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Bloom's Day

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Where is Bloom’s Day celebrated?

Bloom's Day is a celebration that occurs in Ireland and across the globe.

Who is Bloom’s Day celebrated by?

Bloom's Day celebrates the legend and life of Irish writer James Joyce as an ode to Ulysses, one of the 20th century’s best novels.

When did Bloom’s Day first start?

The first Bloom’s Day is believed to have started on June 16, 1929. It is believed that the fans of the author started the celebration of Bloom's Day in honor of the great works from the noted author.

Who started Bloom’s Day?

The friends of James Joyce first started Bloom’s Day. The celebrations for this day are now observed across Ireland and several other countries as well with great enthusiasm.

Adriene Monnier published the French translation of Ulysses in 1929.

History And Timeline

After the publication of James Joyce's novel Ulysses in 1922, the friends of Joyce started to observe June 16 as Bloom's Day. The day celebrates June 16, 1904, a day portrayed in the novel of James Joyce, 'Ulysses'. The day got its name from Leopold Bloom, Ulysses’ central character. The novel is about Leopold Bloom's life and several other characters, both fictional and real, from 8 A.M on June 16, 1904, to the early morning of the next day. The day was first celebrated in 1954 in Ireland.


The Origin Of The Date

James Joyce went for his first visit with Nora Barnacle, his would-be wife, on June 16 at Nassau Street, near Finn's Hotel where Nora worked.


The First Joyce Novel Publication

James Joyce's first novel is published to a rousing reception.


The First Joyce Play Publication

The first play of Joyce, 'Exiles', was published this year.


Publication Of Ulysses

'Ulysses' was published on the 40th birthday of Joyce in the city of Paris by publisher Sylvia Beach.


The Bloom's Day Tradition Began

On the 50th anniversary 'Ulysses', authors Patrick Kavanagh, John Ryan, and Brian O’Nolan planned to go back over Leopold Bloom’s steps through Dublin. However, they got too drunk and could not finish the trip.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition and customs followed during this day is that the fans of James Joyce, popularly called Joyceans, celebrate Bloom's Day worldwide with readings, re-enactments, performances, and lots of other Bloom's Day events. The annual celebration of Bloom's Day often includes visiting the places and institutions mentioned in Ulysses and dressing up like the characters from the novel. In addition to these, from ‘Molly and Poldy’ cocktails in Croatia to offal breakfasts in Dublin, the fans of Ulysses make this day memorable in every way. One can use #BloomsDayFest or #BloomsDay to follow and share on social media.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Bloom’s Day

According to the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, almost 40 events are planned for Bloom's Day, ranging from public readings to walking tours. The celebrations consist of dressing up like Ulysses’ characters and attires to that era's style. The straw boater hat is one of the trademark fancy clothing of the day. One more common celebration on this day is the Bloom's Day Breakfast which includes eating the same breakfast as Leopold Bloom ate on June 16 morning. It comprises kidneys and liver as well as the typical Irish breakfast. Besides these, fans often dress up in Edwardian attires on Bloom's Day and walk over the path throughout Dublin through different landmarks of which Leopold Bloom of Ulysses has passed by. Hard-core supporters hold marathon readings of Ulysses, sometimes up to 36 hours.

Facts And Stats

  • June 16, the Bloom's Day date is a significant day in James Joyce's life because it was the first time he went out with Nora Barnacle, his future wife.
  • Bloom's Day is named after Leopold Bloom, the central character of Ulysses.
  • Bloom's Day was first found in a letter to Miss Weaver by Joyce on June 27 in 1924 that mentioned a group of individuals who celebrated Bloom's Day on June 16.
  • The first major Bloom's Day was celebrated in 1929.
  • The first Bloom's Day was observed in Ireland in 1954. That marked the 50th anniversary of the day.
  • The first grand Bloom's Day celebration occurred in 1977 when more than 1,000 runners took part in the first Bloom's Day run printed in posters publicizing the event.

FAQs About Bloom's Day

How do you celebrate Bloom's Day?

Bloom’s Day is celebrated with readings, festivals, dramatizations, and pub crawl to honor Joyce, who has transformed literature forever. The fans of the author observe this data s per their individual preferences.

What date is Ulysses?

June 16, 1904, is Ulysses.

What day in June is Bloom's Day?

June 16 is celebrated as Bloom's Day every year in Ireland as well as several other countries.

Who originally directed Bloom's Day?

The Bloom’s Day was originally directed by the friends of James Joyce.

Who inspired Bloom's Day?

Leopold Bloom’s life, the protagonist of Ulysses, inspired Bloom's Day.

Why is there a lot of buzz about Bloom's Day?

There is a lot of buzz for Bloom's Day since on this day, people celebrate the legend and life of Irish writer James Joyce.

When did the first-time Bloom's Day come into actual reality?

The first time Bloom's Day came into reality was in 1954 when Ireland first celebrated the day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 16, 2020 Tuesday
June 16, 2021 Wednesday
June 16, 2022 Thursday
June 16, 2023 Friday
June 16, 2024 Sunday

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