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Cuckoo Warning Day

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Where is Cuckoo Warning Day celebrated? 

Cuckoos are a common bird fairly distributed across the globe, and this day is observed almost in all the possible corners of the world.

Who is Cuckoo Warning Day celebrated by?

This day is observed by anyone aware of the purpose of this day.

When did Cuckoo Warning Day first start?

 This day was created a several centuries ago during the middle ages.

Who started Cuckoo Warning Day?

Particularly the Europeans had chanced upon the belief that if you hear a cuckoo sing on the first day of summer, it will follow wet summers. Hence, they are considered as the proponents of this day.

Anyone can observe this day.

History And Timeline

Let us learn some more about the history of this fun celebration.

500-1500 CE

Birth Of The Belief

During the middle ages, the Europeans tumbled upon the belief that a cuckoo singing on the first day of summer leads to a wet summer.

500-1500 CE

Creation Of This Day

The belief of the Europeans regarding the cuckoo song on June 21 led to the creation of this day.


Invention Of The Cuckoo Clock

This was designed and invented in 1750 in a small village called Schönwald, Germany.

June 21, 2019

Celebration Of This Day

This day was observed on a Friday, June 21, in 2019.

June 21, 2020

Celebration Of This Day

In 2020, June 21 fell on a Sunday, which was observed as the Cuckoo Warning day.

Traditions And Customs

 The Europeans were the creators of this day, and they predicted the weather of the remaining summer based on superstition. The superstition goes that if a cuckoo was heard singing on the first day of summer would follow a wet summer.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Cuckoo Warning Day

The perfect way to observe this day is by looking out for singing cuckoos!

Facts And Stats

This is the day to know crazy cuckoo facts like the roadrunners in cartoons being from the cuckoo family.

Cuckoos do not fend for their chicks. Cuckoo eggs are laid in other birds' nests that look after the cuckoo chick - this is another thing that you should know on this day.

This day remember how cuckoos are vanishing in recent years.

FAQs About Cuckoo Warning Day

When is Cuckoo Warning Day?

This day is observed on the first day of summer, June 21, which is the Summer Solstice or Finally Summer Day.

What are some events related to Cuckoo Warning Day?

This day was created by the Europeans in the middle ages and is still observed by people who believe in the superstition associated with it.

What are some important facts about Cuckoo Warning Day?

This day was created out of the belief that the cuckoo song on June 21 determined that the summers would be wet.

Who invented the concept of Cuckoo Warning Day?

The Europeans invented the concept of Cuckoo warning day.

How is weather related to Cuckoo Warning Day?

The Europeans believed that if you hear a cuckoo sing on the first day of summer, that summer is expected to be wet.

Is it ethical to celebrate this day?

There is no reason to think that celebrating this day might be unethical for anyone.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 21, 2020 Sunday
June 21, 2021 Monday
June 21, 2022 Tuesday
June 21, 2023 Wednesday
June 21, 2024 Friday

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