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Eat An Extra Dessert Day

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Where is Eat An Extra Dessert Day celebrated?

There is no specific location where Eat An Extra Dessert Day is celebrated, but it is a more commonly observed celebration in the USA. It is celebrated every year on September 4.

Who celebrates Eat An Extra Dessert Day? 

Eat An Extra Dessert Day can be celebrated by anyone with a sweet tooth, a liking for sweet dishes, and those who just want to have extra dessert.

When did Eat An Extra Dessert Day first start?

The practice of eating something sweet after a meal is said to have originated in France.

Who started Eat An Extra Dessert Day?

There is no recorded data on who first started National Eat An Extra Dessert Day.

Eat An Extra Dessert Day treats your taste buds with different desserts and sweets.

History And Timeline

Initially, there was little or almost no access to sweet dishes, and sugar as a resource was available only to the aristocratic class. This meant that fruits and nuts were consumed as sweet dishes. 

3000 BC


The existence of ice cream can be traced back up to 3000 BC.

Early 20th Century


Rhubarb was initially used for medicinal purposes, but in the early 20th century, it became famous for being used in pies.

20th century


Marshmallow was a plant with medicinal qualities but started being used as a dessert.

20th century

Modern Customs

Over time, people's fascination with dessert has kept growing, resulting in the creation of the National Dessert Day and the National Eat An Extra Dessert Day.


Eat an extra dessert day

This incredible day offered people some moments of relaxation from the stress of the pandemic.

Traditions And Customs

Those who celebrate this day make it a point to let the world know that they have enjoyed an extra sweet or dessert today. It is an enjoyable holiday, and people enjoy it to the fullest. 

Ways To Celebrate National Eat An Extra Dessert Day

Celebrating National Eat An Extra Dessert Day is as simple as having an extra sweet, more than you usually would have. This could either be after your dinner or could be added to any other meal of the day as you please.

Facts And Stats

  • There is no clarity as to when Eat An Extra Dessert Day as a national day came into existence.
  • Eat An Extra Dessert is not a federal holiday.
  • Dessert shops and restaurants organize different promotional events on this day.

FAQs About Eat An Extra Dessert Day

What is a Dessert Day?

A Dessert Day is a day for people with a sweet tooth who enjoy desserts to celebrate the dish by either eating more of it than they usually would or trying out new sweet dishes that they might not have tried before.

What does dessert do to your body?

Our brain has specific pathways that make sweet food appealing to us. This is why we crave sugary food. Desserts can also make you feel good due to serotonin, a chemical the brain releases. 

What is the importance of eating dessert?

Dessert is an important part of a meal because it adds a sense of completeness to the meal. There is a certain level of joy and satisfaction in having a dessert which makes it an essential part of a meal. 

Why is dessert bad for you?

Excess sugar in our diet can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, and weight gain. 

Why is a dessert eaten last?

Dessert is eaten last since it acts as a palate cleanser. Having the same tasting food can reduce our appetite. Hence dessert is eaten last. 

What country eats dessert first?

In some places in Mid-Western US and some places in Europe, it is common for a meal to begin with a sweet dish. 

What's the purpose of dessert?

Dessert is eaten not only to help clean the palate but is also enjoyed as a sweet treat by all the people having a sweet tooth.

Does dessert have high calories?

Desserts, in general, can be high in calories, and excessive consumption can lead to health problems.

In which countries do they follow eat an extra dessert day?

This national day is primarily celebrated in the US.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 04, 2020 Friday
September 04, 2021 Saturday
September 04, 2022 Sunday
September 04, 2023 Monday
September 04, 2024 Wednesday

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