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Brothers And Sisters Day

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Where is Brothers And Sisters Day celebrated?

Brothers And Sisters Day is celebrated in the US on May 2; however, it can be celebrated all over the world and is celebrated on different days with the same or different names in other countries.

Who is Brothers And Sisters Day celebrated by?

Brothers And Sisters Day is celebrated by brothers and sisters to cherish the bond between siblings, cousins, and sibling-like friends.

When did Brothers And Sisters Day first start?

It is unknown when this holiday first came into being. It has been celebrated on May 2 annually for the last few years.

Who started Brothers And Sisters Day?

An unknown woman started Brothers and Sisters Day to commemorate her brother and honor the relationship of brother and sister.

History And Timeline

The history of Brothers And Sister’s Day is not that well known. The day was organized to celebrate the bond between the siblings.

326 BC

King Porus And Roxana

It is believed that this brother-sister duo started the ritual of Raksha Bandhan, as she sent the ‘holy thread’ to her brother not to hurt her husband, Alexander.

900-1000 BCE


Lord Krishna and Draupadi are famous Indian mythological brothers and sisters. Their bond is highly respected in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata.


Rossetti Siblings

English brother and sister William Rossetti and Christina Rossetti are known for contributing to arts and literature during the Victorian Era.


Brothers And Sisters Day

Brothers and Sisters day has been celebrated on May 2 for the last few years to honor the relationship between brothers, sisters, cousins, and even friends who share this kind of bond.


The Smiths

Jaden Smith and Willow Smith are American actors and singers. The sibling duo is known for raising awareness about social and racial issues and are considered Gen Z icons.

People like to attend an event with their siblings on this national day.

Traditions And Customs

Observation of this day does not follow any special customs in the US. One would simply like to spend some time with a sibling. Alternatively, siblings would participate in an event together.

Ways To Celebrate Brothers And Sisters Day

Call your sibling, check upon them, ask them how their lives have changed and how you miss them.

Invite your first best friends or your cousins and talk about childhood memories and play games that you used to play with them.

Gift something to your brother or sister that they have wanted for a long time. This surprise will surely make your brother or sister happy.

Facts And Stats

  • Brothers And Sisters Day is not an official holiday in America.
  • This holiday celebrates the Tom-and-Jerry kind of bond that brothers and sisters have.
  • Many people get confused and mistake Brothers And Sisters Day for Siblings Day. Both the holidays are different as the former one celebrates brother and sister, that could be our friends or cousin, while the Siblings Day is observed to celebrate our blood-related brother or sister.

FAQs About Brothers And Sisters Day

Is today India’s Brothers Day?

Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters in India, is observed on August 11, 2022. Sweets and presents are also involved in celebrating this lovely occasion in India.

Who originally directed Brother and Sister Day?

The Brother and Sister Day was started by an unknown woman after her brother’s death.

Why are cousins so excited for Brother and Sister day?

The day also cherishes the relationship between cousins as this holiday gives them a chance to make their bond strong.

What is the importance of celebrating Brother and Sister Day?

Brother and Sister Day celebrates the unconditional bond of love between brother and sister.

How do families celebrate Brother and Sister Day?

Families celebrate Brother and Sister Day by organizing family dinner.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 02, 2020 Saturday
May 02, 2021 Sunday
May 02, 2022 Monday
May 02, 2023 Tuesday
May 02, 2024 Thursday

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