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Dante Day

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Where is Dante Day celebrated?

Dante Day is celebrated in all regions of Italy. 

Who is Dante Day celebrated by?

Dante Day is celebrated by the entire population of Italy, especially the ones who respect Dante's works and belong to Italian origins. 

When did Dante Day first start?

 Dante Day was first started in the year 2020 on March 25. 

Who started Dante Day?

The government of Italy created Dante Day. 

The city of Florence was Dante's birthplace.

History And Timeline

The beginning of Dante Day dates back to 2020, which was initiated to honor the iconic writer of 'Divine Comedy.' Let's discuss the historical timelines of his life. 


Birth Of Dante Alighieri 

There is no information on the exact date of Dante's birth, but he was born in the year 1265. His birthplace was Florence in Italy.


City Prior: Dante 

in 1300, Dante was allotted the position of City Prior. This position was one of the highest positions in Florence. He held the position for almost two months.


Dante's Death Sentence 

After seven centuries of Dante's death sentence, the city council of Florence passed the motion of revoking Dante's life sentence that led him to live in exile.

March 25, 2020 

Dante's Day 

The government of Italy picked March 25 as National Dante's Day. It is the day scholars believe that Dante's fictional journey through hell and heaven began. This was brought out according to Dante's book 'Divine Comedy.' 


All Praise From Pope Francis

Pope Francis urged catholic around the world to read Dante's work and to see if it still challenged their ideas of heaven and hell.

Traditions And Customs

Italy's population has started a tradition of reciting the 'Inferno' on National Dante's Day, sharp at 6 PM. This is not just a day about appreciating Dante's poems or works but about celebrating other events that boast the heritage and Italian language of the country. The Italian government also particularly shows respect and expresses regret for how authorities treated Dante and thus organizes different exhibitions and events focusing on his works.  

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Dante Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Dante's Day is by reading Dante Alighieri's famous poems and other works that portray the human condition.

Facts And Stats

  • Dante believed that number three was very symbolic for him, which recurred throughout his 'Divine Comedy.' Perhaps this is why the special day is celebrated in March, the year's third month.
  • March 25 is also celebrated as Tolkien Reading Day, honoring writer JRR Tolkien.
  • On this day, you can take your family to Dante's Tomb and read parts of the original text of Dante's 'Paradise' in the Italian language. 

FAQs About Dante Day

When was Dante born?

Dante was born in the year 1265.

What disease did Dante have? 

According to Italian academics, Dante might have suffered from narcolepsy.

What is the importance of celebrating Dante Day?

The importance of celebrating Dante Day in March is to honor Dante's works, performances, and readings of Dante's 'Divine Comedy.'

Who encouraged the celebration of Dante Day?

Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere encouraged the celebration of Dante Day.

What is the history behind this day? 

National Dante Day was created by the Italian government in 2020 on March 25 to honor Dante. 

What are some events related to this day? 

Some events related to this day are Dante's Divine Light event, Week of Dante Wih Uffizi Galleries, and Dante Themed Walks. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 25, 2020 Wednesday
March 25, 2021 Thursday
March 25, 2022 Friday
March 25, 2023 Saturday
March 25, 2024 Monday

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