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Crepe Day

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Where is Crepe Day celebrated?

Crepe Day is celebrated in France. But it has been known that people in the US and Bavaria also celebrate this day.

Who is Crepe Day celebrated by?

Crepe Day is celebrated by every family in France and they invite friends over to eat crepes together.

When did Crepe Day first start?

Crepes were made in 472 when they were offered to French Catholic pilgrims who had come on a pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate La Chandeleur. However, its first celebration is unknown.

Who started Crepe Day?

It is not clear as to who started Crepe Day, but it is believed to have been started by Pope Gelasio I.

Crepe is famous as a protein-packed breakfast when served with a fried egg as a filling.

History And Timeline

The history of crepes dates as far back as the 13th century in Brittany, France, when a housewife accidentally dropped some buckwheat porridge onto a flat hot cooktop. Since she didn't want to waste what she cooked, she ate it, and the crepe was born. The Popes used to offer crepes to the French Pilgrims when they came to Rome to encourage the idea of sharing.

472 AD

Crepe-Like Dishes Appear

Pope Gelasio I offered crepes to poor pilgrims from France who had come on a pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate La Chandeleur.

9th century AD

Wheat Flour Used

Traditional buckwheat flour was replaced by wheat flour.

13th century AD

Discovery Of Crepes

Made in Brittany by accident when a housewife spilled buckwheat porridge onto a hot flat cooktop.

18th century AD

Bavarian Crepes

They received their name from Roman times and a rich cream filling was introduced to Bavaria by a French chef.


Crepe Makes Its Appearance In The US

Emy Wada, a Japanese pastry chef, introduced Mille crepe in her New York bakery called Lady M Boutique.

Traditions And Customs

The French celebrate la Chandeleur on February 2, which officially marks the end of Christmas celebrations. In this respect, this is a religious holiday, and Christians are supposed to clear the nativity scene of Christ by this day. Now it is a day dedicated to making and eating crepes. On this day, French people get together to make delicious crepes, somewhat like pancake day of the UK, Ireland, and other English-speaking countries.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Crepe Day

Crepe Day is also a superstitious day. So making crepes is full of all kinds of rituals. The cooking process involves holding a gold coin in your right hand and the pan in your left hand. While flipping the pan, you also toss the coin in the air and make a wish. You are blessed with a prosperous year ahead if you can do both without dropping the coin or the crepe. While cooking the crepe, they keep a coin on top to ensure good luck. People save the first crepe on the top drawer of a wardrobe for prosperity and luck. Another way to observe the day is to drink cider not from a glass but from a round bowl.

Facts And Stats

  • The holiday of Crepe Day is associated with Candlemas, the feast celebrated by Catholics.
  • Crepe Day marks the midway of winter and is used as an excuse to mark a celebration after Christmas. It is a long-standing holiday in France.
  • The round-shaped crepes with golden-brown color made on Crepe Day represent upcoming warmer days with more sun.

FAQs About Crepe Day

Why do we celebrate Crepe Day?

Crepe Day is connected to the Catholic feast of Candlemas. On this day, all over France, families get together to eat crepes because they believe that it stands for prosperity.

What is national Crepe Day commonly called?

Also called la Chandeleur when the French light candles in their homes. It is celebrated exactly forty days after Christmas. It is celebrated to remember the blessing of the Virgin Mary. It falls at the midway point between winter equinox and spring solstice. At la Chandeleur, winters either get better or worse.

What is the importance of celebrating Crepe Day?

On Candlemas day or Crepe Day, if it rains, then it will mean a good wheat harvest. Like on groundhog day, the French believed that if the groundhog sees its shadow, then they will soon have a sunny day.

What are the conditions for celebrating Crepe Day?

There are no conditions for celebrating this day.

Who originally directed Crepe Day?

It was probably started by Pope Gelasius.

Why is there a lot of buzz on Crepe Day?

There is a lot of buzz when you celebrate Crepe Day because it's a holiday, and since winter is at its final hour and the sun is staying out longer, there are many reasons why this is a happy day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 01, 2020 Saturday
February 01, 2021 Monday
February 01, 2022 Tuesday
February 01, 2023 Wednesday
February 01, 2024 Thursday

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