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Darwin Day

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Where is Darwin Day celebrated?

International Darwin Day celebrations take place all over the world. This day is observed by all individuals and organizations who are motivated by the words of Charles Darwin.

Who is Darwin Day celebrated by?

Anyone who has a scientific temperament and is curious about the workings of the universe, as well as how science can explain this with extensive research, who appreciates Darwin and his contribution in helping to shape our current understanding of the planet, celebrate this day.

When did Darwin Day first start?

Darwin Day has been celebrated worldwide sporadically over the years. But the first instance of it being celebrated as Darwin Day can be traced back to the '90s. While the exact origins of the day are not clear, this celebration of science education is beginning to be celebrated by an increasing number of individuals every year.

Who started Darwin Day?

There is no evidence as to who started Darwin Day. Ever since Darwin's passing, people have been sporadically celebrating his scientific contributions and legacy. Three main contributors who helped establish Darwin Day around the country were Dr. Robert Stephens, who led the observance of an Annual Darwin Day celebration in 1995, Massimo Pigliucci, who organized Darwin Day events at the University of Tennessee in 1997, and Amanda Chestworth, who helped create the Darwin Day program along with Robert Stephens.

Charles Darwin is regarded as one of the most important figures in evolutionary biology.

History And Timeline

Charles Darwin was an English Naturalist. His Darwinian Theory, or Darwinism’, talked about natural selection in which he stated that all organisms developed through a natural selection of certain inherited qualities or variations in every successive generation that helped them survive, adapt, and reproduce. Initially, his theories were rejected by the scientific community, but with the publishing of 'On The Origin Of Species,’ his theories were widely accepted.

February 12, 1809

Darwin's Birth

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809.


An Unpublished Essay

Darwin, in 1844, wrote an essay on natural selection, which remained unpublished.


Darwin's First Published Book

Darwin published 'On The Origin Of Species' in 1859.



The term 'Darwinism' was coined by Thomas Henry Huxley, an English biologist, in 1860.


Darwin's Death

Charles Darwin passed away on April 19, 1882.

Traditions And Customs

Over the years, many universities all over the country have celebrated Darwin Day through various events that they organize. Celebrating it has become a part of university traditions. 'The Darwin Day Celebration' website also hosts information about Darwin’s life and research and posts all details regarding the various events that are held to commemorate Darwin Day. They organize various plays that re-enact historical discussions, and debates that take place on Darwin's theory, such as the one between Thomas Huxley and Samuel Wilberforce. Some people also celebrate this day by paying tribute to both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln since both of them were born on the same day.

Ways To Celebrate Darwin Day

You can celebrate Darwin Day in a number of ways. Many people celebrate by going to a museum in order to take an active interest in the history of our evolution, and in science as a field of study as a form of tribute to the work of Darwin. Another major form of celebration is by hosting debates and discussions on the various topics Darwin is associated with, from the 'Theory of Natural Selection' to the 'Descent of Man.’ People also celebrate by creating works of art celebrating Darwin's legacy and by watching various movies and documentaries about his life and research. One of the most important ways to celebrate would be through studying and understanding Darwin's theory of evolution.

Facts And Stats

  • The exact date on which Darwin Day started being celebrated is unknown, but this does not affect the importance of the discoveries of Charles Darwin for humanity.
  • Darwin Day is an opportunity to celebrate the scientist’s contribution to the secrets of our existence and the natural history of organisms on his birthday.
  • Various events are organized across the world on this day by all Darwin enthusiasts.

FAQs About Darwin Day

When was Darwin born?

Darwin was born on February 12, 1809.

Why is Darwin Day celebrated?

Darwin Day is celebrated to honor Charles Darwin, his legacy, and his contributions to science on his birthday. He helped change our perspectives and brought a radical change in how humans saw the world around us, and International Darwin Day is the perfect way to celebrate this.

Which U.S. president shares his birthdate with Charles Darwin?

President Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, the same day as Charles Darwin.

What is Darwin's rule?

Darwin’s rule of natural selection proves the connection between every life on this planet in terms of its genetics. It states that with every generation of an organism, it inherits certain variable characteristics that help it to adapt, compete and reproduce better.

How to celebrate Darwin Day?

You can celebrate Darwin Day by learning about, and trying to understand, Darwin's theory on evolution and natural selection. You can also celebrate by participating in Darwin Day events, visiting science museums, and trying to improve your scientific knowledge. Another way to celebrate could be by watching movies and documentaries on Darwin's life and research and by taking part in debates and discussions on his theories.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 12, 2020 Wednesday
February 12, 2021 Friday
February 12, 2022 Saturday
February 12, 2023 Sunday
February 12, 2024 Monday

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