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Clean Your Floors Day

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Where is Clean Your Floors Day celebrated?  

It is unknown where Clean Your Floors Day initially started. It is implied from a few sources that it may have begun in the United States, although this is not a certainty. 

Who is Clean Your Floors Day celebrated by?

Clean Your Floors Day is just an initiative to polish or clean floors of different kinds. It can be celebrated by anyone, just consider the age and the types of products used to clean the dirty flooring. 

When did Clean Your Floors Day first start?

It is unknown when this day was initially started but it is celebrated annually on August 3.

Who started Clean Your Floors Day?

Holloway House/Quick Shine is being credited to have founded the day but there is uncertainty in this.

Dirty laminate flooring needs a gentle sweep with cleaning products due to its fragility.

History And Timeline

Now that you know all about why Clean Your Floors Day started, learn some more about its history here!

June 13, 1893

World's First Mop

On June 13, 1893, Thomas W. Steward received Trademark Number 499, 402 for devising the cleaning mop.


First Vacuum Cleaner

James Murray Spangler, a cleaner at a retail shop, designed the first cordless electronic vacuum cleaner in 1907 and received a license on June 2, 1908.


First Vinyl Tile Composition

In Chicago, close to the Century of Progress Exposition, the very first vinyl tile composition was shown in 1933.

Traditions And Customs

There is no specific way to celebrate this day. In general, just use cleaning products to deep clean the hardwood floor or any tile floor type using a mop head or scrub to remove the dust.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Clean Your Floor Day

Remind others how essential it is to clean the flooring, free of grime and dust.

You can share the picture with your close ones on a social media platform.

Sweep, mop, or vacuum the home floor and the surrounding backyard using a broom or vacuum cleaner, depending on the type of flooring in the region.

Facts And Stats

  • This day is crucial to learn about cleaning facts, such as vinyl tiles should be cleaned with cold water.
  • This day also makes you aware that sweeping and mopping should be done at least once a week.
  • Other valuable information to share on this day is the time-to-time polishing of hardwood floor for cleanliness

FAQs About Clean Your Floors Day

What is the significance of Clean Your Floors Day?

Clean Your Floors Day is an indirect reminder for people to annually deep clean their floor, apart from the daily cleaning, using a mop head or vacuum to remove the grime, making them cleaner.

Should you clean floors every day?

Sweeping and mopping the floor should be done at least once a week. Over time, a hardwood floor will need to be polished.

How is Clean Your Floors Day different from National Clean Your Floors Day?

Clean Your Floors Day is also known as National Clean Your Floors Day. Many times, Clean Your Floors Day is confused with National Clean Your Room Day. The two major distinctions are in the cleaning of dirt from rooms, which is observed on May 10, and the cleaning of floors, which is observed on August 3.

Is it better to mop with cold water or hot water?

It is advisable to clean the tile or vinyl tile floor, or any other form of flooring, using cold water to retain its shine.

Who coined Clean Your Floors Day?

Although Holloway House/Quick Shine is credited with initiating the celebration, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 02, 2020 Sunday
August 02, 2021 Monday
August 02, 2022 Tuesday
August 02, 2023 Wednesday
August 02, 2024 Friday

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