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Where is Share Your Care Day celebrated?

Share Your Care Day is celebrated on September 9 every year in the United States.

Who is Share Your Care Day celebrated by?

Share Your Care Day is celebrated by the schools, organizations, and volunteers who love to impart the values of care to children of all ages.

When did Share Your Care Day first start?

Share Your Care Day first started in the year 2015.

Who started Share Your Care Day?

Share Your Care Day was started by the company named American Greetings who introduced the Care Bears toy line for children.

History And Timeline

Embrace your loved ones and make them feel loved and cared for.

The efforts of Care Bears in sowing the seeds of love and kindness are worth-praising. In 2015, they then entered into a collaboration with Zach Kaplan, who is known for being a 10-year-old philanthropist. Tying up with Leake and Watts, the company delivered 400 teddy bears to the children in New York City to mark the inaugural celebration. In addition, they collaborated with over 300 bloggers as ambassadors for the day.


On Greeting Cards

The care bears made their first appearance on the greeting cards of American Greetings, which were painted by the artist Elena Kucharik. They were multicolored.


Official Launch

Care Bears made their official launch in New York City in 1982.


Characters On The Market

Parker Brothers tied up with Kenner to bring the teddy bears for the public.


Care Bears Day

Care Bears Day was introduced to imprint values of love, generosity, and affection in young hearts.


Caring During COVID

Care Bears were shared by people to help their friends and family feel better.

Traditions And Customs

Annual celebrations are held each year by the Care Bears of American Greetings in New York City. People shower their love and kindness on their children, kids, and youngsters by spending time with them, being proud of them, and making them feel special. The day also witnesses charities by collaborating with organizations like Operation Smile, We Care Bears, and United Way.

Ways To Observe Share Your Care Day

It’s a great day to add to someone’s smile by doing kind little deeds. Assist the elder ones at home to park or spend time with children at home or share toys with others. You can also donate or provide your services to charities.

Take part in the annual celebrations of Care Bears with children, and that will be a memorable experience for you.

Sharing is caring! Share your belongings and feelings with your close ones to strengthen the relationship.

Go out and help and support a homeless person on the street on this day! Donate food and clothes to make them feel special. This will give these children hope for the future, make their world a little better, and they will feel less lonely. This way, you will also inspire people to indulge in kind deeds.

Facts And Stats 

Coincidentally, Share Your Care Day falls every year on National Teddy Bear Day.

People can also choose to volunteer and provide services in nursing homes and day care centers on this day.

As National Teddy Bear Day is also celebrated on the same day as Care Day, you can gift care bears to your loved ones.

FAQs About Care Day

What is Care Day?

Care Day is a national holiday introduced by Care Bears, which was launched by the greeting card firm American Greetings to inculcate the values of love, fun, caring, and acceptance among children.

What Day is National Care Bear Day?

National Care Bear Day is every year on September 9.

Who encouraged the celebration of Care Day?

The celebration of Care Day was inspired by Care Bears, launched by American Greetings.

What are the limitations in celebrating Care Day?

This day is for showing love and care for people, especially children. Since love has no limitations, celebrating Care Day has no limitations either, it can be celebrated by anyone in the world.

How do families celebrate Care Day?

Families celebrate the Care Day by spending time with the children and other family members, by sharing little things with them, being proud of their achievements, showing support for them in their future endeavors, and appreciating their tiny efforts to show kindness and love.

Who invented the concept of Care Day?

The concept of Care Day was introduced by American Greetings, a popular Greeting card firm that brought the Care Bears to us.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 09, 2020 Wednesday
September 09, 2021 Thursday
September 09, 2022 Friday
September 09, 2023 Saturday
September 09, 2024 Monday

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