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Forefathers' Day

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Where is Forefathers' Day celebrated?

Forefathers' Day is celebrated widely in the USA, but specifically in Massachusetts-based Plymouth town and the Plymouth areas on the coasts of New England in memory of their ancestors.

Who is Forefathers' Day celebrated by?

Forefathers' Day is celebrated by pilgrim descendants, mostly at Old Colony Club and Mayflower Society.

When did Forefathers' Day first start?

Forefathers' Day started on December 22, 1769.

Who started Forefathers' Day?

The Old Colony Club started Forefathers' Day.

The history of Forefather Day ties back to the 17th Century.

History And Timeline

The history of Forefathers' Day's connects back to when the earliest settlers from Plymouth, England, traveled to North America to protect their beliefs. After starting an uncertain, turbulent journey from the coast of Mayflower, Plymouth, the pilgrims landed in the Plymouth Rock area which is now located in Massachusetts. Here are some interesting facts and timelines from the pages of history. We are sure these will fascinate you. So without any further ado, let's read them.

December 21, 1620

Pilgrims Landed

The Pilgrims of Mayflower landed on the coasts of Plymouth Rock.


Old Colony Club Founded

The Old Colony Club was founded in the year 1769.


Forefathers' Day Founded

The Old Colony Club was declared the Day as Forefathers' Day.


Mayflower Society Founded

The Mayflower Society was founded, a hereditary foundation of the Mayflower descendants.

November 26, 1863

Thanksgiving Founded

President Abraham Lincoln officially founded Thanksgiving Day.

Traditions And Customs

Tradition calls an absolute celebration of the pilgrim descendants as Old Colony Club and Mayflower Society celebrate the occasion by initiating a celebration with marching on the peak of the Cole's Hill at 6:00 am, next to Massasoit's statue. The ritual includes a reading proclamation, firing club's cannon, proceeded by a delicious succotash dinner, and a hearty stew to commemorate the bravery of Pilgrim fathers.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Forefathers' Day

You can enjoy the holiday dining like pilgrim fathers, learning more about your lineage, or sifting through American history to learn more about the event. You can also make more people aware of the day by posting about it on social media with relevant hashtags.

Facts And Stats

  • The seven Mayflower descendants established the Old Colony Club in honor of their long survived struggles and to initiate an exclusive place to avoid intermixing with the common masses.
  • Forefathers' Day is celebrated annually by two different Pilgrim societies; The Old Colony Club and The Mayflower Society.
  • Succotash dinner is significant to celebrate Pilgrims Day.

FAQs About Forefathers' Day

How do people celebrate Forefathers' Day?

People celebrate Forefathers Day' by eating delicious meals organized by The Mayflower Society and The Old Colony Club.

What holiday is celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 22 each year?

Forefathers' Day is celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 22 each year.

Who started Forefathers' Day?

The founder of Forefathers' Day was the Old Colony Club, and it has existed since 1769.

Why do people celebrate Forefathers' Day?

People celebrate Forefathers' Day to honor the courage and sacrifice of pilgrims who traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to attain freedom from religious persecution.

When is Forefathers' Day?

Forefathers' Day falls on every December 22 annually, except on Sunday, where the occasion is celebrated on the following Monday.

What is the history and origins of Forefathers' Day?

Forefathers' Day is celebrated in the memory of a historical event that took place in America as one of the early settlers. Pilgrims left England to save themselves from unemployment, economic limitations, and religious prosecution.

In which country do they follow Forefathers' Day?

Forefathers' Day is followed and celebrated in the United States.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 22, 2020 Tuesday
December 22, 2021 Wednesday
December 22, 2022 Thursday
December 22, 2023 Friday
December 22, 2024 Sunday

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