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Daffodil Day

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Where is Daffodil Day observed? 

Daffodil Day is observed in the USA, but other similar cancer-based events are held in Canada, Australia, and Ireland on different dates.

Who is Daffodil Day observed by?

 Daffodil Day is observed by cancer patients, their families and friends, those tied to cancer research, doctors, nurses, and cancer societies.

When did Daffodil Day first start?

It's said that the concept of Daffodil Day began in the '50s, with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) using the daffodils as a symbol for cancer research and hope. But, in the USA, the American Cancer Society (ACS) adopted it in the '70s.

Who started Daffodil Day?

Well, it's said that the Canadian Cancer Society is behind starting the original concept. But, the American Cancer Society is to be credited for holding the spring fundraiser in support of cancer research every spring.

Knowing about ongoing cancer research helps to raise awareness.

History And Timeline

It doesn't matter if you choose to volunteer or donate on the occasion of Daffodil Day, as the main aim is to raise awareness about cancer. So, use this day to let your near and dear ones know about the benefits of testing and prevention. Before that, let's learn a bit about the history of this day.

3000 BC

Mention Of Cancer

Even though it wasn't explicitly mentioned as cancer, the Egyptians were first to note such a disease.


Establishment Of ACS

The American Cancer Society was founded as a voluntary organization for fighting against cancer, and its headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia.


First Daffodil Days

The Canadian Cancer Society has adopted the symbol of daffodils as the choice of flower and organized fundraisers in Toronto.


ACS Adopts Daffodil Days

The American Cancer Society also started organizing the fundraisers, along with Irish and Australian counterparts.


CSS Adopts Daffodil Logo

In 2000, the Canadian Cancer Society replaced its snakes and swords logo for the beautiful daffodil flower as the official logo. The flower is also the logo of the Cancer Council Australia.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific customs or traditions associated with Daffodil Day. But, you can participate in the fundraiser organized by the American Cancer Society, where they let you book bouquets of daffodils throughout February for collecting funds for cancer support. You will get the flower bouquet on the week of March 22.

Ways To Observe Daffodil Day

 You can choose to observe the day in your own way, but the easiest is to support someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and gift them daffodils on the day. There's also the option to donate to a cancer council, hospital, or research facility. If possible, you can host fundraisers or volunteer in one. This day can also make children aware of cancer and give them hope by making them learn about the different searches going on to find a proper cure.

Facts And Stats

  • Different fundraisers are organized on this day.
  • Cancer prevention is possible for one-third of the common cancers if proper research and cure are provided. Daffodil Day raises awareness about this.
  • Schools also register to volunteer or donate to the cause of cancer in their support of Daffodil Day.

FAQs About Daffodil Day

What day is Daffodil Day in Australia?

This day in Australia is observed on the last Friday of August as a part of the Daffodil Day appeal.

What is the significance of Daffodil Day?

This day helps raise awareness among people related to cancer research. Many raise funds and donations to help cancer patients and proper cancer research.

How much money does Daffodil Day make?

Well, we cannot tell the total amount raised as donation during the Daffodil Day events, but it has been estimated to be more than a million.

How old is Daffodil Day?

There are many claims to the history of this day, but in the USA, it began in the '70s.

What do you wear on Daffodil Day?

Participants and volunteers of Daffodil Day usually wear yellow clothes to signify the daffodils.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 22, 2020 Sunday
March 22, 2021 Monday
March 22, 2022 Tuesday
March 22, 2023 Wednesday
March 22, 2024 Friday

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