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Fraternal Day

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Where is Fraternal Day celebrated?

Fraternal Day was accepted initially by the state of Alabama. It was later also celebrated in other parts of America, such as San Francisco, Reading, and the fraternities of South Dakota. However, it is not celebrated in every part of America.

Who is Fraternal Day celebrated by?

Fraternal Day is commemorated by Americans in several parts of the nation, but especially in Alabama, by fraternal organizations and brotherhoods.

When did Fraternal Day start?

Certain publications suggest that Fraternal Day was celebrated for the first time on April 22, 1915, which was a Thursday.

Who started Fraternal Day?

There is no accurate record of the person responsible for starting the celebration of Fraternal Day.

Fraternal Day is celebrated in Alabama as a holiday on the second Monday in October.

History And Timeline

Held in October, Fraternal Day has a rich history. Let's take a look!

April 22, 1915

A First In History

The celebration of this day is considered to have begun on April 22, 1915 (Thursday), with a fair visited by many fraternal organizations, held at the Exposition Ground of San Francisco.

October 27, 1915

A Rejected Bill

On this day, Senator Morris Sheppard from Texas introduced a bill before the United States Senate to make Fraternal Day a federal holiday. This bill was not accepted.

May 23-May 29, 1922

California Joins In

During this week, Fraternal Day was celebrated in Sacramento among a range of other events.

February 28, 1923

Reading Follows Suit

In Pennysylvania, Reading celebrated its 175th anniversary week, where Fraternal Day was included in one of the events.

October 12, 2014

A Fraternal Organization Hub

Madison, Alabama was witness to grand celebrations of its first Fraternal Day and saw numerous fraternal organizations such as the Madison Chamber of Commerce and the Accepted Masons of Alabama.

Traditions And Customs

People gather in huge crowds across the State of Alabama and the spirit of the American fraternity is celebrated.

Every fraternal organization around the area and many from across the nation usually play a large role in partaking in the celebrations.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Fraternal Day

Fraternal Day is celebrated in Alabama, where it is a holiday, by gathering numerous fraternal organizations of the country. Masons of Alabama represent one such fraternal organization. The day is celebrated with a range of events. The events are marked by the presence of at least one guest speaker and often more. While there is no specific way to celebrate Fraternal Day, it can be marked by cherishing the brotherhood of Americans and by indulging in activities that evoke a feeling of togetherness and love for America.

Facts And Stats

Did you know that Fraternal Day is celebrated on the same day as Columbus Day? Columbus Day actually celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the American landmass. In addition to Columbus Day, Fraternal Day also coincides with American Indian Heritage Day.

You can celebrate Fraternal Day by spreading love and positivity.

Fraternal Day used to be celebrated on the second Thursday of October and was later moved to the second Monday in October.

FAQs About Fraternal Day

What does Fraternal Day celebrate?

Fraternal Day is a celebration of brotherhood among the people of America.

What are some reasons for celebrating Fraternal Day?

One of the main reasons to celebrate Fraternal Day was to come together as American brothers and celebrate the spirit of brotherhood. It is also a day to show love for your country by observing the holiday in Alabama.

What is the motto of Fraternal Day?

There is no specific motto for Fraternal Day.

What is the historical significance of Fraternal Day?

The National Fraternal Congress, or the national congress that reflects fraternity, had published documents in 1915 suggesting a fraternal gathering in San Francisco in the presence of fraternal organizations.

Who invented the concept of Fraternal Day?

It is unclear who invented Fraternal Day. However, 'The Fraternal Monitory', a publication, suggests that Chairman Dempster was the person responsible for making large-scale arrangements and was also a guest speaker for the major event.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 10, 2020 Saturday
October 10, 2021 Sunday
October 10, 2022 Monday
October 10, 2023 Tuesday
October 10, 2024 Thursday

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