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Christmas Jumper Day

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Where is Christmas Jumper Day celebrated?

Christmas Jumper Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, on the second Friday in December every year.

Anyone can take part in the event, just put on your favorite Christmas jumper and raise money for Save the Children. Fundraise online and share the word on social media so others can contribute to fundraising and get involved with this fun day.

Who is Christmas Jumper Day celebrated by?

Christmas Jumper Day is celebrated by Save The Children organization supporters as well as the people who want to show their gratitude through the act of raising money and putting on their jazziest Christmas jumpers.

When did Christmas Jumper Day first start?

The first Christmas Jumper Day was organized on December 14, 2012.

Who started Christmas Jumper Day?

The Christmas Jumper Day campaign was launched by Save the Children organization with the aim of raising money for children in need. Donations collected are used to pay for school fees, provide nourishing food, and gifts for children in need.

History And Timeline 

Let's look at the history of Christmas Jumpers and how Christmas Jumper Day came into being,

19th CE

Christmas Jumpers

The history of Christmas Jumpers goes back to the 19th CE.


Ugly Sweater Trend

People started wearing ugly sweaters for the festive season which was popularised by the film ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’. 


Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children organization officially announced Christmas Jumper Day for fundraising.

2012 onwards

More Money Raised

With increasing awareness, more money is being raised for the cause.


Christmas Jumper Day

More and more kids across the schools in the UK joined the drive to raise money for Save the Children.

Christmas Jumper Day is celebrated across the UK by all the charitable people.

Traditions And Customs 

People on this day dress to impress in their best festive jumpers. The event is fun and easy to celebrate and contributes to a great cause. This year's Christmas Jumper Day event will mark the 10th anniversary since they started this amazing day.

Ways To Observe And Celebrate Christmas Jumper Day

Wear a festive jumper and share your picture online to raise awareness about the cause.

Donate money through the Save the Children website and share the link on social media with friends and family.

Reflect upon your blessings and express your gratitude by helping children in need.

Organize a Christmas jumper party to celebrate the day.

Facts And Stats

The first-ever ugly sweater event was hosted in Vancouver, Canada before this national day became a thing in the UK.

Christmas Jumper Day is an important event that is celebrated on the second Friday in December every year.

Celebrities like Emma Buntan and Kate Garraway are also associated with the Save the Children Organization which holds various events to celebrate the day. Money collected on this day is used to provide nourishing food and quality education for children in need.

FAQs About Christmas Jumper Day

What day is Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day is an event on which festive jumpers are worn to raise money for Save the Children.

What is Christmas Jumper Day in aid of?

The day was established by Save the Children which works for protecting children and their rights.

What date was Christmas Jumper Day in 2019?

Friday, December 13 was Christmas Jumper Day, 2019.

What is the importance of Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day helps in raising awareness and money for children in need so less privileged children's needs and wants can be fulfilled.

In which countries do they follow Christmas Jumper Day?

This event is celebrated in the United Kingdom.

How do people follow Christmas Jumper Day?

People wear festive jumpers and donate money on Christmas Jumper Day.

What is the history and origins of Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day was started by the Save the Children organization on December 14, 2012. It is now celebrated every year.

When was Christmas Jumper Day in 2021?

Christmas Jumper Day was on Friday, December 10, 2021.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 11, 2020 Friday
December 10, 2021 Friday
December 09, 2022 Friday
December 08, 2023 Friday
December 13, 2024 Friday

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