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Cross Atlantic Communication Day

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Where is Cross Atlantic Communication Day celebrated?  

 Cross Atlantic Communication Day is celebrated across Europe and North America as this is where the telegraph cable was laid back in 1866.

Who is Cross Atlantic Communication Day celebrated by?

 Cross Atlantic Communication Day is celebrated by both Europeans and North Americans as it marks a very important milestone in history.

When did Cross Atlantic Communication Day first start?

The telegraph cables took a long time to be laid across the Atlantic Ocean. The project, which began in 1854, took a total of twelve years to succeed. July 27, 1866, marks the day the line was completed and is celebrated as Cross Atlantic Communication Day. Yes, it took many ships, trials, failures and an incredible amount of money to reach this point, but it was totally worth it!!

Who started Cross Atlantic Communication Day?

 It was a day to celebrate all across Europe and North America as written communications like letters took weeks to reach the other side, but the telegraph cables cut that time to only a few minutes or hours.

Now, with the internet, messages and video calls are very easy and fast too.

History And Timeline

The Cross Atlantic communication project was not easy and took several years to complete, during which they faced many issues with ships, cable quality, and nature. All these hindrances were overcome to finally allow the two sides of 'The Pond' to communicate faster.

August 16, 1858

First-Ever Transatlantic Communication

Queen Victoria's message congratulating both sides for the success was 98 words long and took 16 hours to send across the ocean.

November 6, 1856

The Company

The Transatlantic Telegraph Company was founded by C.W. Fields and two others.

August 1858

First Cable For Communication

The first cable worked for three weeks, after which it failed due to poor quality.

July 27, 1866

Founding Of The Day

The completion of the project was celebrated as Cross Atlantic Communication Day in 1866.


The Merging Of Rivals

The Transatlantic Telegraph Company merged with the New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Company.

Traditions And Customs

Cross Atlantic Communication Day is the perfect day to visit your local library to read and learn about the many obstacles the team had to overcome in order to make this type of communication possible. To lay cables by ship in rough seas is no easy task.

A visit to the museum to see one of the many ships that helped lay the cross Atlantic cables can be very exciting!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Cross Atlantic Communication Day

There is no particular way to celebrate this day. Of course, calling one of your family members or friends overseas would be a great idea.

You could have a conversation with your grandparents and ask them about how communications have changed since they were children.

You could awaken the artist in you by drawing maps of the countries along the Atlantic Ocean. Or draw one of the ships that took part in the project.  

Facts And Stats

  • A postage stamp for the Atlantic Cable Centenary was issued on this day in the US in honor of the work done.
  • Friday, July 27, 1866, is the day when the work was completed by the company using the SS Great Eastern ship, which is now on display at a museum in Bristol, UK.
  • There could have potentially been many different dates for this day, but there were many complications and failures until the final cable was laid, which was durable and could transmit eight words per minute.

FAQs About Cross Atlantic Communication Day

When is Cross Atlantic Communication Day?

Cross Atlantic Communication Day occurs annually on July 27. 

What is the significance of the Cross Atlantic Communication Day?

It marks the completion of the laying of telegraph cables which enhanced cross Atlantic communication.

When was the first Cross Atlantic Communication Day celebrated?

The first Cross Atlantic Communication Day was celebrated on Friday, July 27, 1866.

Is Cross Atlantic Communication Day a popular day?

It is not as popular as other famous days but is definitely an important one.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 27, 2020 Monday
July 27, 2021 Tuesday
July 27, 2022 Wednesday
July 27, 2023 Thursday
July 27, 2024 Saturday

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