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Dare Day

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Where is Dare Day Celebrated?

Dare day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of June in the US especially in North Carolina, Manteo.

Who is Dare Day celebrated by?

People who feel adventurous celebrate Dare Day. On this day, they challenge each other with a dare.

When did Dare Day first start?

No one knows when Dare Day exactly started. However, a formal Dare Day was first organized in 1976.

Who started Dare Day?

The information related to who started Dare Day remains a mystevry.

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History And Timeline

The first dare game started in 1712 and since that there have been multiple versions of it. Later in 1997, 'Expedition Robinson' was launched and the entire trend of the dare game got a boost later with the launch of the 'Survivor' and 'Fear Factor' series.


First Dare Game Started

In 1712, the first dare game started.


The First Dare Day

The first Dare Day event was conducted in North Carolina in 1976.


The Robinson Expedition

In 1997, the Expedition Robinson was launched as per the format developed by Charlie Parsons.


The Launch Of Survivor

The American show 'Survivor' began, and 'Expedition Robinson', a Swedish show, inspired it.


Fear Factor Series Begins

The American stunt show 'Fear Factor' was first launched and was hosted by the commentator Joe Rogan.

Traditions And Customs

Dare Day is all about giving an adrenaline rush to yourself and others and daring people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Playing 'Truth Or Dare' is one of the most common customs of this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate The Dare Day

Here are some ways to celebrate Dare Day:

Play a game of 'Truth Or Dare' with your friends or family members.

Attempt adventurous activities like bungee jumping, or scuba diving!

Facts And Stats 

  • The annual celebration of Dare Day is a single event day dedicated to dare-related actions.
  • Dare Day is for people interested in breaking the monotony. 
  • Double dog dare, as well as triple dog dare, refer to the intensity of a dare. The double-dog dare and triple dog dares are adored by people who feel especially gutsy on Dare Day.

FAQs About Dare Day

What day is National Dare Day?

The first Saturday of June every year is celebrated as National Dare Day.

When was Dare Day 2020?

Dare Day in 2020 was held on June 6, the first Saturday of the month.

Who devised Dare Day?

The exact person behind Dare Day is still unknown, but it is said that the people of North Carolina were the ones who started this culture.

Why are young people so excited for Dare Days?

Youngsters are always excited for the day as they can dare or challenge their friends.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 06, 2020 Saturday
June 05, 2021 Saturday
June 04, 2022 Saturday
June 03, 2023 Saturday
June 01, 2024 Saturday

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