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Dadgum That's Good Day

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Where is Dadgum That's Good Day celebrated?

National Dadgum Day is celebrated in the US.

Who is National Dadgum That's Good Day celebrated by?

Families and friends in the US celebrate National Dadgum Day.

When did Dadgum That's Good Day first start?

 Dadgum Good Day, officially started on March 1, 2015.

Who started Dadgum That's Good Day?

National Dadgum That's Good Day was started by Dawson McLemore and his son John McLemore.

John McLemore launched Dadgum Good Day.

History And Timeline

The 1700s was the time when families ate separately. After this slowly, things evolved, and families came to eat together. The following events portray how the practice of eating evolved.

The 1700s

The Shift Eating

During this time, families ate separately near the cooking space.

18th century

Dinner Time Emerges

During this period, American families gradually started to meet up at the dinner desk to have dinner.

19th century

The Dinner Focus

Gathering at meal times became an important event.


The Dadgum Day Creation

National Dadgum That's Good Day officially gained recognition after Dawson McLemore, and John McLemore started the dream.

March 1, 2015

The Celebration Became Official

The tradition of eating together after creating a delicious meal started to be celebrated through the official commemoration of National Dadgum That's Good Day.

Traditions And Customs

National Dadgum That's Good Day is about creating delicious food and spending time with family and friends.

March 1 is a day to celebrate all the joy of life with your loved ones and assemble around the table for delicious food. 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Dadgum That's Good Day

You can ask your friends to prepare their signature dishes.

Talk to your friends about their favorite mouth-watering recipes or their favorite seasoning.

Have a get-together, invite some friends, gather around a table, and share stories and memories with some good food.

Facts And Stats

Some facts about National Dadgum That's Good Day are:

  • It is a single-day event where friends and family get together and cook delicious food.
  • On National Dadgum Day we celebrate the power of food and eating together following the principle of 'a family that eats together stays together'.
  • 'National Dadgum Good!' was a greeting for Mc Lemore.

FAQs About Dadgum That's Good Day

Who encouraged the celebration of Dadgum That's Good Day?

Dawson McLemore and his son John McLemore encouraged the celebration of Dadgum That's Good Day where people can enjoy cooking food and eating together. 

What assumptions do we need to take while celebrating Dadgum That's Good Day?

Dadgum That's Good Day needs no assumptions. Simply, it is a day that was launched on national television to encourage cooking and eating together. People love to socialize and enjoy this holiday in the best way.

Who developed the idea of Dadgum That's Good Day?

John McLemore and his family developed the idea of Dadgum That's Good Day.

What are some advantages of celebrating Dadgum That's Good Day?

Some advantages of celebrating national days like Dadgum That's Good Day are that it creates a strong bond between family and friends. In addition, it encourages people to try out new recipes.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 01, 2020 Sunday
March 01, 2021 Monday
March 01, 2022 Tuesday
March 01, 2023 Wednesday
March 01, 2024 Friday

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