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Discovery Day Canada 

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Where is Discovery Day Canada celebrated? 

This day is an annual celebration in Yukon, Canada. The day is significant historically and culturally as it denoted the discovery of the Klondike gold rush in the Klondike region. 

Who is Discovery Day Canada celebrated by?

Every year on Discovery Day, Canadians remember the formation of the Yukon Territory.

When did Discovery Day Canada first start?

It is unsure when this day first started. The origins of Yukon's Discovery Day may be traced back to August 17, 1896, when George Carmack struck gold in Bonanza Creek, Yukon. His discovery sparked a gold rush in North America, attracting many miners and dealers.

Who started Discovery Day Canada?

Skookum Jim Mason, a.k.a Keish, found gold in Bonanza Creek in 1896. Keish was one of the first Native Americans to effectively navigate the white and Indian worlds. Discovery Day, a week-long celebration in Dawson City that celebrates this heritage, is a fantastic end-of-summer trip. The person who started the first Discovery Day is not known.

Yukon became a part of Canada in 1906.

History And Timeline

The discovery of gold in Bonanza Creek sparked a gold rush in North America, attracting many miners and dealers. For the next several years, more than 30,000 people flocked to the Klondike, resulting in the establishment of Dawson and the building of the Yukon narrow-gauge railway. However, the Klondike gold rush was short-lived.


First Monday—Civic Day

Around the early '60s, to celebrate 'a day of recreation', Toronto went on to become the first city to introduce this civic holiday after the Toronto City Council asked for a midsummer civic holiday on the first Monday of August.

August 17, 1896

Discovery Day

Discovery Day was declared in 1986 as the first Yukon public holiday.


A Quiet Revolution

This revolution led to the overthrowing of the old establishment of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese.


Attempt To Preserve Heritage

Heritage Day was declared in 1973 as a symbol of preserving Canada's natural heritage. However, no official holiday was introduced.


Sovereignty Association

The Quebec Sovereignty-Association was defeated from 60% to 40% in strength.

Traditions And Customs

On Discovery Day, activities are planned throughout the territory, including Whitehorse, Yukon's capital, and Watson Lake, widely known as the 'gateway to the Yukon enjoyment.' Sporting competitions, family gatherings, golf tournaments, and festivals are examples of these occasions. Why don't you participate in a golf tournament and see how fun it is?

Ways To Celebrate Discovery Canada Day

Many government agencies and schools will remain closed. This provincial holiday is celebrated with writing competitions, walking tours, golf tournaments. It is also remembered by discussing the past event of gold discovery and the Klondike gold rush, which caused the recreation of the Yukon order as part of Canadian territory.

Facts And Stats

  • Every year on Discovery Day, Canadians commemorate Yukon's establishment.
  • On the third Monday of August, Yukon's Discovery Day is commemorated in the territory of Yukon, Canada.
  • On Discovery Day, families are seen heading to a hill station to spend time with their relatives and remember the discovery of the gold, finally resulting in the gold rush and formation of Yukon as a territory of Canada.

FAQs About Discovery Day Canada 

Is Discovery Day Canada a public holiday?

Yes, Discovery Day is a public holiday in Yukon.

Who developed the concept of Discovery Day Canada in Canada?

The exact person who initiated Discovery Day is still unknown. However, it started with the discovery of the gold rush.

What are some advantages of celebrating Discovery Day Canada?

Discovery Day reminds people of the Yukon recreation and Klondike goldrush.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 15, 2020 Saturday
August 15, 2021 Sunday
August 15, 2022 Monday
August 15, 2023 Tuesday
August 15, 2024 Thursday

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