friday
September 01, 2024 Sunday

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