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Child Health Day

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Where is Child Health Day celebrated?

It is celebrated in the United States to show support to the health of the kids, their families, and families who work hard to keep them healthy, mentally and physically.

Who is Child Health Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by the people of the United States.

When did Child Health Day first start?

Child Health Day first started on May 1, 1928, but then in 1960, the day was changed to the first Monday in October.

Who started Child Health Day?

President Coolidge was the one who proclaimed Child Health Day in the United States.

You can teach the kids how to exercise and eat well on this day.

History And Timeline

Children are the future of a country, so taking care of them is important. This day is made for the children’s health and their parents who work hard for the care of their children.

Early 1800s


Children were left at asylums for being sick and they were given treatment at adult almshouses.

Mid 1800s

No Proper Healthcare

Till the mid of the 1800s, there were no healthcare facilities for children, they were given medication at home.



Children’s hospitals started to admit sick kids and it brought a big change in terms of society.


Child Health Day

On this day, US President proclaimed that it would be observed on May 1, every year.


Changed Dates

In the '60s, this day was changed to the first Monday of October, every year.

Traditions And Customs

This day is all about giving, as children are the country’s future and they need to be fit mentally and physically to run a country and society. So on this day, make your kids aware of their health, help them run and exercise and donate for those who cannot afford this care and good food.

Ways To Celebrate Child Health Day

You can organize a run and can ask the kids to come and run with you as running is a great way of staying fit, you can announce a prize at the end that will bring more and more kids.

Facts And Stats

  • On Child Health Day you can also participate in a fun event where you get to support kids and help them take a look at healthy food habits.
  • This day is made to celebrate families and the hard work that they put into their child’s healthcare, both physical and mental.
  • This national day is observed across the US. You can also celebrate by posting a picture with your kid to promote Child Health Day on social media channels.

FAQs About Child Health Day

What is Child Health Day?

 Child Health Day is all about the maintenance of the children’s health by their families and the government, as they will determine the future of the country.

How do we celebrate Child Health Day?

We celebrate it by going for a run with our kids or little siblings along with helping them exercise and be fit.

Who started Child Health Day?

There is no such mention of who started this day but it was proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge.

When is Child Health Day?

It is on the first Monday of October, every year.

What is the significance of Child Health Day?

It signifies that the health of kids is important to care for as there was no care for their health in the early 19th century. It is important to make sure that they stay fit as they are the future of the country.

Why do people celebrate Child Health Day?

People celebrate Child Health Day to celebrate the importance of maintaining a kids health by making them exercise and eat right, that will also help in the growing and their brain to nurture them.

What is the history & origins of Child Health Day?

In the early 1900s, there were no facilities for kids, but then-President Calvin Coolidge understood the need for Child Health Day and proclaimed that day.

In which country do they celebrate Child Health Day?

People of the United States celebrate Child Health Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 05, 2020 Monday
October 04, 2021 Monday
October 03, 2022 Monday
October 02, 2023 Monday
October 07, 2024 Monday

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