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Eat A Red Apple Day

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Where is Eat a Red Apple Day celebrated?

Eat a Red Apple Day is one of the fun holidays celebrated in the USA.

Who celebrates Eat a Red Apple Day?

Everyone who enjoys eating apples and would like to try new apples celebrates Eat a Red Apple Day. Doctors often encourage patients to consume apples due to their large number of nutritional benefits.

When did Eat a Red Apple Day first start?

There is no evidence of when Eat a Red Apple Day began.

Who started National Eat a Red Apple Day?

There is no evidence regarding who started National Eat a Red Apple Day.

To celebrate Eat a Red Apple Day, get some fresh apples from the supermarket.

History And Timeline

America's love for apples began ever since Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees in different parts of the country. Apples have been a part of human history for a very long time. It also plays a significant role in ancient scriptures such as the Bible, where the apple becomes the catalyst in the story of Adam and Eve, who are thought of as the first human beings.

Late 16th Century

Entry In America

French Jesuits bring apple seeds to North America.


Commercialization Of Apples

An United States nursery catalog sold 350 of the 'best' apple varieties.

19th Century

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The old saying originated in Wales. It gained popularity in the 19th century. 


First Discovered

The red delicious apples that we love and enjoy today were first discovered in Peru, Iowa.


Great Depression

By the dawn of the Great Depression, apples were famous all over the country.

Traditions And Customs

Making apple pie is deeply rooted in American culture and is still extremely popular all over the country. Though apple pie first originated in England, it has become an essential part of American culture. It is made by families all over the country. On this day, people utilize red apples in their baking. People also dig into some freshly picked red apples.

Ways To Observe National Eat A Red Apple Day

You can celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day by visiting the farmers' markets and buying some red apples. Helping local markets is a crucial way to help small farmers. This is an essential part of Eat a Red Apple Day. You can also either buy or bake an apple pie or any other apple-based dishes. Along with eating apples yourself, making your friends and family do the same are some of the main ways to celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day. Apples have a long history of being shared generously by their farmers and planters. When you give your friends and family a clean red delicious apple, you give them the present of health and a lovely treat all in one.

Facts And Stats

  • On National Eat a Red Apple Day, red delicious apples are eaten raw.
  • National Eat a Red Apple Day is celebrated across the USA on December 1.
  • On this day give someone a delicious red apple and bake some treats with red apples. These baked treats can include apple cheesecake, apple strudel or an apple crumble.
  • On National Eat a Red Apple Day create awareness regarding apple farmers.

FAQs About Eat A Red Apple Day

What is Eat A Red Apple Day?

Eat A Red Apple Day is a day for people to celebrate red apples for their nutritious value, taste, and place in national history.

Can I eat a red apple?

Yes, you can eat a red apple. However, they are not advised for people who experience frequent bloating or have gastric problems.

What do doctors say about Eat a Red Apple Day?

 Doctors agree with the phrase 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' as apples are highly nutritious, and eating them can promote better health.

What are some similarities between Eat a Red Apple Day and Eat An Apple Day?

Both these days encourage people to eat apples for their high nutritional content and health benefits and celebrate the fruit.

What are some benefits of Eat a Red Apple Day?

 Eat a Red Apple Day encourages people to consume more apples. In addition, it also encourages people to buy from local farmer's markets, which can help these local businesses grow.

Who created Eat a Red Apple Day?

The founder and origins of this day are unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 01, 2020 Tuesday
December 01, 2021 Wednesday
December 01, 2022 Thursday
December 01, 2023 Friday
December 01, 2024 Sunday

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