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Education And Sharing Day

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Where is Education And Sharing Day celebrated?

Education And Sharing Day is celebrated in the USA every year, falling between March 21 and April 21. This is due to the fact that the Hebrew calendar considers Rebbe's birthday to be Nissan 11.

Who is Education And Sharing Day celebrated by?

Education And Sharing Day is a national celebration held every year in the USA.

When did Education And Sharing Day first start?

Education And Sharing Day was first proclaimed in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter.

Who started Education And Sharing Day?

The United States Congress established this day in order to honor Rebbe and it is proclaimed by the president annually. The tradition was continued by former presidents like President George Bush and President Barack Obama as well.

Education And Sharing Day highlights the importance of education in society.

History And Timeline

Rebbe, the seventh Chabad-Lubavitch Dynasty leader was a Jewish leader who was in favor of equality in education and thought every child deserving to be educated. Not only did he believe in academics, but he wanted deeper spiritual awakening teachings as well.


Arrival In The USA

It was in the year 1941 when Rebbe graced the USA and started working on his agenda of education for all.


Education And Sharing Day Began

On Rebbe's birthday in 1978, former President Jimmy Carter and the United States Congress established Education and Sharing Day.


Educational Reforms

It was during this year that the former President emphasised the importance of educational reforms in order to set an example for the rest of the world, beginning with the United States.


Seven Noahide Laws

Ronald Reagan had a special bond with Rebbe and encouraged him to learn the seven Noahide laws.


Last Breaths

At the age of 92, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson took his last breaths. 

Traditions And Customs

The celebration of National Education and Sharing Day honours the great leader Rebbe and his contributions to bringing the concept of educational values to all.He was not fond of the division in education that was going on at that time and aimed at equality in education for all. His influence had spread throughout the world, and his contributions made people grateful to this great personality.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Education And Sharing Day

On his birth anniversary, reading about Rebbe’s contributions and his struggle to give the world a new perspective on education is something we should read on this day.

It takes nothing away from us to spread good in the world. The same is true when we talk about Rebbe’s motto. Thus, on this day, one can also spread the universal education concept and the person who is behind it.

Be a tutor or sponsor someone's education. The biggest thing you can do is educate or tutor someone. Make this day a special one by starting education for a couple of kids who need extra help. If not, sponsoring the education of one kid can also be a way of celebration.

Facts And Stats

  • Because Rebbe's birthday is celebrated according to the Hebrew calendar, the date of the event varies from year to year. Education And Sharing Day falls on 11 Nissan on the Jewish calendar.
  • This is a day to bring more focus on education and celebrate Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson's vital role and contribution to a meaningful education.
  • Different events are observed across the US in the memory of the great educator.

FAQs About Education And Sharing Day

What is the importance of celebrating Education And Sharing Day?

The importance of this day lies in the fact that Rebbe’s contributions were able to change the education system of the entire USA, and this makes the celebration of this great leader a necessity.

What are some events related to Education And Sharing Day?

Many events are held throughout the USA, which can be used to sponsor education or spread awareness about the contributions of this great leader.

What is the motto of Education And Sharing Day?

The motive behind Education And Sharing Day is to emphasize human rights and to promote justice and morality to make the world a better place.

Why is it called this?

Equal and quality education was what Rebbe aimed at, thus his birthday celebration got the name Education And Sharing Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 04, 2020 Saturday
March 23, 2021 Tuesday
April 11, 2022 Monday
April 01, 2023 Saturday
April 18, 2024 Thursday

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