Check Your Batteries Day
March 12, 2023

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Batteries play an important part in modern lives.

Most things in a house setting are run on batteries. This can be remote controls, clocks, smoke detectors, and many other things.

Even during home construction, there is machinery that runs on batteries. Let's read on to find out more about this day celebrated every year on the second Sunday of March.

Where is Check Your Batteries Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated in the US annually in March.

Who is Check Your Batteries Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated worldwide in March to bring awareness about batteries.

When did Check Your Batteries Day first start?

There are no details found regarding when this day started. However, this day was observed on the first Sunday in April from 1987 until 2006.

Who started Check Your Batteries Day?  

The founder of this day in March is not known.

Follow safety and quality standards while purchasing fire systems, including carbon monoxide and radon detectors.

History And Timelines

Check out the timeline associated with Check Your Batteries Day in March.


First Telegraph Fire Alarm

William Francis Channing and Moses G. Farmer developed the first telegraph fire alarm system.


First Automatic Electric Fire Alarm

Robbin Upton patented the first automatic electric fire alarm.


First Commercial Battery

The first battery sold in the United States was manufactured by the National Carbon Company.


Discovery Of Ancient Battery

A five-inch pottery jar with a copper cylinder that encased an iron rod was discovered by Wilhelm Konig. Archaeologists believe that this was a form of battery, hinting that batteries may have been around long ago.


Smoke Detector Invented

Duane Pearsall invented the battery-powered home smoke detector.

Traditions And Customs

Batteries are used in all safety devices, hence it is our responsibility to ensure safety and account for all lives. This day serves as a great reminder to check all batteries and replace them with spare batteries if required.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Check Your Batteries Day

This day reminds you and provides you with an opportunity to learn to maintain batteries. Celebrate this day by checking the batteries of all your fire detector systems like radon detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual call points. It is vital to check the date of manufacturing to ascertain the life of your battery.

Facts & Stats

  • March 13 is also the birthday of singer and rapper Jack Harlow.
  • On this day, you can teach your family members in your house, including kids, and explain the importance of having working batteries at home.
  • If your carbon monoxide detector battery is low, it will beep once every minute. The battery life used for carbon monoxide sensors varies from three to five years, so this day can be a good day to learn more about batteries.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


March 8, 2020


March 14, 2021


March 13, 2022


March 12, 2023


March 10, 2024


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