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Children's Day In Brazil

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Where is Children's Day in Brazil celebrated?

Children's Day is celebrated across Brazil.

Who is Children's Day in Brazil celebrated by?

Children's Day in Brazil is celebrated by the people of Brazil.

When did Children's Day in Brazil start?

Children's Day in Brazil started in 1923, and there has been an annual celebration since 1924.

Who started Children's Day in Brazil?

Children's Day in Brazil was started by the Congress of South America, and hosted in Rio de Janeiro.

Children's Day in Brazil is celebrated annually through various events across the country

History And Timeline

Children's Day in Brazil was established in 1923 and officially recognized as a holiday a year later. This tradition of celebration inspired many others and different countries started to celebrate Children's Day on different days.


Inaugural Children's Day In Brazil

Children's Day was established on Aparecida Day by the South American Congress hosted in Rio de Janeiro.


First Official Celebration

Children's Day was officially celebrated in Brazil making it the first country to ever do so.


International Children's Day

International Children's Day is proclaimed in Geneva, Switzerland, during the World Conference On Child Welfare.


Toy Manufacturers Seek To Profit

Numerous toy and other children's products manufacturers collaborated on this day for marketing purposes to increase their sales and profits.


New Brazilian Constitution Founded

The current version of the Brazilian Constitution is founded.

Traditions And Customs

Children have a day off from school, and families gift toys to their kids. Parents gift toys and other kids' products to their children, while schools organize events for children. In Brazil, it is a national holiday since it coincides with another important day, Aparecida Day.

Ways To Celebrate Children's Day In Brazil

If you're a parent, the best way to observe Children's Day is by taking your kids out to play in parks, and generally spending time with them. Let them feel your love! Also, it is nice to give a toy or some other gift. Children's Day is celebrated for children's welfare, and to raise funds for children's development.

Facts And Stats

  • The first country to celebrate a holiday for children was Turkey, although Brazil was the first country to officially celebrate Children's Day.
  • Children's Day became widely known in the'60s when the toy manufacturer, Estrela, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson started a campaign targeting the day.
  • Different events are organized across Brazil on this important national day.

FAQs About Children's Day In Brazil

How is Children's Day celebrated in Brazil?

Parents give gifts and toys to their children, and spend time together. Schools and the community celebrate students.

Which countries celebrate Children's Day?

Different countries celebrate Children's Day on different dates, including India, Brazil, Turkey, Maldives, Nigeria, Japan, and so on.

Why is May 27 Children's Day?

Children's Day is celebrated on May 27 in Nigeria for children's care, welfare, development, happiness, and well-being.

What is celebrated on Children's Day?

Children, the gift from God, their happiness and innocence, are celebrated on Children's Day.

What is the significance of Children's Day in Brazil?

In Brazil, Children's Day signifies the day for children's all-around education, mental, and health development. It is a day for children's empowerment, fun, and enjoyment.

What is the history & origin of Children's Day in Brazil?

Children's Day in Brazil was decided at the South American Congress in 1923 but was established officially in 1924, coinciding with the date of Aparecida Day, the patron saint of Brazil.

How is Children's Day in Brazil different from Children's Day in India?

Children's Day in both countries, India and Brazil, is celebrated to signify the importance of children for society and the country, so there is only a little difference between the dates. In India, it is celebrated on November 14 but in Brazil, it is celebrated on October 12.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

The date of October 12 signifies a very important day for the people of Brazil. First, it is Children's Day and second, it is the day when a clay statue of Lady Aparedica, Brazil's patroness, was found by three fishermen in biblical times. So, this day holds a very important place in people's hearts both psychologically and emotionally.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 12, 2020 Monday
October 12, 2021 Tuesday
October 12, 2022 Wednesday
October 12, 2023 Thursday
October 12, 2024 Saturday

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