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Department Store Day

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Where is Department Store Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated as a fun day all over the USA and the celebration is also taking place in other countries.

Who is Department Store Day celebrated by?

 This day is celebrated by employees and shoppers all over the US and other countries as a fun event.

When did Department Store Day first start?

The exact date of origin of this day is still not known but it is celebrated on October 16 every year.

Who started Department Store Day?

 There is no oral or written record in history about who started celebrating this day.

Fresh Vegetable, sandwiches, fruits in plastic bottles at supermarket.

History And Timeline

The department store was one of the innovations that changed the way people shopped. It provided the 19th century world with clean environments and convenience. People could shop all they wanted under one roof!

19th century

The First Department Store Was Opened

The Bon Marche in Paris is said to have been the first-ever department store in the world. It started out as a small shop in Paris.


Arnold Constable Came To America

Arnold Constable is believed by many to be have been the first department store in America.


John Wanamaker And The Department Store

John Wanamaker brought the idea of a department store to the US. He bought a rail-freight depot in Philadelphia and populated it with specialty retail dealers.


Department Store Day

Department Store Day was celebrated keeping all COVID precautions and regulations in mind.

Traditions And Customs

Earlier, department stores would hang large clocks and people used to meet there and discuss the day’s news and happenings. On Department Store Day, department stores conducted parades and put out items on sale. The most famous one is the Macy's Day parade which is organized every year to commemorate this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Department Store Day

The fanciest way to commemorate Department Store Day is to join in the parades, sales, and events organized by various retail stores on October 16.

You can also read about the history of department stores, their varying specializations like food, clothing, utensils, accessories, and more. It's fun to learn how the business models evolved over time.

Another way to commemorate this day is to just shop. Head over to your favorite places on this day and shop all you want!

Facts And Stats

  • Department stores have become an essential part of society in every place across the world. Hence, this day could be celebrated globally as a way to promote retail business.
  • Though the online business model has become a huge hit, the brick-and-mortar stores are far from gone. This day could be a great opportunity to create awareness about retail business and its importance.
  • This day also encourages youth to think about innovations in the realm of retail shopping.

FAQs About Department Store Day

Who started Department Store Day?

There is no historical record as to who started this tradition, but it is celebrated on October 16 each year.

When is Department Store Day?

Department Store Day is celebrated on October 16 each year.

What is the significance of Department Store Day?

Department stores signify a paradigm shift in the history of the shopping industry which revolutionized the world of shopping.

How do people celebrate Department Store Day?

Many department stores organize parades and put merchandise on sale on October 16. In addition, you can read about the history of department stores and how they hold significant importance in history.

Why do people celebrate Department Store Day?

Department stores play a great role in the history of the shopping industry. That's why October 16 is celebrated to show the benefaction these stores have made to the world’s shopping culture.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 15, 2020 Thursday
October 15, 2021 Friday
October 15, 2022 Saturday
October 15, 2023 Sunday
October 15, 2024 Tuesday

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