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Canada Victoria Day

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Where is Canada Victoria Day celebrated?  

Victoria Day is celebrated in most provinces of Canada. However, as a holiday, Victoria Day has different statuses in different places. In Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Manitoba, Victoria Day is a general holiday. In Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia, it is a statutory holiday. However, it is not a paid holiday in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Who is Canada Victoria Day celebrated by?

All the citizens of Canada celebrate Victoria Day every year on the Monday before May 25.

When did Canada Victoria Day first start?

The celebration of Victoria Day began in 1845.

Who started Canada Victoria Day?

In 1845, the Legislature of the Province of Canada declared Queen's birthday a holiday.

Flag of Canada on the world map

History And Timeline

Here, we will see some major historical events related to Canada Victoria Day.

May 24, 1819

Queen's Actual Birthday

Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819, in the United Kingdom. She was the daughter of Prince Edward.


Queen Victoria's Birthday Declared Holiday

In 1845, the Legislature of the Province of Canada declared Queen's birthday to be a holiday.


Canada Becomes Independent

In 1867, Canada received its national independence.


Victoria Day Becomes An Official Holiday

After the demise of Queen Victoria, the Parliament of Canada passed an act to establish Victoria Day as a legal holiday.


Victoria Day Gets Redesigned

Canada redesigned Victoria Day in 1952. The celebration of the holiday shifted from May 24 to the Monday before May 25. From 1953-1956, the citizens of Canada also celebrated the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on Victoria Day.

Traditions And Customs

Victoria Day is a special event for every Canadian. This holiday marks the birthday of Queen Victoria. In 1967, under Queen Victoria's reign, Canada gained its independence. It no longer remained a part of the British Empire but became an independent country with its own parliament and government. On this day, you can see the Royal Union Flag, alongside the National Flag, at airports, federal buildings, and military bases.

Besides this, Victoria Day also marks the beginning of summer in Canada. Every year, it comes after a long and chilly winter. That is what makes Victoria Day even more exciting for Canadians. Finally, since the holiday falls on Monday, it gives people a long weekend to celebrate. As a result, Victoria Day also goes by May Run or May Long.

Ways To Celebrate Canada Victoria Day

There are several ways to celebrate this Canadian statutory holiday. First, you can attend a parade. You can also go on a trip with your family and friends. Lastly, you can also spend the day playing cricket, a famous British pastime activity. Finally, remember to click some good pictures and upload them on your social media.

Facts And Stats

  • Initially, people in Canada celebrated Victoria Day on May 24.
  • Victoria Day became a legal holiday in Canada in 1901 after the demise of Queen Victoria.
  • Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday was on April 21. However, from 1953-1956, Canada celebrated her birthday on Victoria Day.

FAQs About Canada Victoria Day

Is Victoria Day a national holiday in Canada?

Victoria Day is a statutory holiday in Canada.


Why do we celebrate Victoria Day?

We celebrate Victoria Day to honor the birthday of Queen Victoria, under whose reign Canada received national independence.


Is Victoria Day a public holiday?

In Canada, Victoria Day enjoys the status of a statutory holiday.


Where is Victoria Day celebrated?

Victoria Day is celebrated in most provinces of Canada.


When is Victoria Day in Canada?

Victoria Day falls on the Monday before May 25 every year.


How is Victoria Day celebrated in Canada?

Most Canadians celebrate Victoria Day through parades and outdoor activities like fireworks displays and camping.


Is Victoria Day a holiday in Canada?

Yes, it is a statutory holiday in Candara.


Does Quebec celebrate Victoria Day?

No, Quebec does not celebrate Victoria Day. But it celebrates Journée nationale des patriotes or National Patriots Day on the same day.


Are stores open on Victoria Day in Ontario?

Victoria Day is a statutory holiday in Ontario, along with Saskatchewan and British Columbia. So, most stores do not open on this day.


Why is Queen Victoria important to Canada?

It is because under Queen Victoria's reign Canada gained national independence.


Is Canada still under British rule?

No, Canada is an independent country with its own parliament.


Why is Victoria Day weekend on May 24?

The holiday weekend does not always fall on May 24. It is celebrated on the Monday before May 25.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 24, 2021 Monday
May 23, 2022 Monday
May 22, 2023 Monday
May 20, 2024 Monday
May 19, 2025 Monday

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