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Broadway Musicals Day

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Where is Broadway Musicals Day celebrated?  

Broadway Musicals Day is mainly celebrated in New York City, where the Broadway Theatre is located.

Who is Broadway Musicals Day celebrated by?

Stage artists, theatergoers, and enthusiasts celebrate Broadway Musicals Day every year on September 29.

When did Broadway Musicals Day first start?

 The origin of Broadway Musicals Day is not exactly known.

Who started Broadway Musicals Day?

The creator of Broadway Musicals Day remains unidentified to this day.

A mic on broadway musical stage

History And Timeline

Broadway Theatre and Broadway musicals both have long and exciting histories. Here, we will discuss some major events related to this topic.


First New York Theaters

Thomas Kean and Walter Murray established first theaters in New York City around this time.


Establishment of Bowery Theatre

Bowery Theatre came into existence in 1826. Previously, it went by the name of New York Theatre.


First Broadway Musical

In 1866, Niblo's Garden held the 'The Black Crook'. This was the first musical comedy of all time which had a record 474 runs.


Influence of Vaudeville

Musicals changed quite a lot in the '20s. They started featuring popular songs, dance routines, and star actresses and actors.


Premier of 'Show Boat'

In 1927, 'Show Boat' premiered at the Ziegfield Theatre. It was one of the most famous musicals of that decade.

Traditions And Customs

The first theaters in New York came into existence in 1750. After that, the number increased gradually. Before the 1900s, Broadway Theatre centered around Union Square, but later, it moved to Midtown Manhattan. 'The Black Crook' is the first Broadway musical of all time. It came out in 1866. This musical ran for a total of 474 performances, which was a record back then.

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II released 'Oklahoma!' in 1943. This musical ran for 2,212 performances. It still remains to be one of the most-performed musicals of all time. 'Oklahoma!' was based on a play named 'Green Grow The Lilacs' by Lynn Riggs. In 1944, Hammerstein and Rodgers received the Pulitzer Prize for this musical.

Over the years, Broadway Theatre has produced numerous musicals and plays. Some of the best ones are 'The Phantom Of The Opera', 'The Producers', 'Chicago', 'Hamilton', 'Les Miserables', and 'The Book Of Mormon'. To commemorate all these, this day is celebrated.

Ways To Celebrate Broadway Musicals Day

The best way to celebrate Broadway Musicals Day is to go and watch a musical. Take your family and friends along with you. Another great way to celebrate Broadway Musicals Day is to learn more about the history of Broadway Theater and musicals.

Finally, upload something nice on your social media account to let others know about Broadway Musicals Day.

Facts And Stats

  • Broadway Musicals Day this year, September 29, 2023, is celebrated on a Friday.
  • 'Phantom Of The Opera' is the longest running show in the history of Broadway.
  • Broadway Musicals Day is also known as National Broadway Day.

FAQs About Broadway Musicals Day

When is Broadway Musicals Day?

Broadway Musicals Day is an annual event that falls on September 29.


What is the best Broadway musical of all time?

'Hamilton', 'The Phantom Of The Opera', and 'The Producers' are some of the best Broadway musicals of all time.


When did Broadway musicals begin?

The first Broadway musical came out in 1866. It was 'The Black Crook'.


Why is it called Broadway?

Because the theaters are located in the Lincoln Center and the Theater District along Broadway in New York City.


Why do we celebrate Broadway Musicals Day?

On Broadway Musicals Day, we celebrate musical comedies that have been entertaining us for centuries now.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 29, 2021 Wednesday
September 29, 2022 Thursday
September 29, 2023 Friday
September 29, 2024 Sunday
September 29, 2025 Monday

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